Reported Doodle Puppy Mill in Indiana

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A User Says:

I received my Embark dna results, and he is 100% newfypoo….50% poodle and 50% new foundland…so, I don’t believe I was scammed regarding his pedigree.

And, it looks like he has no detectable “bad” genes, (varients), in any of his test results.

I read that was a puppy mill and they kept their pups in less than desireable conditions.  However, I cannot say that is true as I have no proof.  I don’t want to state anything that could hurt their reputation based on things I have read.

However, I did notice that Kona, my pup, has tons of cousins on Embark.  That kind of leads me to believe that their dogs are pushing out a lot of litters.  Or, maybe they are studding their male out a lot?

Not part of the original review:

Note to readers from Doodle Doods: is not a breeder of puppies – it is a website/app that advertises puppies for sale in PA, Ohio, Indiana, New York and other states. According to online accounts, the website is notorious for listing dogs from puppy mills, predominantly in PA. However, there are also positive reviews where owners purchased dogs coming from Amish communities that “bred lovingly and according to regulation”.

As every puppy and litter listed on is from a different breeder, presumably not all are going to be from puppy mills. So if you are thinking about using a site like to find your next puppy, please due your due diligence. Here’s our guide on how to find a responsible, reputable breeder. Here’s also our guide on how to avoid Doodle scammers and puppy mills.

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