Madi Burrnett

Reported Doodle Scammer in New York

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A User Says:

For the last year, I have considered getting a second dog to be a partner for my three year old golden doodle. I wanted an older dog that was going to be rehomed.

I came upon a Facebook page golden doodles for rehoming by Maddie Brunnett. We exchanged notes via messenger, and I fell in love with the three year old golden doodle, called Cassity, who was being rehomed after she had had several letters, and they were trying to make room for new puppies.

We agreed on a fee of $850 which Madi said included shipping. I made a deposit of $350 and was told the rest would be paid upon receipt of the dog I was expecting to receive her today. However, late last night I received a note from Madi that said I needed to send her an additional $150 due to shipping fees. I confirm that this $150 would be reduced from the $850 that we originally discussed and she said yes. An hour later I received a note from her indicating that the shipping company said I needed a special crate to shipping crate which is going to be $900 but not to worry that this fee would be reimbursed. Then, 30 minutes later, I get a note from the shipping company indicating that there was an additional special fee of $650, again that would be reimbursed upon payment. That was a guaranteed health certificate for the dog that was required before the dog would be sent to me. Apparently it was a “mandatory health requirement”.

I decided I needed to take a break and went for a short walk to the store upon which I got a call from my bank that said my Zelie request was going to be put on hold because they thought this was a scam.

I got back home and indicated I am not sending any more money. Over multiple exchanges I was told I was being the difficult one and that she will be sent to me, but that I just needed to send the rest of the money. I continue to indicate that I was not going to send them more money.

At this point, I may be out $850 but my bank is going to work with me to see if I can at least get $350 back.

I consider myself to be a reasonably smart woman. I have tracked this company for nine months. Watch the post, looked at reviews and thought I was making a wise decision.

One of my daughters help me do some reverse checks on the pictures of which they found posted on a couple of other sites. So I would say beware of posting cute pictures of your pets, as they may be copied and lifted, and used to scam other people.

I hope this information helps you to not make the same mistake that I did. My heart was a little broken, but I’m glad I did not continue to be fooled.

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