Madi Ken

Reported Doodle Scammer in New York

A User Says:

Scammer Alert!! On August 14, 2023 I reached out to Madi Ken from Goldendoodles for Rehoming about a female dog she had posted that was available for adoption. I had followed her on Facebook for a year & saw she had a lot of followers & great reviews with pictures of families with their dogs so I felt comfortable that this was the real deal. We chatted over messenger and she stated they were in Rochester, NY & I agreed to purchase 2 dogs from her a male named Benji & a female named Jenny that were 13 weeks old. Each dog was 700 and she requested 1/2 as a deposit the balance upon delivery. We sent her $600.00 thru Zelle and the next day she messaged me stating that we had forgotten to speak about the delivery fee and it was $100 per dog which we sent immediately thru Zelle. Since I was going away I asked her if she could keep the dogs for 1 more week and deliver them on Sept. 4th, 2023 which she said was no problem at all. A few days later she messaged me requesting an additional $150 for dog food claiming the goldendoodles ate alot. This was my 1st red flag but I was so excited to be getting these babies that I ignored my intuition and I thought she’s doing me a huge favor by keeping them 1 more week it’s fine. At this time she requested I send the money to a different email address which my husband did and when I sent the confirmation she said it was no good because the zelle said pending. At that time she asked me to send it thru my account which I did and I got the same pending notice stating to allow 24hrs due to it being a new contact. She was not happy with that and she became very persistant that I send it thru venmo or paypal. My husband had venmo so we told her we could send it thru there at that time she provided another email address claiming it was her husbands so we sent it there and it went thru this time. I was unable to cancel my zelle transfer so after 24hrs that went thru and she got another $150, I asked her to send it back to me and she said ok but never did and when I messaged her again she said she would just apply it to the balance. My husbands bank froze his bank account stating the email he attempted to send the money to had been red flagged as fraud so that one never went thru. When we messaged her confronting her about that situation she claimed it was her daughters email address that she was out doing errands and she wanted her to grab the food for her. She also said she would email me a bill of sale which she never did. Sept 2nd, 2023 we arrived from vacation and I messaged her immediately to book the flights for the dogs and at that time she said it would be more money because I did not give her enough notice & now it was considered an emergency delivery. Needless to say I was furious and I told her I would not pay a penny more and I sent her a screenshot proving I had told her Sept 4th from the beginning . The next day she messaged me saying that I would get the dogs on the 4th and would send me the confirmation that day in the morning. I felt so uneasy about the whole thing that I started researching on Facebook and I found a post from a women from 1 day before claiming she had been scammed by the same people!!! My husband proceeded to message Madi Ken questioning her and to no shocker she blocked the both of us from both pages on Facebook the Madi Ken page and the Goldendoodles for Rehoming page and of course here we are on September 4th 2023 with no dogs & we lost $1,100.00. Please don’t get scammed!!!!! It has been a terrible experience! Thank you for taking the time to read this I hope it helps someone.


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