Melissa Cutler

Reported Doodle Scammer in Georgia

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A User Says:

She is a scammer! If I could upload the pictures I would! So I saw on her Facebook page Golden Doodle Puppies for adoption and rehoming on Facebook so I reached out to her and she was very very consistent on me sending her husband “Andrew” (if that’s really his real name) money thru zelle or cash app and has been harassing me since about it even after sending her this page ABOUT HER BEING A SCAMMER. she is in denial and says its a fraud page and to still send her money and just don’t fall for her trap.

her exact quote when I sent her the page

”You don’t have to be scared okay i am a legit breeder.I have been doing this for about 10 years now and many people got their pups from you can look at my reviews and testimonials.”
“I am an honest breeder and never a day will I get my self involved in any fraudulent activity as I breed for companionship and have a belief that no amount of money can buy the love and happiness this puppy will bring into your home.”

they are all fake reviews and testimonies on Facebook. They were all uploading around the same time frame and all of her personal photos on her Facebook were uploaded on the same day “ may 27th ,2023”. This is the Zelle email Melissa asked me to send the money too…

dont fall for their trap.

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