Melissa Cutler

Reported Doodle Scammer in Kansas

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A User Says:

On April 16, 2023 I paid for two, female mini golden doodles from Melissa Cutler on Facebook. Her group is Golden Doodles Puppies to Be Adopted or Rehomed.  The deal was to pick them up on April 20, 2023.  On, Thursday, April 20 after showing several friends and family members pictures of the puppies, someone mentioned that one of the photos was exactly like one they had seen on the above website and that the puppy was still for sale and was a male.  The website states the company is in Texas.  The phone number and email did not work.

I messaged Melissa on Facebook and she stated it was her website and that her son must of made a mistake.  Then when I went to look on back at her site on Facebook it was blocked.

Melissa stated she was from Witchta, KS and my husband was actually there for work this week.  I asked if he could stop by to see the puppies.  Nothing formal, she could just bring them outside.  She stated she was busy on all 3 days and could only meet on the weekend.  Which the website states the complete opposite.

After several more attempts to discuss and asking for my money back she blocked me from being able to message her any longer.

I have contacted Facebook and my bank in hopes of getting my deposit back.

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