Melissa Cutler

Reported Doodle Scammer in Ohio

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A User Says:

“Melissa Cutler” claims to have goldendoodle puppies for adoption and rehoming.

My daughter came across her profile on Facebook and reached out. After conversing back and forth my daughter told her we would take the puppy and sent her a $300 deposit through Zelle. Something wasn’t sitting right with me and after researching “Melissa Cutler” my fears were confirmed. She claims to live many different places and on her Facebook page when asked where she’s located, it’s always “message me” without ever answering online.

My daughter was up front and told her we were wary of being scammed. She asked Melissa to FaceTime us with the puppy numerous times. Melissa sent a video, but would never actually FaceTime. Because of this, I was not going to drive almost 2 hours to meet her when I didn’t think this was legit. We asked for our deposit back, Melissa said ok but we have yet to receive it. I’m hoping this reaches others before they fall victim to whomever this scammer is.

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