Melissa Mccauley a.k.a. Melissa Cutler / Mini doodles for adoption Facebook Group

Reported Doodle Scammer in Colorado

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A User Says:

I posted that I wanted to adopt a mini Doodle.  The administrator replied that I should contact Melissa Cutler with a link.  She had Golden Doodles which isn’t what I want.  Didn’t give it another though until I was contacted by someone else in the group that Melissa might be a scammer so I checked Melissa’s profile.  Very few posts others than a few pictures none of which featured dogs.  When I went back to my original post, her name on the link had magically changed to Melissa Mccauley.  I checked and the profiles were was exactly the same – just a new name.  The moderator turns off posts after sending the links to the scammer’s.  Moderator’s profile also has no pics of dogs.  Someone who had supposedly gotten one of her pups posted in the group but that person also had a pretty sketchy FB profile that I am pretty sure is fake.  I think the whole FB group was set up as a scam.

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