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Reported Doodle Puppy Mill in Utah

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A User Says:

Purchased a Bernedoodle puppy from My Doodle Crush, supposedly of Draper, UT.  Supposed parents of the puppy were family dogs of cousin of Ben, liason for My Doodle Crush.  Puppy arrived via courier delivering multiple dogs.  She was malnourished, sneezing, and had a persistent cough.  After taking her to our vet in the next day, she was diagnosed with kennel cough and given a fecal test. Fecal came back positive for guardia, round, and tapeworms.  For a breeder’s puppy to have all (3) worms is very unusual per our vet.
This puppy was not well cared for and delivering her in ill condition has jeopardized her health and the health of our other pets who are now also being treated for worms and will likely undergo multiple medications and fecal tests, too.
This breeder operates out of multiple states.   They give no specific addresses of their kennels.  Draper, UT animal control has received multiple complaints about this breeder but has been unable to find their breeding location.
Buyer Beware.

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