My Doodle Crush

Reported Doodle Puppy Mill in Utah

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A User Says:

Owners Ryan and Kate Burns of My Doodle Crush sold to my mom and others puppies that became very ill. Just 3-days after Mom received Lulu via transport from Utah to California (transport was provided and paid for by My Doodle Crush), Lulu was diagnosed with Parvo and hospitalized at the UC Davis Veterinary Hospital.

9/14/2022: A $300 deposit was put down for the purchase of Lili (now Lulu, DOB 4/13/2022), with the remainder of $1100 being due upon delivery. I was told Lulu had received all vaccinations and was healthy by Sarah Weinstock Jones, an employee of My Doodle Crush. Many text messages and phone calls were exchanged between Sarah and myself.

9/19/2022: Lulu traveled from Utah to California with 6 other puppies in a sedan by transfer driver “Demi (last name unknown)” Ph: 801-970-2828. Two puppies that we know of came down with Parvo. We do not believe My Doodle Crush holds a USDA license as they are shipping puppies, sight unseen, across state lines. Lulu was delivered to my home in No. California.

9/22/2022: Lulu became ill: listless, sleeping a lot, would not eat her food or treats and started vomiting and was taken to UC Davis Veterinary Hospital, where she was diagnosed with Parvo. Shelly was told by the hospital vet that Lulu did not receive all her Parvo vaccinations; she should have been given a 4th vaccine at 16 weeks (vaccines were given at 4 weeks, 8 weeks, and 12 weeks). Adopters are told by My Doodle Crush that all puppies are up-to-date with their vaccines.

9/22-28/2022: During Lulu’s stay at the hospital, she slept, had diarrhea, and was vomiting. She was on pain medication, kept in isolation from other animals, and had an IV drip for fluids. Ryan Burns (ph 949-669-5610 aka Sean ph: 949-245-2128) admitted via a phone call on 9/26/2022, “that they screwed up, and Lulu should have been given the 4th Parvo shot.” The current bill for Lulu’s UC Davis Veterinary Hospital medical treatment is $3,000.

9/26/2022: a phone call was received from Ryan Burns of My Doodle Crush. Ryan would not provide the veterinarian’s name who conducted the health exam, only that “when a breeder brings puppies into a vet, they [vet] look at the 8-week old puppy for 2 minutes to do a health exam. They don’t know the puppy or will even remember examining the puppies. They [vets] don’t want to be bothered with phone calls from the new owners and get annoyed with the breeders when they call them.”

Ben Burns (brother to Ryan and employee at My Doodle Crush, ph: 801-628-9217) texted and offered to reimburse $1400 for the price paid for Lulu in exchange for signing an NDA (non-disclosure agreement). When asked, they stated they would not help with any medical expenses as that is between myself and my veterinarian. I declined their offer of $1400.

Ryan increased the offer to $3,000 to cover medical bills, or I could “return Lulu for a different puppy.” The same “contract” (NDA) needed to be signed.

There are many complaints on Yelp for My Puppy Crush and Google and My Doodle Crush only wants the “positive” reviews posted for consumers.

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