Patricia Mary Williams

Reported Doodle Scammer in Arkansas

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A User Says:

We lost our Bell this past week and our hearts were aching…  We happen to see this ad when we googled Sheepadoodles in Arkansas and they seemed legit in that they were quick with responses.  However…when I asked where they were located…they didn’t answer right away… They kept sending scripted responses.  That was one of the first clues…

But when I asked what was needed to secure our reservation they told us they would need $500 via PayPal and to send it as a friend or family so they could get payment immediately…  Still not a big concern until they asked for another $500 payment.  That didn’t make sense since I told them I was planning on driving to Fort Worth.

I asked them if we could FaceTime with them so we could see the puppy since we were making a HUGE investment… That’s when she got pissy with me and said…you are not ready to buy this dog…I will have my husband refund.  I should have said something then…but wanted to make sure we could nab them.

I have a dispute into PayPal…  I will ask for a refund…but I bet that won’t be coming anytime soon.

Beware!  Maybe it’s best not to buy a dog with a broken heart.

Note from Doodle Doods admin:

To our knowledge, Patricia Mary Williams also goes by the names:

  • Patricia Sheepadoodles
  • Olivia Sheepadoodle Farm
  • Olivia Suzanne Hernandez
  • Suzy Sheepadoodle

We’ve been monitoring their website where we’ve seen their name change multiple times.

We’ve now received multiple reports in a short time of people being scammed by this person/entity, where people send them a deposit of $500-$600 and GET NO PUPPY. BUYER BEWARE!

Note: As these are user-submitted reports, Doodle Doods has no way to verify the source or truthfulness to any claims. Please see our Terms of Use for more information.

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