Peggy Donovan

Reported Doodle Scammer in Colorado

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A User Says:



I purchased a puppy from Peggy Donovan on September 18th, 2021. After purchasing the puppy a few red flags came up that, in my naivety and puppy joy, I regrettably overlooked or tried to rationalize. Recently I was gifted an Embark DNA & Health Kit. The result speaks for itself. We were sold a puppy specified to be an F1b mini goldendoodle. Insead we received a four breed mix with more cocker spaniel than golden retriever! I texted the results to Peggy, and she did not respond. 

Now that our dog is matched with relatives on Embark, it is apparent that Peggy Donovan has been selling questionable genetic quality dogs for years. She has also been previously confronted about this, and even given at least two other owners partial or complete refunds, but continues to sell puppies. Our litter specifically was bred AFTER she had already been contacted by owners from a previous litter. This was not a one off litter from an inexperienced owner. I have continued to try to reach Peggy through her cell and her “Pet Store” category facebook page with no response. 

Since discovering this information, I have looked for where/how to inform others so they don’t fall prey to the same deceits. Not surprisingly, Peggy has many listings and venues…

For those who care to read further, here are the other red flags I noted in the days after purchasing our pup in 2021. In light of her obvious lack of ethics, these things are so much more concerning…

1: When I purchased our pup, his birthdate in the ad online was listed as 7/15/21 and the name was listed as “Teddy.” I was not given his vet paperwork when I purchased him, but texted for it later that day. When I received it, the paperwork name and birthdate didn’t match. I was texted images of paper for a “Snickers” born on 7/22/21. I asked Peggy which information was correct and she said the 7/22/21 date. I’m not sure the puppies got consistent vet care, or maybe she lied about the date online to try to sell the puppy unethically early? I don’t know. But it does not add up.

2: Our pup’s initial stool sample was positive for the giardia antigen. He wasn’t symptomatic, so the vet said this was possibly from an in utero exposure. I texted Peggy just to let her know she may want to have the mom tested. It was a very simple, information sharing text. No judgment at all. Peggy never responded. Giardia just is what it is living in the mountains, but the breeder not expressing any concern or even acknowledgement for her dog or the pup’s wellbeing was bothersome.  

3: Our pup’s overall appearance is disproportionate. The legs are short and the torso is elongated. Seeing the multiple mixed breed DNA results this makes more sense. It is quite disappointing though, when you invest in a level of pedigree to ensure a quality pet.

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