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Reported Doodle Scammer in Utah

A User Says:

Update: They changed their Instagram name to “ethicalpawsofpassion”.
I reported the IG account but it is still open. One family member was able to get in touch with the scammer Taylor Morgan and she tried to use the same scam.

There is an account on Instagram named “doodlesfullofemotions”, They are located in Salt Lake City, Utah and they apparently are breeders who sell goldendoodles. We wanted to buy one, and on 08/16/2023 they sent me a sales contract for it and asked me for a $1,000 Zelle payment. We signed the sales contract electronically and transferred the money on that day. They were going to do the delivery on 09/03/2023 using a third-party company they have used in the past. This company is called “Swift Way Flight Nanny”. They contacted me on 09/02/2023 over the phone asking for a deposit of $1,750 (fully refundable) for the crate they needed in order to proceed with the delivery. We made the transfer. At the date of delivery 09/03/2023, they contacted me an hour earlier asking me for $1,400 more since UPS at the airport was asking for vaccines and tags of COVID-19 vaccine. At this time, I refused to make this payment and it was when the breeder closed the Instagram account the delivery company disconnected all the phones, and I realized it was all a scam.

All the Information I have from them is as follows:

Breeder used names and emails:

Taylor Morgan

  • Address: 656 W Capitol St., Salt Lake City, UT 84103
  • Emails used: emotionaldoodleshome@gmail.com, officialdixie985@gmail.com, info@emotionalgoldendoodle.com,
  • Instagram Account: doodlesfullofemotions

Arthur Vaughn Taylor: lila124life@gmail.com

Angie Tedford: Instagram account angie_puppy_mason_life

Smith Robinson:

  • Address: 2380 Spencer Crest Dr., Riverton, UT 84065
  • Phone (385) 422-2914
  • email: doddlesfullofemotiins@gmail.com

Swift Way Flight Nanny

  • Email info@SwiftWayFlightNanny.com
  • Website: www.SwiftWayFlightNanny.com

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