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Reported Doodle Puppy Mill in Missouri

A User Says:

I contacted the breeder on

not once did he ask me anything about myself or the home we live in. He just asked for cash or Venmo. But a lady (Kat) contacted me like an “agent”. I was texting them both and neither of them were on the same page, I was so confused. He is in Buffalo she’s in Clinton MO. He told me I can make $300 deposit to hold puppy. I did. Not once did he say it non-refundable. I have texts that prove that. He only delivers puppies “willing to drive”. When I asked if I could see the puppy on FaceTime or video he said “I can’t on my phone” what?! Red fags kept going up for me! None of it made sense to me and the puppies looked scared and sad from the pictures. I finally asked for my deposit back. When the lady (agent) said she can I was relieved but she only gave me back $200 I told her I paid $300 she said well thats what Justin, the breeder agreed to. I was furious I said no I need it all he NEVER said it was non-refundable! Reluctantly she finally gave me my money back. I’m so creeped out and I hope I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure this is a puppy mill.

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