Wildwood Doodles

Reported Doodle Puppy Mill in California

Website: https://www.wildwooddoodles.com
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A User Says:

My husband sent them a deposit for a puppy thinking they were good because the lady Jenny over the phone promised us they werent a puppy mill but when we got the receipt for our deposit it said the merchant was HAPPY PUPPY TALES not Wildwood Doodles, so we did some investigating and that’s an Amish puppy mill in Indiana happypuppytales.com owned by Alvin Brenneman. They have 225 dogs on their USDA inspection report and on Bailing Out Benji they say they are a puppy mill and known supplier to PuppySpot.com. They also sell to pet stores around the nation they even admitted it when I texted Alvin off the number on their website.

I sent you a copy of the text message that shows the phone number as the one for Wildwood Doodles. Jenny aka Jennifer same person on the LLC for Wildwood Doodles and the link in the text shows the money was to reserve the puppy I sent you a photo of off the Wildwood Doodles website. BTW they have changed their phone number 8 times I discovered during my research. And they use a fake address that goes to the Oaks Shopping Mall in Thousand Oaks. Their real address is on the LLC that’s the one they gave me.

So we asked for a refund and I feel like we really dodged a bullet and want to warn others!

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