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If you’re like me you probably have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to worshipping doodles. But maybe you’ve had enough of collecting pictures of them, and you’ve decided to bring one into your family. Which begs the question: what’s the difference between a goldendoodle vs labradoodle?

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Well in this article, we’re going to host the ultimate showdown – a battle between the two most popular, lovable, adorable doodle dog breeds in existence.

It’s goldendoodle vs labradoodle, and today we will be comparing the top similarities and differences based on survey feedback from over 130 goldendoodle and labradoodle owners.

Rest assured that this page will help you choose the doodle that best suits your family!

Goldendoodle vs Labradoodle: Comparing Temperaments and Characteristics

The survey asked for observations of 27 characteristics across these 5 categories:

  1. Health and Grooming
  2. All Around Friendliness
  3. Trainability
  4. Exercise Needs
  5. Adaptability

View goldendoodle characteristics survey results in detail.

View labradoodle characteristics survey results in detail.

Here are the top similarities and differences between the two breeds.

View ALL Goldendoodle vs Labradoodle characteristics survey results

Each graph below is interactive so you can hover over the sections (on a computer) or tap on the sections (on a mobile device) for more info. On mobile devices, the graphs might look cut off, but you can use your finger to tap and drag to scroll and see the full graph.

The graphs are also updated in real-time as people submit their responses to the survey.

All ratings are based on a scale from Poor to Excellent.


The similarities of goldendoodles vs labradoodles as seen below were based on how close the two breeds scored on each comparison graph.

Affection with Family

Pretty much identical with each other, both goldendoodles and labradoodles are very affectionate with their families.

Kid Friendliness

Both goldendoodle and labradoodles owners also agreed that their dogs got along really great with kids.

Ease of Training

All but a handful of rebel goldendoodles scored between satisfactory and excellent when it came to ease of training.


All goldendoodles and labradoodles were rated between intelligent and super intelligent!


Yep – pretty much all doodles love to play.

Tolerability of Cold Weather

Pretty much all the doods tolerate cold weather really well.


The difference of goldendoodles vs labradoodles as seen below were based on how different the two breeds scored on each comparison graph.

Amount of Shedding

With goldendoodles the amount of shedding tended to increase upward toward excellent (no shedding). However, with labradoodles, the majority was split between satisfactory (some shedding) and excellent.

Now this may be because goldendoodles are much more popular than labradoodles and many goldendoodles are, therefore, bred specifically to shed less. In general, an F1B goldendoodle will typically shed very little to not at all.

Hypoallergenic Level

Not surprisingly, the hypoallergenic levels follow the same trend as the Amount of Shedding graph above. With goldendoodles the hypoallergenic level tended to increase upward toward excellent (doesn’t trigger allergies). However, with labradoodles, the majority was split between satisfactory (some triggering of allergies) and excellent.

As we know, people who are allergic to dogs are actually allergic to the dander on the dog. The dander is typically embedded within the coat. This means that if the dog sheds a lot, there is a lot of opportunity for the dander to escape and float around in the air, causing trouble for anyone around who is allergic to dogs. So, the less a dog sheds, the less the dog will trigger someone’s allergies.

Ease of Grooming

With goldendoodles, a significant number of owners rated the ease of grooming as poor, whereas no labradoodles were rated as such. A majority of goldendoodles were rated as satisfactory, whereas a majority of labradoodles were rated as excellent.

As thelabradorsite.com says, “Labs shed as much as, if not more than, the average dog. Like Goldens, Labs have a double coat. While the outer coat is short, it’s the undercoat that experiences a big seasonal shedding in warm weather. … So Golden Retriever vs Labrador shedding is similar, but Goldens usually require more day to day grooming.”

Since we can use the poodle as the constant in this comparison, this suggests that there is probably a correlation between the amount of grooming that golden retrievers need and the amount of grooming that goldendoodles need.

Cat Friendliness

A doodle’s friendliness toward cats probably just depends on the dog’s personality or upbringing, but this was another characteristic where there was no definitive agreement.

This suggests that there’s no real way to know how your dog will behave around cats, but given that both goldendoodles and labradoodles are super easy to train, it probably wouldn’t take much effort to teach the dog that cats are to be befriended (and not eaten).

Friendliness Toward Strangers

Looks like most goldendoodles are really friendly toward strangers, whereas most labradoodles either don’t care for strangers or are really friendly toward them.

This suggests that if you are always hosting parties, having new friends over, run a business where customers come to your home, or are wanting your dog to be a therapy dog, a goldendoodle might behave better with your guests than a labradoodle.

Prey Drive

It looks like more labradoodles do better with prey drive than goldendoodles – that is, labradoodles tend to chase prey (cats, squirrels, cars, etc.) less than goldendoodles.

Not sure why, since they both have a retriever parent, but again, it probably boils down to personality or upbringing.

Energy Level

Goldendoodles tend to fare higher on the energetic side whereas there may be some lazier labradoodles out there.

So if you want to reap the benefits of a doodle but don’t want a hyper dog, then there’s a slightly higher chance that a labradoodle will suit your needs more than a goldendoodle.


The intensity of life that doodles live is, again, across the board, and this characteristic probably boils down to personality or upbringing. But in general, most doodles are quite intense when it comes to pulling the leash, “inhaling” food, being destructive around the house, etc.

Tendency to Bark

Both goldendoodles and labradoodles were rated across the board when it came to their tendency to bark. From personal experience, this is the one thing I have not been able to train out of my goldendoodle Chloe…and it can get really annoying.

We hope this gives you a better idea of goldendoodle vs labradoodle characteristics and temperaments so that you can make a more informed choice on which one to bring into your life.

Either way, you can’t go wrong! Especially if you want a great family dog who is great with kids, is super smart, and easily trained.

View ALL Goldendoodle vs Labradoodle characteristics survey results

Were you surprised by any of the similarities or differences between the goldendoodle vs labradoodle? Leave your comments below!





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