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Doodle Puppy Growth Tracker


Visually chart your puppy’s weights, predict their adult weight over time, and save pictures to see how much they grow week-by-week.


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Growth Tracker Benefits

Join over 250 Doodle puppy parents tracking their pup’s physical growth. With our Doodle Puppy Growth Tracker, you can:

  • Visually chart your puppy’s weights
  • Predict your puppy’s final adult weight with each weight entry
  • Make sure your puppy is growing at a healthy pace
  • Compare your puppy’s growth rate to other puppies
  • Keep a photo album to see how they’ve grown over time
  • Jot down weekly notes
  • Track your puppy’s growth independent of your vet

Additional Information

  • Visually chart your puppy’s weights up to 100 weeks of age
  • Create up to 3* growth records
  • Make your growth records public or private
  • Get access to all public growth records, filterable by Doodle type, size, and gender

*Breeders can create unlimited growth records and transfer them to clients. Visit this page for more information.

Additional information

Growth Record Limit

3, Unlimited


One-Time, Yearly