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Doodle Puppy Growth Tracker


Track your Doodle puppy’s weekly growth up to 100 weeks of age with a visual chart and table showing all your weight entries!


With Our Doodle Puppy Growth Tracker…

  • Visually chart your puppy’s weight data, up to 100 weeks of age
  • Create multiple growth records (for example, if you have more than 1 Doodle)
  • Get access to all public growth records, filterable by Doodle type, size, and gender
  • Make your growth records public or private
  • Add to or edit a table showing all your weight entries, including…
  • — The date weighed
  • — Your pup’s age in weeks
  • — His weight in pounds
  • — Any notes you have from that week
  • — And a predicted adult weight based on that week’s age and weight


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