This is a public service announcement for all doodle parents. This post isn’t mean to scare you, but merely to help you become more aware of keeping your beloved pups safe, especially during the holiday season.

I recently read this post in a doodle Facebook group:

I’ve already read one report of a stolen doodle this week, and apparently this is a growing trend. In fact, our dog walker has already been approached about a doodle she was walking a few weeks ago, and again last week. Apparently, the focus seems to be on red colored doodles. Please be mindful of your doodles and know that this may be an increasing trend.

One person replied to the thread and said, “I have been approached a couple of times and asked if I would sell my dog because he was so well behaved.” Yikes.

According to the original poster, it sometimes starts with a casual conversation, and then money is offered and the questions become very concerning and the person may become hostile and aggressive.

Ways to Keep Your Doodle Safe

  • I had never heard of this, but apparently you can get your vet to tattoo your phone number in your pup’s ear.
  • If you don’t already have them, padlock your gates!
  • You could also consider an alarm for your gates.
  • Set up security cameras pointing at your doors or gates. There are a lot of affordable ones on the market these days.
  • Perhaps the most effective safety measure would be to fully supervise your doodle while he’s outside.
  • Train your doodle to avoid strangers.
  • Make sure you trust your dog walker 100%, and let them know about this growing trend.
  • If going away on holiday, make sure you completely trust your dog sitter. Here are some tips to find the right person for the job.

If you believe this is an issue in your area, please share this post with all your doodle parent friends!

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