On holidays like the 4th of July or New Year’s Eve, dog safety should be a top priority for any Doodle owner. What’s usually a joyous celebration for us humans can be a triggering event for the pups. Unfortunately, dogs and fireworks rarely mix. As the dreaded day is getting closer and closer, you might be wondering “how to keep my dog calm during fireworks?”. If you’d like to learn more about calming practices for dogs, and fireworks tips and tricks, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s get started!

Unfortunately, due to the Independence Day festivities and fireworks, July 5th is often the busiest day for all shelters. It’s not uncommon that dogs try to escape home or your backyard when they feel threatened by all the noise and rumble. As a result, many pets get lost during this time.

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8 Tips For Keeping Your Dog Calm During Fireworks

Let’s have a look at the best ways to keep a dog safe and calm during fireworks.

1. Familiar Spaces For Comfort

Dogs consider their home the safest place. Of course, indoors they’ll also be shielded from crowds and loud noises. If your dog gets anxious in crowded places, it’s better you leave them home in a safe and comfortable space. If your dog lives outside in the backyard, bring them in for the night. 

We recommend you prepare a comfy, escape-proof place for your dog where they have a few toys, plenty of clean drinking water, and a cushy place to rest. Additionally, close all windows and shut the curtains so there’s minimal noise and no flashing lights. 

2. CBD Treats

For anxious pups, CBD and hemp treats can be a great way to naturally calm them down during fireworks. If your dog is prone to stress-related behaviors like excess barking or pacing, a CBD treat can be an effective and safe way to reduce anxiety and stress. Moreover, yummy treats can be a great distraction from the loud festivities happening outside. 

In fact, we’ve created a guide on the best calming treats for dogs. Along with the list of the best calming treats on the market, we’ve reviewed each product with pros and cons so you can choose the best option for your Doodle. Additionally, you can consult with your vet about the different calming sprays and treats that can help in stressful situations. 

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3. Calming Products

Alternatively, you can try calming products like the following to reduce the stress related to fireworks.

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4. Distractions

Distracting your dog with toys and treats is a simple way to get their mind off the fireworks. If you’re planning to leave your dog home while going out for the night, make sure your pup has plenty of interesting toys to play with and chew on. Even better, if you’re planning to stay home with your dog during the fireworks, you can play together and keep them company. 

Another great tip is to get plenty of exercise and playtime with your pup during the day to tire them out for the evening. A hyper dog who’s afraid of the fireworks can do a lot more damage than a tired pup who has burned through most of their daily energy.  

5. White Noise

To muffle the loud noises of the fireworks, you can turn on the TV or play some music in the background. Naturally, you shouldn’t turn the volume too high, as it can cause additional stress for a sensitive pup. Opt for calming tunes and TV programs that help your dog de-stress and relax. You can also turn on a fan or AC for some extra white noise. 

6. Keep Dog Leash, Collars And Tags Close

The day-time festivities on the day of the holiday can already be stressful and tiring for dogs, and fireworks tip many of them over the edge. Before the big day, be prepared for the worst in case your pup goes missing. If you’re planning to bring your dog along during the day, always use a leash so they won’t get lost in crowded places. 

In addition, make sure their collar is properly fitted and the tag includes your current contact information. If possible, have your pup microchipped and register it with a national pet recovery database, which includes all of your contact details for quick and easy recovery. 

7. Make Sure Your Dog Stays in a Safe Place Where They Cannot Escape

Unfortunately, most dogs are triggered by the sound of fireworks. Do not bring your dog along to see the fireworks, and don’t keep them outside unattended on days like the 4th of July or New Year’s Eve.

We recommend that you leave your dog home at least during the fireworks. If your pup lives outside, bring them in, and make sure your dog stays in a safe place where they cannot escape when feeling anxious. Close all the doors and windows, and shut the curtains to minimize the view.

8. Let Guests Know The Rules

If you’re hosting a party, make sure to let your guests know about the house rules, such as closing the doors and fences, and not letting the pets outside. You can also leave notes on doors to remind your guests about the safety measures.

How To Comfort Your Dog During Fireworks

If your dog is especially scared of the fireworks, it would be best to stay home with them. This way you can distract and comfort your dog so they won’t pay as much attention to the noise coming from outside. If it helps your pup relax, pet them and talk to them with a calm and soothing tone. Also, as dogs can pick up moods very easily, make sure to stay calm and reassuring at all times.

If you’ve decided to stay home with your dog during fireworks, you can absolutely comfort them and hold them if it helps them to relax better. You should not take your pup outside to watch the fireworks with you. If for some reason that’s the only possible option, holding your dog while they’re also leashed can be a great way to reduce stress and anxiety, and prevent them from escaping.

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