Your pup is a furry family member that deserves the best. Just like kids, Doodle dogs also get excited when they get new presents! Their jumping up and down, barking and snuggling with new treats and toys is a joy to be had. Make their day (or month!) with a dog subscription box.

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  • Final Thoughts on Dog Subscription Boxes for Doodles
  • Not only is it convenient for toys and treats to show up right to your door, it also is smart too. While it is great to try new things, it is easy to overbuy when you are shopping online or in person. Subscription boxes are an easy way to try new items on a schedule. 

    Best toys for goldendoodles - rope toy

    Many dogs love trips to the pet store to pick out their own toys, but it can easily become overwhelming. Thus, having a dog subscription box allows you to try new items in a simple way. 

    There are dozens of options for subscription boxes for your Doodle, so how do you choose? Knowing what each one offers is the best way to determine the right box for your household.

    Comparing Subscription Boxes for Your Doodle

    As we all know, Doodles are special dogs. They need special grooming to keep up their beauty…and they are major chewers. For this reason, choosing a dog subscription box means more than considering just preferences.

    Here are some things you should consider in a dog subscription box: 


    Doodles need toys that can withstand lots of chewing! As a Doodle owner, finding the highest quality products for the best value possible should be your priority. 

    Of course, you’ll also need to look at what fits in your budget. You can often get a discount for paying up front for several months at a time!


    When considering subscription boxes for your furry family member, it is best to consider how often you want them. Most boxes are monthly, but some have quarterly options too.

    Best toys for goldendoodles - fetch toy

    What’s included in the box?

    You should learn about the specific items offered and whether they’re tailored to your dog’s style and needs.

    By the way, if you want to try some toys out before committing to a subscription, here are the best toys for Doodles!


    You may also want to strongly consider the return process. Do they offer returns on damaged items? If you have a chewer and the toy doesn’t hold up after just a few days, can you return for a replacement? Do they swap out items that are unliked for new items, or do you just get what you get and deal with it? 

    Most every business will replace defective items. As for toys and treats that your Doodle doesn’t enjoy, no one wants those just cluttering up your home. However, if you’re stuck with unused items that cannot be returned, these can easily be donated to rescues and shelters.


    It is also important to know how easy it is to pause or cancel your subscription.

    Top 5 Subscription Boxes For Doodles

    Most subscription boxes have discount codes or referral codes available online and even just for agreeing to get their emails. Be sure to make use of those deals! Some offer special deals or additional products in your first box, so check that out as well to see if it is something that interests you. You can often find deals, codes, or special offers on each company’s social media pages.

    All of these boxes make it easy and fun for your Doodle to enjoy more treats (and toys!) Here is an overview of the most popular Dog Subscription Boxes: 


    This company is well-known to dog parents because it’s name really lets you know it is for dogs. This box is loaded with original toys and healthy treats tailored to your pup.


    Starts at $23/month. Valued at $40+.

    • 1 year subscription: $23/month. 
    • 6 month subscription: $26/month. 
    • Month-to-month: $35/month. 
    • For new customers, the first box can be “doubled” meaning even more fun and enjoyment!

    Everyone has times when they purchase an item from the store and it goes unused or un-enjoyed, right? Each plan with BarkBox still allows for a break in the cost of individual items. So, you don’t feel guilty when an item isn’t a big hit with your Doodle.

    Plus, each month has add-ons available. You can get extra treats and toys at a discounted rate. 

    What’s included in the box?

    • 2 toys
    • 2 treats
    • 1 chewy for your Doodle to enjoy

    BarkBox asks your dog’s size and breed before you subscribe. Their treats are from the US and Canada but have globally sourced ingredients. They never contain corn, wheat, or soy. For pups with allergies, you can opt-out of chicken, turkey, or beef products as well. 


    This is a monthly subscription box that saves extra money when you prepay for 6 or 12 months.


    They do not offer refunds but if something goes wrong they offer to make it right through their customer service team.


    You can easily stop your renewal, but your original subscription is valid for the length you signed up for.

    Is BarkBox good for Doodles?

    BarkBox doesn’t have cutesy items to dress up your beautiful Doodle, but they do have an option to add a premium dog toy for $7/month. The items shown do look enjoyable for Doodles!

    BarkBox Super Chewer

    The BarkBox Super Chewer is an option for those dogs who need a new chewy ALL THE TIME. Yes, those dogs are out there, and if you have one, you know it.


    These monthly boxes are valued at $45.

    • 12 month subscription: $29/month
    • 6 month subscription: $34/month

    What’s included in the box?

    • 2 tough toys (that are always fluff-free)
    • FULL-SIZE bags of treats – two of them!
    • 2 meaty chews (that are always all-natural)

    Like the original BarkBox, these are customizable for allergy and diet preferences.


    This is a monthly subscription box.


    If a toy isn’t tough enough for your chewer, BarkBox Super Chewer will replace it, 100% free of charge.


    You can easily stop your renewal online or by chatting with customer service. However, your original subscription is valid for the length you signed up for.

    Is BarkBox Super Chewer good for Doodles?

    Yes! If your Dood loves to chew and rip through toys, this subscription box is the perfect one for your pup!

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    KONG Club

    KONG Club is more than just a Dog subscription box – this membership offers 24/7 AskVet chat support. Whether it’s a behavior problem or a health issue, this membership offers training sessions & extra peace of mind. The subscription box, though, provides Durable KONG Toys with tasty treats. Those bigger Doodles will LOVE this dog subscription box and be able to enjoy it even more!


    • 12 month subscription: $39.95/month. 
    • 6 month subscription: $44.95/month.  
    • Month to month: $49.95/month. 

    What’s included in the box?

    • 1 KONG Classic (in your first box)
    • 2 toys (all rubber toys are made in the USA)
    • 3 treats
    • 1 recipe 
    • Helpful training tips
    • The KONG Club website also indicates it includes access to AskVet services for free with 6 or 12-month subscriptions. 

    The KONG Toys are unique in that they have the treats and recipes added INTO the toys. This way, your pup can work for those treats while also exercising those chewing muscles. 


    KONG Club is a monthly subscription box.


    They offer a 60 day guarantee for items they ship to you under their policy. It indicates that replacements are available for allergies and destroyed or damaged toys.


    There are no cancelation fees for month-to-month members. Those with 6 month boxes who cancel are charged $19.95. Those with 12 month subscriptions are charged $24.95 to cancel early.

    Is KONG Club good for Doodles?

    You can customize the box for extreme chewing and indicate one allergy from the list of allergies. So, if your Doodle has allergies to more than one of the following (beef, chicken, pork, dairy, gluten/grain, or peanut butter), you’ll want to consider the risk before subscribing.

    KONG Club also offers solution boxes for dogs. These boxes are useful for specific needs, even with Doodles! The solution boxes include:

    • Chewing
    • Barking
    • Separation anxiety
    • Teething
    • Weight management
    • Boredom
    • Crate training

    Rescue Box

    This is a dog subscription box that gives back. Although who they give back to has changed recently, they still help rescue dogs in need. Each box helps feed shelter pets.

    To get started with Rescue Box, you put in some basic information about your pup, such as weight.


    The Rescue box starts at $30 per month.

    What’s Included In The Box?

    Each box includes 5 theme-based premium pet products including toys, treats, and chews. 

    (Food items are sources from South America and not China.)


    This is a monthly subscription box.


    No, but Rescue Box’s customer service will try to make it right if there’s an issue or something arrives damaged.


    Rescue box has easy cancelation. The longer you subscribe the less expensive the subscription is, though.

    Is the Rescue Box a good dog subscription box for Doodles?

    The rescue box is good for all pups. However, you cannot customize more than indicating your Doodle’s size, but shelter dogs benefit from each order, which gives a feel-good vibe.

    Chewy Goody Dog Subscription Box

    This is a pre-made box of items that can be sent on demand.


    The cost of the Chewy Box cost varies based on the box you select, but they tend to be around $30 a box. Keep in mind that free shipping doesn’t start until $50.

    What’s included in the box?

    • Treats
    • Toys

    You can see what type of items come in a box before you order, but they can vary from the photos shown. So, what you actually receive is a surprise! However, if you think you are getting one item and another arrives, it’s not necessarily a good surprise.


    Chewy box is sent when you order it, so it isn’t truly a subscription box. You can auto subscribe, but you will get similar items each time. This may not be good if your dog likes variety or dislikes one of the items sent before.


    Refunds are not really offered. The items are pre-selected so unless something is faulty, they do not swap items out.


    Cancelation means you just stop ordering or turn off auto ship.

    Is Chewy Goody Dog Subscription Box good for Doodles?

    If you decide to order this subscription box for your Doodle, consider their size, temperament, and how often they get bored of toys.

    Some pups have favorites, so if you find yourself always replacing the same toy, you’ll need to decide if you want to break the habit and try something new or keep buying the same toy over and over.  

    Final Thoughts on Dog Subscription Boxes for Doodles

    Subscription boxes give you the best of both worlds. Dog subscription boxes vary from somewhat customizable to a full-on surprise. By watching the terms and conditions, you will better be able to decide which dog subscription box is best for your beautiful Doodle. 

    What subscription box does your Doodle love? Let us know in the comments below!

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