Here we take a look at the best waterless shampoo for dogs and some top-rated dry shampoos that are perfectly suited to Doodle coats, in the hope of making your life that little bit easier. After all, a stinky dog is not that much fun to be around, but the alternative can often be much worse. If bathing your dog feels much like wrestling a giant sea monster and holds all the appeal of a root canal, then combat those bath time blues with your new very best friend – waterless shampoo for dogs. These miracle sprays are perfect for spot cleans that take just a few minutes. You’re left with a happy hound that looks great and smells even better!

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Top 7 Shampoos Dog Owners Swear By

Here is a quick rundown of our faves with links to where you can buy them. For more details, including each product’s pros and cons, keep scrolling.

What is Waterless Shampoo?

Waterless Dog Shampoo is an excellent alternative to the regular kind because it doesn’t require rinsing. All you do is pump the spray, foam, power… whatever it is, into your hands and massage it through your pet’s hair right down to their skin. The cleaning agents break up oils and help pull any dirt and debris from their coat while improving odor. 

These kinds of ‘dry shampoo’ (meaning that they don’t require added water, not that they don’t have water in them) are perfect for cleaning and freshening your dog between baths. They are also an excellent winter-time bathing solution when it may just be too cold for your pup to be damp about the place. 

Owners who particularly like this product are ones with dogs who don’t love bath time (a common canine complaint). Getting your pooch in the tub can be an absolute nightmare for the both of you. While waterless shampoos are never going to be a complete alternative to a nice bath, they are a great quick-fix, short-term solution.

Dry Shampoo: Buyer’s Guide

Selecting the best kind of waterless shampoo for your dog shouldn’t be too much of an issue. However, there are a few things you are going to want to think about. The first is what kind of product you want and why. There are a few options on the market, including: 


This is probably the most common kind. This type of dry shampoo is mostly liquid when dispensed but quickly foams up when applied to your pet’s coat, meaning that just a little can cover a nice, big area with no problems. 


Perfect for long-haired pups, liquid spray shampoos usually contain moisturizing and detangling ingredients making them great all-rounders for your grooming arsenal. You spray these shampoos on, work them into the coat and that’s it. 


Powder is often what is thought of when people hear the words ‘dry shampoo’. These shampoos quickly absorb oils and other nasty fluids from your pup’s hair. Simply shake them on, run them through, and then brush them out for a great finish. 


Excellent for dealing with dirty areas, post-toilet cleaning, and sorting things out around the face, wipes are easy to use and easy to dispose of. However, they aren’t quite as effective on long-haired dogs or for covering larger areas. 

Things to Consider

You will need to check the different ingredients that the shampoo has. You want to ensure that there is nothing in there that will be toxic if ingested (chances are your pup is going to lick their hair at some point). 

You also want to make sure that a no-rinse shampoo contains nothing that is going to damage or irritate your dog’s skin. This is particularly important with Doodles as they often inherit skin sensitivities from their Poodle side. 

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Most dry shampoos are quick to point out their simple, natural ingredients that are safe for dogs, so finding just what you are looking for isn’t going to be an ordeal. Just make sure that it suits both the coat type and life stage of your pup, i.e., you can’t always use such products on very young or pregnant animals. 

Best Waterless Shampoos for Dogs: Reviews

Best for Soothing Dry and Itchy Skin

Vet’s Best Waterless Dog Bath is one of the best for so many reasons, from its professional formula to its all-natural ingredients. Aloe vera and oatmeal soothe irritated skin while neem oil repels fleas, ticks, and other parasites. The foaming shampoo has a pleasant, neutralizing scent that isn’t at all overpowering yet is an effective deodorizer. 

Vet’s Best Waterless Dog Bath

Find the Best Deal:


Reviewers comment that this product leaves their pet’s coat clean, soft, and shiny. It helps with scratching and smells great to boot. Moreover, the shampoo is incredibly easy to apply, and the coat stays clean and nice-smelling for a long time. Most pet parents would recommend this brand to their friends – good to know!


Effortless, quick, and does all that you need a dry shampoo to do.


Some owners have had issues with the bottle pump jamming because of the foam. A quick rinse through after use should do the trick.

Best for a Long-Lasting Fragrant Scent

Bad smells are a big problem for many dogs, and that’s where PetAg’s shampoo does best. Their Fresh N’ Clean blend is so simple and yet so effective. The soothing aloe helps to calm stressed skin, and the plant-based cleansers work to remove grime. At the same time, vitamin E provides antioxidant protection. Moreover, the shampoo also helps to loosen any knots and tangles while leaving behind a fresh and pleasant scent that lasts and lasts.

Fresh ‘n Clean Classic Fresh Waterless Dog Shampoo

Find the Best Deal:


Pet parents absolutely love this dry shampoo! Many of them say this is the best thing they have ever smelt on their dogs. It’s great for when you are on the road, and your pup decides to roll in something nasty. The scent, which is not overpoweringly artificial, lasts for weeks and weeks. Overall, it’s perfect for that just-back-from-the-groomers look.


Simple, not overly expensive, and very versatile. This shampoo is a terrific find for people with particularly odorous dogs.


Some reviewers were not so keen on the smell, which they say is a little stronger than other shampoos.

Best for Sensitive Dogs

If you know for a fact that your pup has allergies and sensitivities, especially to skin products, then TropiClean’s blend is likely to be the best one for you (and your dog). Formulated with moisturizing coconut combined with soothing oatmeal and cucumber, this shampoo is guaranteed to not only not cause skin irritation but also to reduce any soreness and inflammation caused by other products. 

TropiClean Waterless Hypoallergenic Dog Shampoo

Find the Best Deal:


People who have bought and used this shampoo talk about how handy it has been for them with their water-hating pups. The foaming spray is great for both spot treatments and all-over cleaning. The smell is pleasant but not overpowering, and it leaves behind a great shine too, which is not always a given with this type of shampoo. 


The hypoallergenic ingredients make it safe to use on just about any dog at just about any life stage.


Some reviewers found that the fragrance didn’t last quite as long as they wanted it to.

Best for Thorough Conditioning

For the sumptuous spa-like option, you are going to want to choose BioSilk’s Deep Moisturizing Shampoo with its blend of cleaning, soothing, and hair hydrating ingredients. Excellent for your long, wavy, or curly-coated Doodle, this product is perfectly pH balanced for dog skin. It is also free from harsh chemicals that can dry their skin out.

BioSilk Therapy Deep Moisture Waterless Dog Shampoo Spray

Find the Best Deal:


The reviews are good for this fab shampoo, with most people commenting that this product does all they thought and more besides. A little dab of this foaming spray seems to go a long way, and most people love the smell. It’s all that people have come to expect from this trusted brand and great for the price. 


Many waterless shampoos can have a drying effect on hair, leaving it dull and lifeless – this is definitely not the case with this one.


The limited negative reviews seem to be based on personal preferences about the smell of the product.

Best for Dealing with Dirt and Dander

If you’re looking for something with powerful cleaning capabilities (within the realms of what dry shampoos can actually achieve, that is), then look no further than Bodhi’s Waterless Shampoo. Simply spray on, leave to settle in, and then wipe that dirt, dander, and more right off. This professional-quality formula helps keep your pooch looking their best all day long. 

Bodhi Dog Waterless Dog Dry Shampoo

Find the Best Deal:


Reviewers are overall pretty impressed with this shampoo which smells pleasant, is easy to brush into their pet’s coat, and leaves behind soft and shiny hair. The limited ingredients make it great even for more sensitive souls, and it also comes in lavender and oatmeal if lemongrass just isn’t your thing. 


This product is so mild that it can be used on young puppies and pregnant females too.


If you know what to expect, this shampoo has no downsides.

Best for Anxious Hounds

For older or younger pups who have toilet issues, Bio-Groom’s blend is a great choice. It’s just great for spot cleaning, helping to lift stains (as well as smells) from your pet’s coat with ease. Alongside that, the calming chamomile and lavender fragrance soothes nerves making cleaning time an all-over better experience for your dog – and for you, too! 

Bio-Groom Waterless Bath Tearless Dog Shampoo

Find the Best Deal:

Some pet owners have found that their furry friend’s terror of wash time has extended to dry shampoos too. It might be that the fragrance was overwhelming or that they just didn’t like the feel of it. Either way, reviews mention that this shampoo made all the difference for them – see, those scents really do work for calming! 


This shampoo is great for long hair and can easily fool people into thinking your pal has recently been bathed.


If you’re looking for something that hydrates and helps with Poodle-type coat knots, then this is not the shampoo for you.

Best for Short-Haired Breeds

For something quick to hand and easy to take with you on walks, travels, and to the vets, check out these excellent cleaning wipes. If you find yourself constantly holding your nose from the scent emanating from your pet, a quick wipe over with one of these will make you feel that much better about giving them a loving cuddle. They are also good for cleaning and soothing sore skin too.

Nootie Japanese Cherry Blossom Dog Waterless Shampoo Wipes

Find the Best Deal:


While this product may not sound quite as effective as a foaming or liquid spray, the reviews tell us a different story. The wipes themselves are tough and quite strongly scented, making them effective for scrubbing and cleaning action. They have made many a fan from those who have bought and used them.


These wipes are excellent for slinging in your car to have on hand while out and about.


Some reviewers found them to be a bit dry, meaning that stain removal can be a little trickier.

How To Use Dry Shampoo as Part of Your Dog’s Care Routine

Nothing could be simpler than making use of one of the best waterless shampoo for dogs for a quick, between-baths freshen-up. With weekly use, these products will help reduce the amount of oil on your pet’s coat, leaving it looking, feeling, and smelling better than before. 

With most kinds, you simply apply the product to your pet’s coat, rub it in, and then either just leave it in or brush it out as per the instructions. They help to remove dirt, odor and, in some cases, will also add moisture and help make brushing that little bit easy. Just make sure you pick up the one with the functionality that you need.

Keeping Your Doodle Clean and Fresh: Frequently Asked Questions

Is waterless shampoo good for dogs?

Generally speaking, yes, waterless shampoo is good for dogs. It can help keep their coat in tip-top condition when you simply don’t have time to get things going with the tub. However, not every ingredient is going to agree with every pup, and you need to keep a close eye on yours for any obvious signs of irritation after use. 

Who makes waterless shampoo?

Waterless shampoo is available from some of the biggest and most trusted canine and pet care brands out there. Pretty much every company that does regular shampoos and conditioners now offer these too. If you have a much-loved and trusted shampoo that you have been using for years, check out their product options. If not, you can’t go far wrong with one of our recommendations included above. 

How do I stop my dog from smelling?

Dogs smell – that is an unfortunate fact of life. This can be because of their active, fun-loving (read rolling in poop!) personality, or sometimes simply down to the way their coat naturally cares for itself. If you’re struggling to deal with the colorful odor your pup brings to the table, then the best thing to do is keep them as clean as you can. Search out a dry shampoo that has odor-battling qualities, and all will be well. 

If you’re pulling your hair out trying to come out with ways to keep the wet dog smell from your furniture, then dry shampoo is going to make your day. While it’s not a complete replacement for bath times, it is great for dealing with dirt, debris, dander, tangles, smells, and more on a day-to-day basis when you simply don’t have time to wrestle your pup into the tub. 

Here we have reviewed some of the more popular options to come up with a great list of products for you to choose from – happy shopping (and smelling)! 

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The information on this page is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional groomer advice. Always seek the advice of your groomer, veterinarian, or other qualified animal health provider with any questions you may have.

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