Timshell Farm (Steve & Linda Rogers) founded the specialty triple-cross breed “CavaPooChons” after having raised Cavachons for several years. They were the third breeder for Cavachons, on the internet, and worked with a reproductive specialist veterinarian in north Dallas to get “all the right stuff” in this wonderful master mix!

Photo Feature Timshell Farm Cavapoochon
CavaPooChon breeder: Timshell Farm

Cavalier – large, round eyes that are wide spaced, with wide face and shorter nose. “Cavalier Magic” is the gentle, loyal and affectionate temperament with a loving and sweet personality. The Poodle brings a soft curl coat/wavy coat for low/no-shedding, sparkle to the personality and high intelligence. Bichon Frise brings more sparkle, a sturdy body, non-shedding coat, large/round eyes and a very happy disposition.

Combining these traits using only health-tested parent dogs, the resulting puppies are delightful! They have the teddy bear face, and are sometimes called the Peter Pan Puppies as they never lose their puppy cuteness. Their wonderful trainer, Stephen Haynes, was contacted by an API press writer that wanted to know what he thought was the breed that kept its puppy-face and cuteness forever…and he said, “That’s easy. The CavaPooChon by Timshell Farm.” His article appeared in newspapers world-wide, and The Today Show hosted three of our CavaPooChons in 2013. The rest is history!

Many professional breeders began raising for these wonderful puppies…but Timshell was the first! We love it that our puppies are so beloved and that other breeders are raising them – but just hope that our high standards for raising are followed – using only parent dogs that are health tested for the genetic faults that follow the breeds in their makeup…that have their temperaments proven and are cleared of any “issues” in behavior or temperament. And, a good breeder will provide a minimum three-year health guarantee that does not require the return of the puppy for a refund. All genetic health faults must be covered in the guarantee.

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