In this Chipoo size guide, we’ll be discussing Chipoo’s growth and size from puppyhood to adult. We’ll be sharing a few tips and tricks on how you can predict your Chipoo puppy’s full-grown size, along with our Chipoo size chart and growth calculator. Let’s dig in!

Chipoo is one of the tiniest Doodles out there. With pups like Chihuahua and Poodle as parents, Chipoo will proudly show off their small size and big personality. With this dog, you’ll never get bored! Chipoos are energetic, playful, and absolutely adoring. Although sometimes bossy, they’re very devoted to their owners and love being at the center of your attention. 

If you’re looking for a pup who equally enjoys playtime and cuddles, Chipoo might be the one for you. Thanks to their small size, they can very comfortably live in an apartment. Of course, make sure your pup still gets plenty of exercise to live a healthy and happy life. 

Chipoo Size Predictions: How Big Will A Chipoo Get?

So how big does a Chipoo get? As Chihuahuas are exceptionally tiny, they are typically crossed with Toy Poodles or Miniature Poodles. However, as Chipoo’s size is one of their most attractive features, they are often a mix of a Chihuahua and a Toy Poodle. 

Although with Doodles there’s always room for surprises and unexpected outcomes, we can narrow down the estimates by looking at Chipoo’s parent pups. Chihuahuas usually weigh less than 6 pounds, and stand at 5 to 8 inches tall at the shoulder.

On the other hand, Toy Poodles can weigh between 4 to 12 pounds, and have a height of up to 10 inches. Miniatures are slightly larger, weighing around 10 to 20 pounds, and standing at 10 to 15 inches tall at the shoulder. 

So depending on how much they take after one parent or another, your Chipoo’s size will fit within the parent dogs’ size ranges. Additionally, your Chipoo puppy’s gender, diet, how much they exercise, and even their generation can all affect their adult size. 

It’s important we highlight that your Chipoo puppy needs plenty of nutrients and energy to grow into a healthy adult dog. Here you can check out our guides on the best Doodle puppy food, and another guide on how much you should feed your puppy.

F1 vs F1b vs F2b Chipoo

We briefly mentioned that your Doodle’s generational breeding can also play a role in their size. To simplify the confusing topic of generations and backcrosses, here’s a list of the different generations of Chipoo:

1st Parent2nd Parent% Chihuahua*% Poodle*
F1 Chipoo (first-generation)ChihuahuaPoodle50%50%
F1B Chipoo (first-generation backcross)F1 ChipooPoodle25%75%
F1BB Chipoo (first-generation backcross backcross)F1B ChipooPoodle12.5%87.5%
F2 Chipoo (second-generation)F1 ChipooF1 Chipoo50%50%
F2B Chipoo (second-generation backcross)F1 ChipooF1B Chipoo37.5%62.5%
F2B Chipoo (alternate cross)F2 ChipooPoodle25%75%
F3 / Multigen ChipooF1B Chipoo or higherF1B Chipoo or higherVariesVaries
*These are generic calculations only – genetics are rarely mathematically accurate.
Doodle Generations explained

So what does it mean exactly? Even though we can never predict with complete accuracy how big a Chipoo will get, we can achieve more control with generational breeding. 

For example, an F1 Chipoo might inherit either more of the Poodle or Chihuahua characteristics. Therefore, it’s difficult to predict the size and appearance of an F1 Chipoo. In contrast, if a larger F1 Chipoo is then backcrossed with a Miniature Poodle, we can estimate that the F1b Chipoo will be on the larger side as well. 

Indeed, you cannot know the exact details of your puppy’s background when adopting from a shelter. However, any responsible breeder will gladly share you the information about your Chipoo puppy’s parents and generation. If you’ve chosen to adopt your puppy from a breeder, please make sure to do thorough research before making your decision

Chipoo Size Charts & Growth Patterns

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s have a look at the numbers and data. Here’s a Standard Chipoo size chart:

Standard Chipoo
Weight5-20 pounds
Height5-15 inches
When Full-Grown?7.5-11 months
* A dog’s height is measured from their shoulder, aka the withers, not from the top of their head. 

As we can see from the Chipoo size chart, their adult weight can range anywhere between 5 to 20 pounds, depending on the size of their parents. A simple guideline you can keep in mind is that smaller Chipoos tend to reach their full-grown size slightly sooner than larger Chipoos.

Chipoos usually reach half their adult weight around the time they’re 3.5 months old. They will then continue to gain weight at a slower pace, until it plateaus around 7.5 to 11 months. Of course, some dogs might reach adulthood a bit sooner or later, but they typically follow very similar growth patterns.

If you’d like to predict your Chipoo’s full-grown size, try our interactive Doodle puppy growth chart and calculator. We’ve created this handy tool so you can estimate and track your Chipoo’s size from puppy to adulthood.

Additionally, you can use this formula suitable for Toy Doodles to predict your Chipoo’s full-grown weight:

chipoo size

How Big Will A Chipoo Get?

Chipoo is a small hybrid mix of Chihuahua and Poodle. As with any other hybrid dog breed, there’s much unpredictability involved when it comes to their size and appearance. Chipoos can weigh anywhere between 5 to 20 pounds, and stand at 5 to 15 inches tall at the shoulder. Depending on the size of their parents, they can be either smaller or larger. 

Here’s an alternative formula you can use to predict your Chipoo puppy’s adult weight:

chipoo size

Hopefully, our Chipoo size guide managed to answer all of your questions about the size and growth patterns of Chipoos from puppyhood to full-grown adults. And if you’ve already adopted your new four-legged family member, make sure to use our interactive Chipoo size chart and growth calculator to predict and track your puppy’s growth. 

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