In this Golden Mountain Doodle size guide, we’re going to learn all about the Golden Mountain Doodle’s size, growth patterns, and how you can predict your puppy’s full-grown size. You will also find links to our interactive Golden Mountain Doodle puppy growth chart and calculator, which will predict how much your Dood will weigh when full-grown! Without further ado, let’s get started! 

Although their name might be confusing to some, the Golden Mountain Doodle is a completely different hybrid breed than the regular Goldendoodle. The Golden Mountain Doodle is a multi-generational Double Doodle that combines three beautiful breeds – the Golden Retriever, Bernese Mountain Dog, and Poodle. To achieve a Golden Mountain Doodle, we must first cross a Goldendoodle and a Bernedoodle

Golden Mountain Doodle Size Predictions: How Big Do Golden Mountain Doodles Get?

Mixing the absolute best dog breeds will surely result in the most adorable, fluffy Doodle. On the other hand, it also means that we’re dealing with quite a bit of uncertainty. With hybrid breeds like the Golden Mountain Doodle, we can never know exactly how they will turn out in terms of appearance, size, or personality. 

Fortunately, it’s not completely impossible to predict your Golden Mountain Doodle’s size. Based on their observed growth patterns, we can estimate your puppy’s adult size. So how big does a Golden Mountain Doodle get? 

Here’s are the typical Golden Mountain Doodle size predictions:

Mini Golden Mountain DoodleStandard Golden Mountain Doodle
Weight25-50 pounds50-90 pounds
Height16-22 inches23-29 inches
When Full-Grown?11-13 months12.5-16 months
*A dog’s height is measured from their withers, which is the highest part of their shoulder blades.

As we can see from the Golden Mountain Doodle size chart above, Mini Golden Mountain Doodles can weigh around 25 to 50 pounds and have a height of 16 to 22 inches. To achieve a Mini Golden Mountain Doodle, the most common combination is crossing a Mini Goldendoodle and a Mini Bernedoodle.

Similarly, the Standard Golden Mountain Doodle is the larger of the two, and is usually a combination of a Standard Goldendoodle and a Standard Bernedoodle. We can expect a full-grown Standard Golden Mountain Doodle to weigh between 50 to 90 pounds and stand about 23 to 29 inches tall.

Of course, these numbers are not set in stone and some puppies might fall outside the average height and weight predictions. Additionally, keep in mind that your puppy’s gender, diet, and how much they exercise can all contribute to their adult size. 

F1 vs F1b vs F2b Golden Mountain Doodle

Another key factor in your Golden Mountain Doodle’s full-grown size is the generation of your pup. Technically, Golden Mountain Doodles are already multigenerational Doodles, as both of their parents are Doodles. However, there’s still a possibility to further create different Golden Mountain Doodle generations. Let’s have a closer look at the possible options:

1st Parent2nd Parent% Golden Retriever*% Bernese Mountain Dog*% Poodle*
F2 Golden Mountain Doodle (second-generation)F1 GoldendoodleF1 Bernedoodle25%25%50%
F2B Golden Mountain Doodle (second-generation backcross)F1 or F1b GoldendoodleF1b or F1 BernedoodleVariesVaries62.5%
F2B Golden Mountain Doodle (alternate cross)F2 Golden Mountain DoodlePoodle12.5%12.5%75%
F3 / Multigen Golden Mountain DoodleF1B Golden Mountain Doodle or higherF1B Golden Mountain Doodle or higherVariesVariesVaries
*These are generic calculations only – genetics are rarely mathematically accurate.
Doodle Generations explained

As the Golden Mountain Doodle is a fairly new hybrid breed, they are most often a 50-50 mix of a Goldendoodle and a Bernedoodle. But we can expect other Golden Mountain Doodle generations to become more popular in the future. 

Golden Mountain Doodle Size Charts & Growth Patterns

Like most dog breeds, Golden Mountain Doodles will experience the fastest growth spurts in their first 6 months. Depending on their size, they will typically reach their adult height around 12 months old. Minis can reach their full height as early as 10 months old. After that, they might continue to fill out and gain some weight and girth in the upcoming months. Generally, we can expect Golden Mountain Doodles to finish growing around 12-16 months old. 

Speaking of, we’ve been collecting weight data from our Doodle Weight Prediction Calculator. The below Golden Mountain Doodle size chart / graph shows the average weights by age (in weeks), per size of dog.

As of October 24, 2022, we’ve received over 1,600 accurate Golden Mountain Doodle weight submissions through our calculator.

If you’d like to predict your Golden Mountain Doodle’s adult weight, make sure to check out our interactive Doodle puppy growth chart and calculator! Simply enter your puppy’s Doodle type, their predicted size, weight, and age in weeks to generate your puppy’s growth chart.

Standard Golden Mountain Doodle

Standard Golden Mountain Doodles usually reach half their adult weight around 4.5 to 6 months of age. Your puppy’s growth will then start to gradually slow down, until it plateaus at their adult weight between 12.5 to 16 months old. 

You can use this simple formula to calculate your Standard Mountain Doodle’s adult size:

golden mountain doodle size

Mini Golden Mountain Doodle

Mini Golden Mountain Doodles tend to reach their full size sooner than the Standard Golden Mountain Doodles. Typically, we can expect a Mini Golden Mountain Doodle to reach half their adult weight between 3.5 and 5 months old. Around 11 to 13 months of age, your Mini will most likely plateau at its full weight.

If you’d like to guesstimate your Mini Golden Mountain Doodle’s adult weight, try this formula:

golden mountain doodle size

How Big Do Golden Mountain Doodles Get?

Golden Mountain Doodles mainly come in two sizes – Mini and Standard Golden Mountain Doodle. The smaller, medium-sized Mini Golden Mountain Doodle usually weighs around 25 to 50 pounds and stands at 16 to 22 inches tall at the shoulder. On the other hand, the larger Standard Golden Mountain Doodle can weigh between 55 to 90 pounds and stand 23 to 29 inches at the shoulder. 

Your Golden Mountain Doodle’s size is determined by their genetic makeup, the size of their parents, their gender, diet, and how much they exercise. For example, over or underfeeding a puppy can affect their size to a great extent. If you’d like to learn more about how much you should feed your dog, make sure to check out this article we wrote

Here’s an alternative formula you can use to calculate your Golden Mountain Doodle’s full-grown weight:

golden mountain doodle size

In conclusion, although the Golden Mountain Doodle is a relatively new hybrid breed, they are gaining much popularity thanks to their adorable looks and amazing characters. They tend to do well with children, they shed very little, and won’t shy away from cuddles and lap time. If you’re looking for a loyal, loving, and laid-back companion, the Golden Mountain Doodle would be the perfect choice for you. We hope our Golden Mountain Doodle size guide managed to answer all of your questions about the size and growth patterns of this goofy Double Doodle pup. 

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