In this Irish Doodle size guide, you will learn all there is to know about their height and weight, what to expect when they’re growing up, and how you can predict your puppy’s full-grown size. 

By the way, if your household is already helping a baby Irish Doodle grow, make sure to try our interactive Irish Doodle puppy growth calculator!

Irish Doodle Size Predictions: How Big Does An Irish Doodle Get?

Irish Doodle is a cross between an Irish Setter and a Poodle. From the parent pups, Irish Doodles have inherited a high-spirited attitude and high energy levels. They’re very intelligent, loyal, and affectionate towards people. The perfect companion for a family who enjoys a buddy to take on adventures! 

But as you can guess, thanks to the Irish Setter and Poodle parents, Irish Doodles tend to grow into larger dogs. A full-grown Irish Doodle can weigh anywhere from 20 to 70 pounds, and stand at 15 to 28 inches tall. Of course, this is a very wide estimate, and does not give you too much information. 

So how can we guess how big an Irish Doodle puppy will get?

Firstly, male Irish Doodles run a bit larger than females. Secondly, there are two main sizes of Irish Doodles – Mini/Medium Irish Doodle and Standard Irish Doodle. Standard Irish Doodles are a mix between a Standard Poodle and an Irish Setter, whereas Mini Irish Doodles have Mini Poodles in the mix.

Let’s have a closer look at the Mini and Standard Irish Doodle sizes:

Mini / Medium Irish DoodleStandard Irish Doodle
Weight20-40 pounds40-70 pounds
Height*15-22 inches22-28 inches
When Full-Grown?11-13 months12.5-16 months
*A dog’s height is measured from their withers, which is the highest part of their shoulder blades.

Typically, Irish Setters are only mated with Standard or Mini Poodles, as they are naturally larger. Even though some breeders might advertise Toy or Teacup Irish Doodles, a responsible breeder will not mate any unsuitable dogs to achieve a certain look, especially without considering how it can affect the puppies’ health. We urge you to do your research before choosing a breeder

As you might already guess, one of the foolproof ways of predicting a puppy’s full-grown size, is to look at their parents and the Doodle generation. Of course, if you adopt your Doodle from a shelter, you don’t have the option to ask about the parents. However, any reputable breeder will be able to give you more information about the parent pups and your dog’s generation. 

F1 vs F1b vs F2b Irish Doodle

As we briefly mentioned, your pup’s Doodle generation will also play a role in their adult size. Here’s what each of the Irish Doodle generations mean:

1st Parent2nd Parent% Irish Setter*% Poodle*
F1 Irish Doodle (first-generation)Irish SetterPoodle50%50%
F1B Irish Doodle (first-generation backcross)F1 Irish DoodlePoodle25%75%
F1BB Irish Doodle (first-generation backcross backcross)F1B Irish DoodlePoodle12.5%87.5%
F2 Irish Doodle (second-generation)F1 Irish DoodleF1 Irish Doodle50%50%
F2B Irish Doodle (second-generation backcross)F1 Irish DoodleF1B Irish Doodle37.5%62.5%
F2B Irish Doodle (alternate cross)F2 Irish DoodlePoodle25%75%
F3 / Multigen Irish DoodleF1B Irish Doodle or higherF1B Irish Doodle or higherVariesVaries
*These are generic calculations only – genetics are rarely mathematically accurate.
Doodle Generations explained

From the different generation mixes, we see that there are ways to control the size of a Doodle puppy. For instance, F1 Mini Irish Doodles can be achieved through a hybrid mix between a Mini Poodle and an Irish Setter. However, this means that the F1 puppy will inherit 50% of the Irish Setter characteristics, and 50% of the Mini Poodle characteristics. 

Likewise, to achieve more control over the size of a Mini Irish Doodle, an F1 Mini Irish Doodle can be backcrossed with a Mini Poodle. As this mix has 25% Irish Setter and 75% Mini Poodle, we can expect the F1b Mini Irish Doodle to be on the smaller size. 

Irish Doodle Size Charts & Growth Patterns

All dogs go through the fastest growth spurts in the first 6 months of their life. However, smaller dogs do grow up quicker than larger sized breeds. So, naturally, a Mini Irish Doodle will reach their adult size sooner than a Standard Irish Doodle. 

Attention all Irish Doodle puppy owners! We’ve created an interactive Doodle puppy growth calculator, so you can guesstimate how big your pup will get. Make sure to try it out!

The below Irish Doodle size chart / graph shows the average weights by age (in weeks), by size of Irish Doodle. It shows weight data from our Doodle Weight Prediction Calculator.

As of October 24, 2022, we’ve received over 3,600 accurate Irish Doodle weight submissions through our calculator.

Mini Irish Doodle

Mini Irish Doodle’s size can be attributed to the Mini Poodle genes. Typically, their weight ranges between 20 to 40 pounds, and they’re around 15 to 22 inches tall at the shoulders. 

We estimate that Mini Irish Doodles reach half of their adult size from 4 to 5 months of age, and at around 11 to 13 months old, they’ve reached their full-grown size. 

For Mini and Medium Irish Doodle puppies, try out this formula:

Standard Irish Doodle

Standard Irish Doodles can weigh anywhere between 40 to 70 pounds. Usually, their height is around 22 to 28 inches, measured at the shoulders. 

Typically, Standard Irish Doodles reach half of their adult weight around the time they’re 5 to 6 months old, and full weight from 12.5 to 16 months old. 

If you’d like to calculate how big a Standard Irish Doodle puppy might get, here’s a simple formula:

How Big Does An Irish Doodle Get?

A male Standard Irish Doodle can weigh up to 70 pounds while standing 28 inches tall at the shoulder. That’s not a small dog! In contrast, the smallest Mini Irish Doodles can weigh as little as 20 pounds. So, as with any other dog, the best way to roughly know how big your puppy will get, is to look at their parents’ sizes, generation, and gender.

Alternatively, you can try this Doodle weight prediction formula:

How Big Do Mini Irish Doodles Get?

Mini Irish Doodles usually weigh around 20 to 40 pounds, and stand at around 15 to 22 inches tall at the shoulder. Although they are smaller than Standard Irish Doodles, they’ve still most likely inherited an active nature from the parent dogs. Therefore, they would probably do better in a more spacious home or with regular access to a backyard, field, or playground.  

In conclusion, Irish Doodles are great at any size. Both the Mini and Standard Irish Doodles are wonderful companions for active people. Not only will they join you on every adventure, they also have an affectionate side that no one could say no to. 

We hope that this article has been helpful in answering all of your questions about Irish Doodle’s size, weight, and growth phases. And if you’ve already adopted an Irish Doodle puppy, make sure to give our puppy growth calculator a go!

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