In this Jackapoo size guide, we’ll be discovering all there is to know about the size and growth stages of the Jackapoo. Additionally, we’ve created an interactive Jackapoo size chart and growth calculator, which you can use to predict your puppy’s adult weight. Let’s get started!

Jackapoo is an adorable hybrid mix of a Poodle and Jack Russell Terrier. You might also know them as Jack-A-Poo, Jackadoodle, or Jackpoos. This pup is a sure winner, as they’re loving, affectionate, and have a positive attitude at all times. 

If you know something about Jack Russells, you know that they have energy for days. As the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, Jackapoos are energetic pups who enjoy making friends and have lots of playtime. 

Truly, Jackapoo is the perfect dog for anyone – from active singles to families with children, everyone loves the Jackapoo. But before you commit yourself to a new furbaby, you might want to gain some insights about their size to be fully prepared.

Jackapoo Size Predictions: How Big Will A Jackapoo Get?

As with any other hybrid breed, we can never exactly know what to expect once they’re fully grown. On the other hand, we can make some estimates based on the parents of the Jackapoo puppy. 

Jack Russell is a small dog who typically weighs around 12 to 18 pounds, and stands at 10 to 15 inches tall at the shoulder. Naturally, a pup this tiny should always be crossed with another smaller sized dog. Therefore, Jack Russells are crossed with either Toy or Miniature Poodles. 

So how big does a Jackapoo get? You can expect your Jackapoo’s full-grown size to fit between 10 to 16 inches in height, and 13 to 26 pounds in weight. The size of a puppy’s parents and grandparents would be the best place to start when looking for estimates that are more accurate. 

If you’ve adopted your puppy from a responsible breeder, they’ll be able to give you more information about the size of the parent pups. However, if you’ve adopted your Jackapoo from a shelter, it’s obviously not as straightforward. 

To make things a bit less complicated for you, we’ve created an interactive Jackapoo size chart and growth calculator, which you can use to guesstimate your puppy’s adult size.

As a loving dog parent, your number one goal is to provide your pup a healthy and long life. That’s why it’s especially important you provide your dog a healthy, nutritious, and balanced diet throughout their life – from puppyhood to senior years. We recently wrote an article on how much you should feed your Doodle pup, so make sure to check it out. 

Additionally, as Jackapoo is a small dog, we recommend you opt for formulas that are specially designed for small breed dogs. Here you’ll find all of our Doodle dog and puppy food guides

F1 Vs F1b Vs F2b Jackapoo

But what do the different generations have to do with the size of a Jackapoo puppy? Let’s have a closer look:

1st Parent2nd Parent% Jack Russell Terrier*% Poodle*
F1 Jackapoo (first-generation)Jack Russell TerrierPoodle50%50%
F1B Jackapoo (first-generation backcross)F1 JackapooPoodle25%75%
F1BB Jackapoo (first-generation backcross backcross)F1B JackapooPoodle12.5%87.5%
F2 Jackapoo (second-generation)F1 JackapooF1 Jackapoo50%50%
F2B Jackapoo (second-generation backcross)F1 JackapooF1B Jackapoo37.5%62.5%
F2B Jackapoo (alternate cross)F2 JackapooPoodle25%75%
F3 / Multigen JackapooF1B Jackapoo or higherF1B Jackapoo or higherVariesVaries
*These are generic calculations only – genetics are rarely mathematically accurate.
Doodle Generations explained

With the different generations of Jackapoos, we can actually achieve a better control over the size of a puppy. For instance, we can expect an F1 Jackapoo, who is a mix of a Jack Russell and a Mini Poodle, to lean on the larger end of the scale.

On the other hand, if we cross an F1 Jackapoo with a Toy Poodle, we’ll have an F1b Jackapoo, who will most likely be smaller than the F1 Jackapoo who has a Miniature Poodle parent. 

Jackapoo Size Charts & Growth Patterns

Although a Jackapoo can be a cross between a Jack Russell and either a Toy or Miniature Poodle, they aren’t usually categorized in different sizes like Mini Jackapoo and Toy Jackapoo. Nevertheless, smaller Jackapoos might reach their full-grown size sooner than bigger pups.  

If you wish to predict your Jackapoo’s full-grown size, try our interactive Jackapoo size chart and growth calculator

Let’s take a look at the Standard Jackapoo size chart:

Standard Jackapoo
Weight13-26 pounds
Height10-16 inches
When Full-Grown?7.5-13 months
*A dog’s height is measured at the highest part of its shoulder blades, not from the top of its head.

Standard Jackapoos fit into either Toy or Mini/Medium Doodle size categories. Usually, we can expect a Jackapoo puppy to reach half their adult weight when they’re 3.5 to 5 months old. Depending on their estimated size, a Jackapoo puppy will plateau at its full weight between 7.5 to 13 months.

Based on that, we can expect a smaller Jackapoo puppy to reach their adult weight when they’re 7.5 to 11 months old. A bigger Jackapoo might take a bit longer to reach their full-grown size, around 11 to 13 months. 

Generally, puppies tend to reach their full height sooner than they reach their adult weight. So even if your Jackapoo has finished growing in terms of height, they will most likely take a few more months to fill out and reach their adult weight. 

You can also use a few simple formulas to calculate your Jackapoo’s full-grown size. This formula is better suited for larger Jackapoos:

jackapoo size

For smaller Jackapoo puppies, you can use this formula:

jackapoo size

How Big Will A Jackapoo Get?

Jackapoo is a small dog who weighs around 13 to 26 pounds, and stands at 10 to 16 inches tall at the shoulder. Usually, there’s not much difference between male and female pups in terms of size. However, your Jackapoo’s genetic makeup, diet, and how much they exercise all affect its size. 

Alternatively, you can use this formula to calculate your Jackapoo’s full-grown size:

jackapoo size

In conclusion, Jackapoos are active little furballs who love their families more than anything in the world. Whether you’re looking for a smaller pup who will gladly join you on adventures, or a loving little lapdog, Jackapoo is the jack of all trades. 

We hope our Jackapoo size guide proves to be a useful resource in understanding this gorgeous little dog a bit better. 

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