If you’re looking for ethical, reputable Maltipoo breeders in Louisiana, then this article will surely help kickstart your search for the perfect puppy. Finding reputable Doodle breeders can prove to be quite a task, especially if it’s your first time adopting a Maltipoo pup. For this reason, we decided to look into all the different Maltipoo breeders in Louisiana and list here the top ethical breeding programs that are worth checking out. If you’re ready to bring your new best pal home, then keep on reading!

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  • How Much Does It Cost To Adopt A Maltipoo Puppy In Louisiana?
  • List Of Top Ethical Maltipoo Breeders In Louisiana: Final Thoughts
  • How To Choose A Maltipoo Breeder In Louisiana

    The Maltese-Poodle mix is one of the most adorable little Doods that will without a doubt melt anyone’s heart. We can certainly understand why you’d consider adopting one of these precious little pals! They’re sweet, fun-loving, affectionate, and intelligent little pups that fit into almost any household. Not to mention, they’re low-shedding and hypoallergenic, making them excellent pets for people with allergies. Or, if you just aren’t a fan of having to clean dog hair from your furniture. 

    So, if you’ve decided that the Maltipoo is the right pup for you, it’s now time to do some research and make sure that you’re getting your puppy from a reputable breeder. After all, you wouldn’t want to unknowingly get your new furbaby from a puppy mill or an unethical breeder

    Adopting a puppy from a puppy mill can have devastating effects on the animal, their future health and wellbeing, as well as your own. Purchasing from these mills contributes to a seriously unethical industry that puts profit before the safety and well-being of animals. Instead, look for reputable, ethical breeders who are committed to providing healthy puppies with the best care possible. Here’s how you can make sure of that:

    Health Testing & Health Guarantees

    It is critical for ethical breeders in Louisiana to health and DNA test their breeding dogs before breeding any litters. Health screenings ensure that the parent dogs are healthy and free from genetic diseases that could potentially be passed onto offspring. This type of testing also offers assurance and peace of mind for prospective puppy owners. By doing the necessary tests, breeders can guarantee that the puppies they produce will be happy and healthy in their forever homes.

    In addition to that, ethical Maltipoo breeders in Louisiana will also back their breeding programs with genetic health guarantees. Make sure it comes in written format for your and your puppy’s safety! 

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    Certifications & Affiliations

    It’s also a good idea to look for Maltipoo breeders in Louisiana that are affiliated or certified by reputable organizations. This could include the American Kennel Club (AKC), Continental Kennel Club (CKC), the Good Dog’s Responsible Breeding Program, or other similar organizations. These affiliations help prove that the breeder is committed to providing healthy puppies and follows responsible breeding practices.

    Reviews & Testimonials

    Doing your research is vital when adopting a Maltipoo puppy in Louisiana. Google, Facebook, Yelp and other review sites (such as our user submitted reviews) can provide valuable information from previous customers about the quality of the breeders, their practices, and the care they provide for their puppies. 

    Reviews can also help you decide if the breeder is reliable and trustworthy enough to work with. Additionally, looking up reviews allows you to get an idea of what other people’s experiences have been with the same breeder or business. It is beneficial to read both good and bad reviews before making any decision on who to adopt a puppy from.

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    List Of Top Ethical Maltipoo Breeders In Louisiana

    Mia’s Bayou Puppies

    Mia’s Bayou Puppies is a small breeding program that specializes in raising F1 Toy Maltipoos in Louisiana. They’re located in Wisner, about two and a half hours from both Baton Rouge and Shreveport. In addition to breeding Maltipoos, they also raise purebred Poodles and Maltese pups in their program. 

    At Mia’s Bayou Puppies, their goal is to breed healthy and happy puppies with excellent temperaments. They want to make sure that each of their puppies is versatile and set up for success before being adopted by their forever families. 

    What’s more, Mia’s Bayou Puppies is also recognized by Good Dog as one of the responsible Maltipoo breeders in Louisiana. They’re dedicated to responsible breeding practices and have health screened their parent dogs for various genetic conditions. In fact, their purebred Poodle and Maltese parents are also AKC and CKC registered. 

    What Makes This Breeder Unique?

    If you’re considering getting your new pup from this breeder, you’ll be glad to learn that they socialize all of their pups with adults, children, and other dogs. They also introduce them to car rides, various noises and surfaces, grooming, and even get them started on puppy pad training and bite inhibition. 

    • Years of Operation: Since 1998. 
    • Health & Vaccines: Puppies come with a one-year genetic health guarantee, first puppy shots, dewormings, and a microchip. 

    Maltipoo Puppy Information

    • Types of Maltipoo Puppies Available: F1 Toy Maltipoo puppies in Louisiana. 
    • Waitlist: Yes.

    Maltipoo Breeder Contact Details:

    Princess Puppies

    Princess Puppies has Toy Maltipoo puppies for sale in Louisiana. They’re located in Lena, halfway between Shreveport and Lafayette, and just 20-minutes from Alexandria. They specialize in Toy-sized breeds, such as Toy Doodles, and also purebred Maltese and Yorkie pups. 

    Princess Puppies’ main priority is to raise happy puppies that are well taken care of. They ensure that each of their dogs and puppies is raised in a safe, clean, and loving environment with lots of love and care. 

    As a responsible Maltipoo breeder in Louisiana, Princess Puppies only breeds puppies from health screened parents with excellent temperaments and conformation. They spare no expense on their pups, providing them high-quality dog food, proper veterinary care, and plenty of kisses and cuddles. 

    What Makes This Breeder Unique?

    Princess Puppies is committed to raising well-socialized puppies that have been exposed to people of all ages. They also make sure that their dogs and puppies get to exercise and spend time outside safely if the weather permits. What’s more, they even start the puppies on potty training, making your and your puppy’s transition much easier once they arrive home.  

    • Years of Operation: Since 2008. 
    • Health & Vaccines: All pups come with a lifetime health guarantee (10 years!), age appropriate vaccinations, and dewormings. There’s also an option to purchase a microchip for an additional fee. 

    Maltipoo Puppy Information

    • Types of Maltipoo Puppies Available: Toy Maltipoos in Louisiana. 
    • Waitlist: Yes.

    Maltipoo Breeder Contact Details:

    Collett’s Country Kennel

    Collett’s Country Kennel is another Maltipoo breeder in Louisiana that specializes in raising Teacup and Toy breeds. They breed F1 Toy Maltipoos that come in beautiful apricot and white parti coats. Collet’s Country Kennel is located in Angie, about 90 minutes North of New Orleans, and a two-hour drive from Baton Rouge. 

    What Makes This Breeder Unique?

    At Collett’s Country Kennel, they’re focused on breeding healthy and well-socialized puppies for loving families. They socialize their puppies with people of all ages, as well as adult dogs to ensure that they’re accustomed to regular interactions with people and other pets. 

    What’s more, their F1 Maltipoo puppies are bred from AKC registered parents. In fact, many of their purebred dogs come from Champion Bloodlines!

    • Years of Operation: Since 2004. 
    • Health & Vaccines: Puppies receive all age appropriate vaccinations and dewormings. For more information about their health guarantees, please contact the breeder directly. 

    Maltipoo Puppy Information

    • Types of Maltipoo Puppies Available: F1 Toy Maltipoos in Louisiana. 
    • Waitlist: Yes.

    Maltipoo Breeder Contact Details:

    Poodle Place

    Poodle Place has F1bb Toy Maltipoos for sale in Louisiana. They’re located in Schriever, about an hour from both New Orleans and Baton Rouge, Louisiana. They also breed purebred AKC Poodles and other Poodle mixes like Goldendoodles and Labradoodles in their program. 

    At Poodle Palace, they pay special attention to the puppies’ pedigrees and health to ensure that they’re as healthy and happy as possible. They raise their puppies right inside their home, where they receive constant care, attention, and affection – just as they deserve! Their parent dogs are all beloved family pets, some of them living in carefully chosen guardian homes. This ensures that each of their breeding dogs is a family pet first and foremost. 

    As a responsible Maltipoo breeder in Louisiana, Poodle Palace conducts extensive health and genetic testing on their breeding dogs to ensure healthy litters. Their purebred Poodles are AKC registered and their Maltipoo mamas are registered with the CKC. In fact, their puppies come with CKC registration as well. 

    What Makes This Breeder Unique?

    These puppies come pre-spoiled and pre-trained to ensure a smooth transition for both you and your new pup. They start the puppies on crate training and house training, making sure that they’re well on their way of learning those crucial bathroom habits and life skills. They also ensure that each puppy is well-socialized before going to their forever homes. 

    • Years of Operation: Since 1996. 
    • Health & Vaccines: All pups go home with age appropriate vaccinations and dewormings. For more information about their health guarantee, please contact Poodle Place directly. 

    Maltipoo Puppy Information

    • Types of Maltipoo Puppies Available: F1bb Toy Maltipoo puppies in Louisiana. 
    • Waitlist: Yes.

    Maltipoo Breeder Contact Details:

    How Much Does It Cost To Adopt A Maltipoo Puppy In Louisiana?

    Adopting a Maltipoo puppy can cost anywhere between $1,400 and up to $3,000 from reputable and ethical Maltipoo breeders in Louisiana. The price depends on a variety of factors, such as your location, but also what size, color, and generation you’re looking to adopt. 

    List Of Top Ethical Maltipoo Breeders In Louisiana: Final Thoughts

    When looking for Maltipoo puppies for sale in Louisiana, it’s important to make sure that you find a responsible and ethical Maltipoo breeder. Doing your research is the best way to ensure that you’re getting the highest quality pup from a reputable source. We hope you found this guide helpful in your puppy search! 

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