If you’ve been looking for the best potty training spray for dogs, you’ve come to the right place. Not only have we tried and reviewed some of the most popular potty training puppy spray options out there, we’re also going to dive deep into this topic. Does a potty training spray for dogs work? How to use it? And is it safe for your pup? We’ll answer all of your questions in the following guide. Let’s get into it! 

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Choosing A Potty Training Puppy Spray: Introduction

While puppyhood is certainly one of the most exciting times in any new dog owner’s life, it’s also filled with plenty of new responsibilities and tasks. One of the biggest undertakings is successfully house training your pup so that you won’t have to constantly clean up pee and poop inside the house or any other area that you’d really like to keep accident-free. 

It’s no secret that potty training can be quite a hassle for many, especially if you’ve never had a dog before. But even if you’re an experienced dog owner, with some pups the same traditional approach just might not be it. Whatever the case, you’ve probably made your way to this guide as you’ve heard about potty training sprays and how they could potentially help house train your pup faster. But before we reveal to you our best dog potty training spray choices, let’s learn more about potty training sprays and how they work.  

What Is A Potty Training Spray?

A potty training puppy spray is essentially a pee attractant for dogs. Potty training sprays for dogs and puppies contain a blend of different ingredients that are meant to encourage a dog to go potty in a certain spot. They’re designed to help with house training and prevent a puppy from having accidents around the house or other unsuitable areas, such as your well-groomed lawn or garden patch. A potty training spray for dogs may include pheromones, various herbal blends, or amino acid attractants. 

As you may know, potty training is a long process and it requires a fair bit of patience, consistency, and time. While in most cases a potty training puppy spray isn’t exactly necessary to teach a pooch to use the bathroom, it can be a helpful aid in certain cases. For example, if you’re potty training your puppy indoors with the help of potty pads or if your pup is more timid and anxious when going outside to potty. It could also be beneficial at first when you’re just introducing your pup to house training. 

Some people would also refer to dog deterrent sprays as potty training sprays. They’re not completely off the mark here, as dog deterrent sprays are designed to discourage a dog from going potty to the same spot again. But while pee attractant for dogs is formulated to attract a dog to go potty in a desired spot, dog deterrent sprays are formulated with enzymes and other deodorizing ingredients that break down urine scents. Basically, the end goal of those two sprays is completely the opposite.    

Does Puppy Potty Training Spray Work?

To be fair, whether or not potty training puppy sprays work is up for debate. Some people have found great help from potty training sprays and have managed to house train their pups much faster with these aids. On the other hand, it’s not a magical fix and it won’t house train your dog overnight without any work on your end. You’ve got to follow the exact same steps as if you’re potty training your puppy without the use of potty training sprays. 

At the end of the day, you’ve got to keep in mind that potty training takes time. That’s just how it is. Your puppy will likely need several months to become fully house trained. In some cases, it can even take up to a year. But fortunately, puppies are mostly house trained much earlier than that. Just remember, some accidents here and there may happen. Puppies are technically still babies and they’re just learning how to control their bladder and hold it in for longer. 

Of course, there’s no harm in trying out a potty training spray when teaching your pooch appropriate bathroom manners. As we mentioned, it could be helpful when you have a smaller dog that first learns to go potty indoors on a potty pad. Also, not all dogs respond the same way to a potty training puppy spray. For instance, some dogs seem to be completely immune to them, whereas others respond well to specific sprays and certain ingredients in them. So, it might take a bit of trial and error to find the right approach for your pet. 

But above all, be sure to stay consistent and patient with your pup and pair the spray with the right training techniques, such as the ones we mention in our in-depth potty training guide

Best Potty Training Spray For Dogs

Nature’s Miracle House-Breaking Potty Training Spray

Nature’s Miracle Puppy Potty Training Spray is perfect for both indoor and outdoor house training. The unique and long-lasting formula lasts up to 12 hours and it’s completely safe to use around your pooch and your house. This potty training spray releases natural pheromones that’ll encourage your pup to go potty exactly where you want them to, especially if you’d like to reduce accidents in those less than desired spots around your home and backyard. We also love that the product comes in a convenient spray bottle so that it’s easy and comfortable to use.  

Nature’s Miracle House-Breaking Potty Training Spray

ZorbiPad Dog Potty Training Attractant

ZorbiPad Potty Training Attractant Spray has a similar formulation with natural pheromone attractants and non-toxic amino acids. It’s super easy to use both indoors and outdoors. Simply spray it on a desired potty spot and let your pup do its business. It’s suitable for all breeds and all life stages. So, regardless if you have a young puppy or a full-grown dog, this could be the one that you’ve been looking for. 

ZorbiPad Dog Potty Training Attractant

PoochPad Potty Training Attractant Spray for Dogs & Puppies

PoochPad Potty Training Attractant Spray also has a non-toxic formula that’s safe to use around your pets, children, and around the house. It’s designed to shorten your pup’s housetraining process by attracting them to go potty in a designated spot. You can use it both indoors and outdoors, on potty pads, natural grass, or even fake lawn. 

Potty Training Attractant Spray for Dogs

Bodhi Dog Potty Training Spray

Bodhi Dog Potty Training Spray has a long-lasting and concentrated formula that contains a blend of attractants that encourage your pooch to go potty in the right place. Pups of all ages can benefit from this formula and it’s safe to use around pets and kids, both indoors and outdoors. This spray is made in the USA using locally sourced and sustainable ingredients. Bodhi Dog is a family owned business that’s committed to using animal cruelty-free production, eco-friendly recyclable packaging, and socially responsible practices. 

How To Use Potty Training Puppy Spray?

Using a potty training spray for dogs is fairly simple and straightforward. Here are the steps you should follow when using one:

  • Step 1: Spray the potty training spray from a close distance (about an inch or so) onto the surface you’d like your dog to go potty. Be liberal with the spray so that the surface is thoroughly saturated. We recommend using the same spot every time for the best results. You can also pair indoor potty pads with a designated spot outdoors. 
  • Step 2: Guide your puppy to the area where you sprayed the potty training spray. Let them sniff and inspect the area. 
  • Step 3: Encourage your pup with enthusiastic verbal commands like “potty!” every time so that your dog will learn to associate the command with the action of going potty.
  • Step 4: Once your pup has gone potty in the desired spot, make sure to praise them and reward them with treats for understanding what’s expected of them. This will further help enforce the desired behaviors in your dog.
  • Step 5: Continue using the spray before your dog’s potty breaks, but gradually reduce the frequency over time. The end goal is to wean your dog off from the potty training spray. They should ultimately understand when and where to go potty without the help of them.  

Is Potty Spray Safe For Dogs?

Potty training puppy spray should be safe for most dogs. After all, they’ve been formulated for dogs so they shouldn’t contain any harmful ingredients for our canine pals. Of course, whenever in doubt, be sure to double check the ingredients before purchasing a product. 

In addition to that, you may want to consider your pup’s unique needs. Some dogs are more sensitive than others and some doggos may also suffer from allergies. If that’s the case with your pup, it would be best to stop using that specific potty training spray altogether. You wouldn’t want to make your dog’s allergies and unnecessary suffering even worse by consistently exposing them to allergy triggers. 

Choosing A Potty Training Puppy Spray: FAQs

What Is The Fastest Way To Potty Train A Puppy?

The fastest way to potty train your puppy is to establish a daily routine for your pup that you follow every single day. Consistency is key. This includes your puppy’s potty location, bedtimes, mealtimes, and also potty breaks. Dogs and puppies usually want to go potty after their meals, so having a consistent feeding schedule is greatly going to help house train your dog. But the younger your puppy is, the more potty breaks they’ll need throughout the day. If you’ve got a young puppy, they probably need to use the bathroom first thing in the morning, right after playtime and exercise, about 30 to 60 minutes after their meals, after naps, before and after spending time in a crate or playpen, and right before bedtime at night. See also: How To Potty Train A Puppy: Ultimate Guide With Puppy Potty Training Schedule

What Smell Do Dogs Hate To Poop On?

Common household ingredients like vinegar, citrus (including lemon), lavender, cayenne, and chili are all great dog deterrents that you can use in homemade dog deterrent spray. Commercial dog deterrent sprays are also helpful and they generally contain deodorizing and enzymatic ingredients that help remove poop and urine particles more than regular cleaning products would. In fact, if your dog has gone potty to an area that you don’t want them to use again, a commercial dog deterrent spray is likely going to be your best bet. Usually, dogs like to go potty again in the spot where they can smell even the faintest scent of urine or poop from the previous time. 

What Is The Hardest Dog To Potty Train?

Dog breeds that are known to be stubborn and self-willed can be a bit harder to house train than others. According to some sources, breeds like the Dachshund, Bichon Frise, Pug, Jack Russell Terrier, Pomeranian, and Afghan Hound may take a bit longer to potty train than some other breeds. 

Choosing A Potty Training Puppy Spray: Final Thoughts

With so many new innovations, it’s no surprise that potty training sprays have become the new hot topic amongst dog owners. We all know the dreaded process of house training a puppy. At times, it feels like it takes forever and seems almost impossible to get right! But luckily, all pups will eventually understand where and when to go potty, regardless if it takes a few months or a bit more than that.

But while a potty training spray for dogs might seem like the miracle fix when house training your pooch, we must stress that it only works in combination with proper potty training techniques. Indeed, for some puppies it could speed up the potty training process. However, they don’t work on all dogs and that’s okay too! If you’re up for it, you can always give it a go and see how your dog progresses with the help of it. 

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