Sheepadoodles: The Basics

Learn all about the Old English Sheepdog-Poodle mix.

Sheepadoodles 101: Everything You Need to Know

Learn about generations, sizes, and the colors of Sheepadoodles.

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Sheepadoodle Size Chart

Learn about the growth patterns for each size of Sheepadoodle, which formulas to use, and predict their adult weights with our interactive growth chart/calculator!

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Sheepadoodle Coat Colors and Patterns

Learn all about the various Sheepadoodle coat colors and patterns.

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Sheepadoodle Temperament

Learn more about the Sheepadoodle temperament and personality traits, their pros, cons, and what you should consider before adopting one.

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Sheepadoodle Shedding

Learn whether Sheepadoodles shed, how much, the causes, and how to prevent shedding.

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Find A Sheepadoodle Breeder

Browse our Breeder Directory and find the perfect Sheepadoodle puppy!

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