Walkee Paws for Preventing Leg Snowballs on Doodles_ A Review

In this article, we will be trying out and doing a Walkee Paws review. These are dog leggings that are touted for preventing dirty Doodle legs and feet, and preventing snowballs on the legs, too. So, do they work? Let’s find out…

In case you have never heard of these before, Walkee Paws are apparently the world’s first dog leggings. They are basically dog booties with leg coverage, built in to what I would call adjustable suspenders for a dog.

Walkee Paws Waterproof Dog Boot Leggings

I actually heard about them earlier this year, and most people were pretty ecstatic about them. These people were saying that they are really good for keeping a Doodle’s feet, paws, and legs from getting dirty, wet, or from accumulating snow balls in the winter time.

So I honestly couldn’t wait for winter to arrive so we could finally try them out. Well here we are, and we’ve tried them out!

Let’s check out the video footage of Chloe’s test drives of the Walkee Paws in fresh snow and we’ll give our thoughts after:

YouTube video

So the Walkee Paws come with pretty good fitting instructions.

Regardless, it still took us a few tries to really figure it out and get them fitted properly.

Walkee Paws Review
Walkee Paws Review

Walkee Paws Test Drive: Round 1

So the very first time Chloe went outside with the Walkee Paws on, they literally fell off within 10 seconds.

Walkee Paws Review

As a result, Chloe accumulated some of those notorious snowballs on her legs and feet.

Snowballs on Doodle Legs

The leg snowballs might be fun to look at, but just make sure they are removed as soon as possible, as they could cause splayed paws and frostbite. I’ve always just picked them off with my fingers and then rubbed a towel over her legs, but one of our instagram followers said her dogs go straight into a warm footbath to melt the snow off, which is rather clever!

Anyway, I figured that there was no way that these things could be that useless (despite the fact that I ordered a medium and received a large – #thanksAmazon).

So we made some changes by tightening up the leggings pretty significantly for round 2 of the test drive.

Test Drive Round 2

Round 2 was better. I sent Chloe out to do her business while wearing the leggings.

She came back within 5 minutes and…well…they fell off right as she walked in the door.

However, I was actually really impressed that her legs and feet were snowball-free, and actually pretty much dry!

Test Drive Round 3

I wasn’t quite satisfied with just 5 minutes of successful wearing time so I adjusted the fit of the leggings even more for round 3.

Round 3 was the ultimate test, as Chloe actually ran around joyfully in the snow with them on. They stayed on for at least 5 minutes, until she emerged from her secret garden with one of the legs off.

But at least it wasn’t all four legs, and so it was easy to quickly slip the legging back onto her foot so she could go play some more.

Walkee Paws Review

All in all, they probably stayed on her for about 15-20 minutes (which was about as much time as I wanted to be outside in the cold, anyway).

Once I figured out the correct fit for Chloe, I honestly thought they were really nice to have. They really did keep the leg snowballs away and kept her pretty much dry, too. That meant that I didn’t have to worry about her dripping all over the house or smelling like wet dog for hours.

Walkee Paws Reviews

I would also say that they were indeed easier to put on than regular dog booties. Sometimes her nails would get caught up in the legging fabric as I was putting her feet in, but I would rather deal with that than booties that fall off constantly, and again, the snowballs and general wetness associated with a long coated dog playing in the snow.

Lastly, I would say that if you do get the Walkee Paws, to make sure you order and receive the correct size. Because we got sent a size up, the booties on the leggings were definitely too loose and one of the booties on her hind foot was looking a little floppy at times.

What’s the Verdict?

I think these could definitely be a great accessory for Doods who go out in the rain our snow a lot. I think, when fitted correctly, that these will save you a ton of time when it comes to keeping your Dood’s legs and feet clean during adventures outside.

Have you tried the Walkee Paws? What other similar products would you recommend? Let us know in the comments below!

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