If you’re considering adopting a Maltipoo pup, your head is likely filled with all sorts of questions about this crossbreed. Are Maltipoos smart? Are they easy to train? How to take care of a Maltipoo? How to raise them successfully? In this guide, we’re going to focus on the Maltipoo intelligence and trainability, and discuss some vital things you should consider before adopting one. But before we answer the main question of this article “are Maltipoos smart?“, let’s first talk about this adorable crossbreed.

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What Are Maltipoos?

The Maltipoo is a hybrid cross between the Maltese and Poodle. As the Maltese is such a small-sized breed, they are crossed with either Toy or Miniature Poodles to achieve a fun-sized little Dood. Obviously, the size of the Poodle parent in this mix will affect the size of a Maltipoo. Therefore, if a Miniature Poodle is used in the mix, a litter of Maltipoos will be slightly larger compared to when a Toy Poodle is used as one of the parents. 

There’s probably no point in saying this, but Maltipoos look absolutely adorable with their fluffy coats and floppy ears. And we wouldn’t expect anything less from their personality and temperament, either! 

Maltipoos are such affectionate, loving, and lively little creatures. It literally hurts how cute and precious they are! They love being around people, regardless if it’s just snuggling up with their favorite humans on the couch or meeting new people while out and about – these pups really thrive on social interactions. 

Just like the purebred Maltese parent, Maltipoos are well-known for their gentle and trusting nature, making them excellent family pets. But don’t let this fool you, though! Maltipoos are also super playful and vigorous, keeping up with their Poodle and Maltese parents. 

The exciting part about Maltipoos is that we can never know for sure how these pups may turn out! They may take after the Poodle parent or inherit the majority of their traits from the Maltese side of their lineage. It all comes down to each puppy’s genetics and how they were bred. 

Of course, we cannot forget that Maltipoos are praised for their low-shedding and hypoallergenic coats. In fact, both the Poodle and Maltese are single-coated dogs, which means that the Maltipoo also sheds very minimally, if any at all. 

Are Maltipoos Smart?

So, by now you’re probably eagerly waiting to ask – are Maltipoos smart? Well, you’ll be glad to learn that Maltipoos are considered highly intelligent dogs! And it’s all thanks to their genetics.

Both the Maltese and Poodle are highly intelligent breeds. In fact, many sources claim the Poodle to be the world’s second smartest dog breed. That’s rather impressive, we must say! Since Poodles were first bred to create highly intelligent and athletic water game hunters, these genetics have certainly passed on throughout the generations. But it’s not just that, as Poodles are also super eager to please their humans, making the whole training process a whole lot easier. Today, Poodles also make excellent service dogs, guide dogs, assistance dogs, and therapy dogs. 

Similarly, the Maltese is also an intelligent breed that often gets a bad rap due to their small size and insanely adorable looks. Although they may not be as smart as the Poodle (only the Border Collie beats the Poodle in this ranking), they actually are blessed with the smarts. Similarly to the Poodle, they’re also eager to please, which means that it’s not that difficult to train them, either. And even though the Maltese may be a bit stubborn from time to time, they generally respond extremely well to positive reinforcement training methods. 

So, are Maltipoos smart? We must say, yes, Maltipoos are intelligent and smart little pups. After all, at least half of their genetics come from the highly intelligent Poodle! And the other half or less comes from the Maltese who’s known to be quite smart as well (although a bit headstrong at times). 

Should I Get A Maltipoo?

Whether or not you should adopt a Maltipoo depends on quite a few different factors. The question “are Maltipoos smart?” is just one part of the whole equation. You should also consider your lifestyle and family dynamics, and how much time and energy you’d be willing to spend on grooming, training, and other daily activities with your pup. 

If you’re seriously considering adopting a Maltipoo puppy, it’s vital that you have all the facts. And what better way to make your decision than considering the pros and cons of owning a Maltipoo? Let’s first have a look at the positives of adopting and owning a Maltipoo pup, and later on we’ll discuss some downsides that you should take into account as well. After all, knowledge is power, and making an informed decision is the only way to go. 

Pros Of Maltipoos

Maltipoos Have Wonderful Temperaments

As we discussed earlier, Maltipoos have excellent temperaments, making them wonderful pets for almost anyone. They’re affectionate, sweet, gentle, but also lively and playful. The perfect balance! 

Maltipoos are extremely people oriented and outgoing little dogs. They love spending time with their families, regardless if there’s just one human parent or many. In addition to that, they also tend to get along well with children and other pets. Not to mention, your lil’ Dood will absolutely love meeting new people and pet-friends while you two are out for a walk or playing at your local dog park. 

Just like their Maltese parents, Maltipoos are gentle and sweet with anyone they meet. But from the Poodle’s side of the lineage, they inherit their extremely loyal nature. In fact, Maltipoos generally bond very well with their human parents, so you’ll have a loyal companion by your side for many, many years to come.

What’s more, they also tend to be just as energetic as the Poodle, which means that the Maltipoo won’t be just a lapdog – they’ll love to do all sorts of fun activities with you, too. Walkies and playtime are their favorite pastime activity! 

Maltipoos Are Intelligent

We already answered your question “are Maltipoos smart?”, but let’s elaborate a bit. What makes Maltipoos so special is that not only are they intelligent and eager to please, they also tend to learn from people closest to them and even understand their emotions quite well. This makes an excellent combination of traits, making your life and your pup’s life that much easier. Need to train them? Not an issue! As long as you stay consistent and can handle the much dreaded adolescence, a.k.a teenage period, you’ll both be set up for success.

Similarly to other canines, Maltipoos respond very well to positive reinforcement training, especially when they can expect praise and treats after finishing a task or behaving as you expect them to. Needless to say, you should never punish or scold your pup if they do misbehave – things happen! Just be patient and consistent, and you’ll notice how quickly your little Maltipoo can understand what’s expected of them. 

All that being said, Maltipoos also make great therapy and emotional support dogs. Thanks to their loving nature, they make such amazing little companions for people who suffer from PTSD or other conditions. And because of their hypoallergenic qualities, they make excellent therapy and emotional support dogs even for people who suffer from allergies. With a Maltipoo by your side, you’ll always be loved and cared for, as they only have eyes for you. 

Small Size = Great For Apartments

Their small size certainly makes Maltipoos that much more adorable. They’re like tiny, tiny little teddy bears! But the added bonus of their small size is that Maltipoos can very well thrive in smaller houses and apartments. It’s definitely not an issue if your home isn’t the most spacious one or if you don’t have a fenced backyard (although they’d definitely love it!). 

In contrast, some larger Doods like Standard Labradoodles, Goldendoodles, or Bernedoodles aren’t fit for apartment-dwellers. That’s simply because of their large size, they won’t be able to comfortably move around without knocking things over. However, regardless if you’ve got a Toy or Mini Maltipoo, both of them are such small dogs that they won’t need a huge house to live a comfortable, happy life.

Moreover, as Maltipoos are so tiny, they’ll gladly spend the majority of their down time snuggled up on your lap. As long as you have a comfy couch, your Maltipoo will surely make its way onto your lap. 

Having said that, this doesn’t mean that Maltipoos don’t need their daily exercise. It’s rather the opposite. Just like any other breed of dog, these pups need their daily walkies and playtime. In addition to that, daily mental stimulation is an absolute must to prevent boredom and destructive behaviors. They need to put their high levels of intelligence to good use, after all! 

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Maltipoos Often Struggle With Separation Anxiety

Although one of the best things about Maltipoos is their affectionate and sweet nature, it also comes with a downside – separation anxiety. These pups absolutely thrive on human interactions and they love nothing more than to spend time with their humans, at all times. But, this also means that they don’t do well when having to spend the majority of the day at home alone. For this reason, Maltipoos are best suited for people who don’t have to go to the office five days a week for 8 to 9 hours at a time. 

The winning combination with these Doods would be to train them to enjoy spending time alone, but also providing them that much-needed human time. If you do have to go to the office five days a week, one option would be to hire a dog walker for some days or take your pup with you to the office (if possible). Even better, if there are more adults in your household, it would be great if you could have one person staying at home with the pup. Why not come up with a schedule? 

Nonetheless, desensitizing your pup to spending time alone is crucial. After all, you won’t be able to be there with your pup all the time. In severe cases of separation anxiety, some dogs may even get so distraught by the idea of you going to the store. Even though you’ll be back soon, they just can’t stand the fact that you’re leaving them. For this reason, you should teach your puppy to enjoy spending time alone from an early age. The sooner you start, the better! 

A Tip!

Our guide on separation anxiety has many excellent tips on how to deal with this issue. However, if we also recommend you check out the Online Puppy School by Baxter & Bella. They have a huge library of resources, tutorial videos, articles, even checklists to help you tackle the most common issues that dogs may encounter, including separation anxiety. With a one-time subscription fee, you’ll get a lifetime membership to their program. And what’s even better is that you can follow all of their lessons at your own pace, from the comfort of your own home. This will help you raise your Maltipoo into a well-rounded and confident pup, and provide you all the tools you need to become the best dog parent you can possibly be. 

Maltipoos Can Be Vocal

You may not know it, but Maltipoos are known to be a bit vocal from time to time. Their yappiness usually stems from their excitement of meeting new people or encountering strangers. In fact, some would say that Maltipoos make excellent watchdogs due to their tendency to bark when someone’s lurking behind the door. 

Although cute to look at, excessive barking can become an issue if not dealt with. After all, you wouldn’t want your dog to pick up undesired behaviors and let them become an issue over time. Moreover, if you live in an apartment building, excessive barking can cause problems with your neighbors. 

Early training and socialization can go a long way, and the sooner you teach your pup good manners, the easier it will be to cement them. Again, if you feel like you need some extra help in this area, Baxter & Bella has some excellent resources on this issue on their Online Puppy School

Maltipoos Are High-Maintenance

We cannot lie, Maltipoos are known to be high-maintenance dogs when it comes to their grooming requirements. That’s something that every future Maltipoo owner has to take into consideration! If you’re not willing to dedicate time to brush your pup and have their hair trimmed regularly, then the Maltipoo just won’t be a good fit for you.

In terms of their grooming requirements, we recommend that Maltipoos are brushed daily. That’s the best, most effective way to prevent matting, especially if you’ve got a curly-haired pup. Their hair can easily trap in dirt and debris, but also loose dog hair, which means that knots and tangles are easy to form. We’ve even created an in-depth guide helping you choose the best brush for your Maltipoo

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In addition to that, these pups also need to have their hair trimmed around every 4 to 8 weeks. You can either have it done by a professional groomer, or groom your Maltipoo at home yourself. Of course, you’ll need to learn the know-how and invest in some high-quality grooming tools. But, you’ll save a lot of money in the long run by grooming your Maltipoo at home. 

Maltipoos Are Expensive To Adopt

Finally, we cannot forget the financial aspect of adopting a Maltipoo. Like other hybrid breeds and Poodle mixes, Maltipoos aren’t the cheapest pups to adopt. In fact, they’re usually more expensive than their purebred parents. 

If you decide to adopt from a breeder, you should do extensive research beforehand to make sure that the breeder follows responsible breeding guidelines and operates their program in an ethical way. For instance, ethical Maltipoo breeders always conduct health and genetic testing on their breeding dogs to ensure that they don’t carry any hereditary conditions that could potentially be passed onto the offspring. 

Furthermore, ethical Doodle breeders are educated on all things related to prenatal care, training, socialization, diet, and countless other topics. Of course, all of this will reflect in the high price of these precious dogs. 

In the US, you can expect to pay anywhere from 1,500 and even up to 5,000 for a Maltipoo puppy, depending on your location, but also the breeder’s experience, reputation, and demand. We also recommend you educate yourself on how to avoid puppy mills, backyard breeders, and Doodle scammers

How To Train A Maltipoo?

The key to training a Maltipoo is to start as early as possible. Ideally, from the moment you bring your new pup home. Fortunately, reputable breeders generally start introducing their puppies to potty training, crate training, and early socialization way before adoption. However, it your responsibility to continue with the process and stay consistent throughout.

One of the best ways to do that is by establishing a daily schedule with all of your pup’s mealtimes, bathroom breaks, and a nighttime routine. Dogs thrive on routines and schedules, and this will make your life that much easier, too!

Some of the most important things you should spend time on include potty training, crate training, obedience training, and socialization. In fact, as Maltipoos are such outgoing dogs, teaching them how to interact with other people and pets is vital for them to grow into confident and well-rounded adults. What’s more, crate training is an excellent way to teach your puppy that spending time alone can be enjoyable – this will greatly minimize the risk of your pup developing separation anxiety later on. 

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For more in-depth information about how to successfully train a Maltipoo, as well as how to tackle some of the most common issues that Maltipoos struggle with, we strongly recommend you read our full Maltipoo training guide. (article not published yet)

Are Maltipoos Smart? Frequently Asked Questions

Are Maltipoos A Good First Dog?

If you’re a novice dog owner, a Maltipoo will make an excellent choice as your very first dog. They’re intelligent, eager to please, and respond extremely well to positive reinforcement training. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that they may inherit a stubborn streak from both their Poodle and Maltese parents. But, as long as you stay consistent and patient with the training, it shouldn’t be much of an issue. 

Are Maltipoos As Smart As Poodles?

Indeed, Maltipoos greatly benefit from their Poodle heritage. After all, the Poodle is the world’s second smartest dog breed! And although the Maltese isn’t considered as intelligent as the Poodle, they’re definitely not dumb, either. All in all, Maltipoos are generally highly intelligent and eager to please, which makes for a winning combination when training these little Doods. 

Do Maltipoos Get Attached To One Person?

Indeed, Maltipoos usually bond extremely well with their owners. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll only choose one person from the household. Rather, they develop a strong bond to those closest to them. Still, it’s not uncommon for them to choose their absolute favorite person.

What Is The Lifespan Of A Maltipoo?

The average lifespan of a Maltipoo is about 10 to 15 years. However, thanks to their small size, we can usually expect these pups to fall on the higher end of the scale. 

What Kind Of Problems Do Maltipoos Have?

Maltipoos can be quite sensitive to changes in their usual routine or even the household. For instance, if there’s a death in the family or a divorce. In addition to that, Maltipoos are also prone to separation anxiety, so leaving them alone for long periods of time is a big no-no. 

Are Maltipoos Smart? Final Thoughts

We hope this article managed to answer your question “are Maltipoos smart?” and help you gain a better understanding of their intelligence and trainability. By knowing what to expect and understanding all of the pros and cons that come with Maltipoo ownership, you’ll be able to make an informed decision before committing the next 10 to 15 years to this precious Dood. And if you’ve decided that the Maltipoo is the right pup for you, we can absolutely guarantee that you’ll have the best time with this amazing dog by your side. 

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