These days more and more things have moved from in-person to online. Dog training is no different! Baxter and Bella is an online puppy school that offers virtual training lessons for your fur baby. But, is it right for you? Learn what Baxter and Bella offers, and if this online school is right for your Dood.

When it comes to training your dog, there are so many options to choose from. For a new dog owner, the idea of training can quickly become overwhelming. Where do you even begin?

This Baxter and Bella review takes a deep dive into their online puppy school and training program. Give this review a read to see if it sounds like a good fit for your Doodle, situation, and budget.

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Why You Should Train Your Dog

No one should ever skimp out on training, especially for a Doodle. In fact, I highly recommend you start training ASAP. The younger the pup, the better!

Of course, the biggest aspect of training is avoiding or getting rid of any unwanted behaviors. This can include barking, jumping up, nipping and biting, running away, accidents in the house, and more. A well-trained dog will not cause mayhem!

Training not only acts as physical activity for your pup, but mental stimulation as well. To tire out a puppy, you have to get both their brain and feet active. Plus, a snoozing pup is an easy pup to take care of at the end of the day.

Safety is another big one. Being able to control your dog in potentially dangerous situations will keep them safe from harm. This can include interactions with other dogs, street traffic, ingesting potentially dangerous items, and more. Safety also includes protecting humans who may be frightened of dogs. Or, little ones who may be inadvertently hurt by an untrained dog.

Training is just as much for the person as it is for the dog. For beginners, it’s difficult to know how much you need to cover and many people underestimate the effort it requires. Not only do you need time and patience, but it requires serious research and implementing a consistent training routine. In the end, many people don’t know where to start.

This is where the Baxter and Bella training program comes in! It is designed for beginner dog trainers and lays all the steps out perfectly for owners – training you, so that you can train your Doodle!

What is Baxter and Bella?

So, what exactly is Baxter and Bella? It’s an online puppy school helping dog owners globally get the support and resources they need to train their puppies.

The biggest plus of Baxter and Bella is that you can do it entirely from home. This means no commuting to expensive puppy schools or trying to find a high-end Doodle trainer in your area. This is super important for any folks who live in rural areas but still want high-end training. You can have access to everything you need right from your own laptop or phone.

Being able to train your dog yourself is such a rewarding experience. It connects you and your dog directly, being able to control their commands and learn from each other. Rather than sending your dog away for training or watching someone else do it, you’ll bond directly with your dog. This certainly helps in creating that lifelong connection!

Baxter and Bella training is also great for anxious pups who don’t like car rides or socializing with other dogs. Your dog can learn directly in their own environment and the whole family can get involved in the training.

The whole curriculum is available online so you can go at your own pace. After all, not everyone’s schedules always align for scheduled training. In addition to the online curriculum, you will also have access to professional trainers for one-on-one virtual sessions. How cool is that?

An experienced owner will foster an amazing and trusting relationship with their dog. Baxter and Bella can help you become the owner you always dreamed of being!

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Online Puppy School and Your Doodle

Any new Doodle owners will tell you how short their puppy’s attention span is. One moment they are enjoying a toy, then they are nibbling at your shirt sleeve. And then the next moment they are fast asleep in their doggy bed. This means it is important to keep training sessions short.

The problem with in-person puppy school is the sessions are often 45 minutes to an hour long. By the end, your puppy is no longer focused on training. They instead want to hang out with the puppy to the right, left, and across the room. A major plus of online school is being able to break up these sessions into smaller increments.

Most formal training also doesn’t begin until the puppy is anywhere from 46 months old. This means you can be dealing with a rambunctious and untrained puppy for at least a couple of months. Getting them started on their training in the meantime is ideal. Doodles are incredibly smart breeds so they are more likely to pick things up at a younger age.

If you can start on training earlier by working with your puppy at home, you’ll be ahead of the game. Consistency and routine are essential for training, so the sooner you set that up the better. That way the dog doesn’t have to unlearn any bad behaviors that they picked up before their training “officially” began.

One thing to note about online schooling is that it misses socialization. Hanging out and learning to be with other dogs is essential for a puppy. If you choose to do only online training, be sure to schedule socialization with other dogs.

What’s Included in Baxter and Bella Training?

What’s not included may be the better question, honestly. The first thing to know is that signing up gives you lifetime access. This is huge! 

baxter and bella

After all, many dogs need training for years as they get older, and their behaviors, environment, or lifestyle change. You will always have access and assistance from professional trainers whenever you need it during your dog’s life.

There’s a ton to unpack here. So, let’s break down what you can expect in the Baxter and Bella online puppy school.

Training Program

When it comes to obedience training, there is a lot of ground to cover. With the online curriculum, you will get access to over 75 lessons and hundreds of how-to videos. Here are some of the topics you can expect step-by-step guidance on:

  • Properly setting up your home for your dog.
  • Housetraining a puppy.
  • Being a pet parent.
  • Basic manners and obedience.
  • Socializing your puppy.
  • Communicating with your dog.
  • Getting your dog to listen and respond to you.
  • Teaching puppy patience and how to be calm.
  • Preventing bad habits such as barking, chewing, and jumping.

Keeping track of everything can also be a pain. Luckily Baxter and Bella also provide a ton of charts and checklists you can print off. This makes sure your dog is where they should be in their training process.

It should be noted that this isn’t just for puppies – there are also a ton of resources for older dogs. These are ideal if you are starting training late or are welcoming an older dog into your life.

In-Person and Live Training

Not all puppies and dogs are the same, and Baxter and Bella understands that. For most online schools, or group puppy classes, the drawback is not getting one-on-one attention for you and your puppy. While one-on-one training with a professional trainer in person is effective, it can also get pretty pricey. It doesn’t work for everyone’s budgets.

This is why Baxter and Bella’s training program is so unique. You actually get to work with real people to get advice catered to you and your Doodle. You get direct assistance, unlimited, for life, for the price of a membership. Isn’t that amazing?

Here is what you can expect from their in-person and live training:

  • One-on-one video sessions with professional trainers.
  • One-on-one phone calls with the Baxter and Bella team.
  • Weekly group Q&A events (Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays).
  • Training classes for all doggy age groups.
  • Courses including:
    • puppy course (6-weeks)
    • games and activities course (6-weeks)
    • 6-week intermediate course (6-weeks)
    • AKC canine good citizen prep course (6-weeks)

Additionally, Doodle Doods has collaborated with Baxter and Bella by instructing Upkeep Grooming At Home for Doodles, a 1-hour long course which can be accessed any time for Baxter and Bella members!

Remember, you can get as many of these in-person and live training events as you want. They all come unlimited with your membership.

Membership Fees

Baxter and Bella don’t care about borders! You can access their training program globally. Here is what you can expect to pay:

  • $238.00 in the US
  • $297.38 in Canada
  • $304.87 in Australia
  • $329.64 in New Zealand
  • €197.18 in the European Union
  • £169.95 in Great Britain
  • CHF217.66 in Switzerland 

As if they couldn’t get any sweeter, they also donate a portion of their membership sales to Good Dog! Service Canines. It’s a non-profit that helps provide service dogs to families and children.

These membership fees are current as of January 2024 and are subject to change at Baxter and Bella’s discretion.

Need help with training?

Use our discount code: DOODLEDOODS at checkout for an instant 25% off of BAXTER & BELLA, The Online Puppy School – an incredible value on their lifetime membership!

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The Sign-Up Process

When you sign up for Baxter and Bella, you will receive a Lifetime Unlimited Membership. This means you will forever and always have access to these training and community resources.

To sign up, first select your currency and add your training to the cart. Upon payment, you can create your username and login to access the members-only section of the website.

There you will get instant access to the online program including:

  • Training videos 
  • Print-outs
  • Step-by-step training modules
  • Lesson archives
  • And more!

You can also book an appointment for the one-on-one training online. This training will take place as a video conference call between you, your pup, and one of the experienced trainers.

Aside from curriculum and private sessions, office hours with trainers to help you set up your own schedule are included. You’ll also find live Q&As and live courses that can be viewed through the members-only site.

More Free Training Resources

The Puppy Training Podcast

Sometimes bite-sized info is what’s best, so everyone loves a good podcast these days. Baxter and Bella’s The Puppy Training Podcast is a great resource for any dog owner. The podcast is hosted by owner and puppy professional, Amy Jensen.

Every week she covers a new topic and shares tips you can use to train your dog at home. As with the puppy school, her philosophy uses love and learning to train your dog into your best friend. Subscribe to the podcast for the latest updates and so you can listen and learn on the go!

Baxter and Bella Blog

You can find a whole wealth of knowledge for free over on Baxter and Bella’s blog. They cover topics ranging from dealing with sensitive doggy stomachs to whether or not you should consider pet insurance.

Overall, there are a ton of topics that are beneficial to all dog breeds and ages on their website. To get the latest updates on how to train your puppy, make sure to subscribe to their newsletter.

Pick Your Puppy and Survival Guide

How To Pick Your Puppy Guide is a great place for potential owners to start. Just like picking a car or a home, choosing the right puppy for your lifestyle takes some consideration. There are some things you should look out for that Baxter and Bella have outlined in this free guide.

Another resource, Puppy Parent Survival Guide is made for those first few weeks with your puppy. The guide covers some of the most important information every new owner should know for their new pet.

Is Baxter and Bella Worth It?

As you can tell, this Baxter and Bella review is a positive one! We think Baxter and Bella is a fantastic resource for any new Doodle owners.

Whether you’re looking for online training or want to do all your training completely yourself, Baxter and Bella is a win. They will provide you with everything you need for successful Doodle training…except for maybe the treats, that is!

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