Selecting the best brush for Cavapoo can be a daunting task – there are just so many different types to choose from. Luckily for you, we’ve done all the legwork, reading through hundreds of owner and groomer reviews. So all you have to do is simply sit back and soak up all the knowledge in this article.

Cavapoos are an adorable cross between the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Miniature or Toy Poodle. These increasingly popular little Doodles are effortless to train and care for; however, their coats can be a little on the high maintenance side. Regular brushing is essential to prevent tangles.

While frequent grooming can feel like a bit of a drag, a high-quality brush specifically designed for your dog’s coat type can really make a difference. Not only can it help to make the whole process quicker and easier, but it can also even make it more enjoyable for both you and your Doodle Dood.

Our Top 2 Brushes (and a Comb) Doodle Parents Swear By

In a hurry? No worries… Here are our top picks and links to where you can get hold of them. If you’ve got time to spare, scroll down to see detailed reviews of each of the products.

  • Pick #1:

    Chris Christensen Big G Slicker Brush. Available in three sizes to suit every dog, the Big G slicker features longer than standard pins, a cushioned pad, and an ergonomic handle with rubber coating.

  • Pick #2:

    Chris Christensen Pin Brush. High-quality and versatile, the classic pin brush comes in an array of shapes and sizes and even has varying pin lengths to suit medium through to long-coated canines.

  • Pick #3:

    Andis Pet Steel Comb. Ideal for fluffing, finishing, and dealing with knots in hard-to-reach places, Andisโ€™ Comb is tough, lightweight, and available in two handy sizes.

Cavapoo Coat Types: A Quick Overview

Cavapoos can either inherit the Poodle’s curly coat, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel’s long, straight double coat, or a wavy blend of the two. You may not know which one your pup will end up with until they have shed their puppy fur somewhere between the ages of six and eight months old.

While non-shedding, woolen Poodle hair is often the ultimate Doodle-owner goal, many people don’t know that it can be even more challenging to care for than the dreaded double coat. Anyone who’s ever had to deal with curly hair knows just how quickly knots and tangles accumulate. They can be super tough to remove without painful pulling.

Cavapoo with curly coat
Cavapoo with curly coat.

On the other side of the equation is the straight Cavalier King Charles Spaniel coat. While their soft, shiny, beautifully long flowing hair may look effortless to care for โ€“ it has hidden depths, namely the shorter, denser layer of fur often found all about the house. Frequent grooming with the right kind of brush removes this hair before it has a chance to make your life a misery.

Cavapoo with straight coat
Cavapoo with straight coat.

Finally, the wavy fleece coat is a combination of both of the above. This one is by far the easiest to deal with of the three. While it is prone to both tangle and shed, this will usually occur to a much lesser degree than with the curly or straight coat types. However, this does mean that you will need a brush capable of dealing with both issues.

Cavapoo size
Cavapoo with a wavy fleece coat.

There are oodles of different brushes out there for dogs, designed for just about every kind of pet coat you could imagine. For us, the best Doodle brushes are the slicker and the pin, but you should also invest in a quality comb. Let us explain why.

Slicker Brushes

These brushes are probably the most popular type for canines as they are great all-rounders. They come in many shapes and sizes, although the best ones are usually rectangular and allow you to cover more ground with every stroke. Slicker brushes tend to have densely packed, slightly bent pins perfect for seeking out and dealing with knots in curlier coats and lifting away dead hair and dirt.

Pin Brushes

Another great choice, pin brushes, like slickers, are highly versatile. Often oblong in shape, these brushes have fewer pins, but they tend to be a little longer for dealing with thick, lustrous hair right down to the roots. They are also particularly effective at distributing health-promoting oils throughout your dog’s coat. A good rule of thumb is to have more pins for shorter coats and fewer for longer ones.


No grooming kit would be complete without a sturdy steel-toothed comb. These have a multitude of uses โ€“ everything from removing fleas and ticks to dealing with super-tough matting and tidying long hair around the face and legs. Look for one that has varying space between the teeth – either on each side or at either end – and you will have a single, simple tool that can deal with every kind of canine coat issue under the sun.

Dog Brushes: Buyer’s Guide

Once you have decided between the slicker and the pin and have been persuaded to throw in a comb, too, there are a few other things to consider.

Effective Design

In looking for a brush that will make the whole grooming process as pain-free as possible, opt for something that gives you good control, allows you to cover large areas in one go, and is easy to grip and hold for long periods. Pins are also key. They need to be long enough to reach through your pet’s coat with ease, and dense enough to effectively deal with knots, loose hair, and dander. 

Sturdy Construction

Often brushes that claim to have all the bells and whistles and look great fall on the first hurdle by losing pins or coming apart at the handle when subjected to a thick coat or a little matting. Opt for a sturdy brush with as few joins as possible made from high-quality materials, and it will last you much longer than any cheaper, less finely constructed ones.

Safety Features

Another common problem with canine brushes is that the prongs or pins aren’t smooth enough to move through your dog’s coat without painful pulling, or they have pointed edges that can damage their skin. Grounded, polished, or rounded tips on teeth and pins are an absolute must. Always test the brush on the soft underside of your arm before taking it anywhere near your pet. 

Best Brushes for Cavapoos: Reviews

Best for Curly and Wavy Coats

Chris Christensen is a big brand in professional dog grooming. They are known for their excellent quality products that last and last. The Big G Slicker is no exception. This super brush, which is specifically recommended by groomers for Doodle coats, combines all the best features of a canine brush in one.

Chris Christensen Big G “Coral” Slicker Brush

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Note: Some Amazon customers question whether their Chris Christensen product is genuine; we highly recommend purchasing Chris Christensen products from authorized retailers such as Cherrybrook.

Find the Best Deal:


The dense, long pins are great for reaching into the depths of your pup’s coat, and their unique bend design means they pick up even more hairs than a regular slicker. These are set into a flexible cushion that means they are gentle on your dog’s skin even while combating tough mats and tangles. In terms of usability, the extreme curved back and long flexed handle allow for better grip, control, and comfort.

Reviewers are effusive in their praise for this ‘amazing brush’ that they comment has saved them a great deal of both time and effort on grooming their Doodles. While many mention that they were hesitant at first because of the hefty price tag, they concede that it has been a good investment and is absolutely worth every cent.


This excellent brush is incredibly comfortable to use and cuts right through knots with ease.


It is a little on the pricey side, but you certainly get what you pay for.

Best for Straight and Wavy Coats

While slickers have their place, if your pet’s hair is particularly long or fine (if they lean more to the Spaniel than the Poodle), then CC’s Pin Brush is probably a better choice for you. These original type brushes are where the Chris Christensen brand began, and they are still one of the most popular canine ones around.

Chris Christensen Pin Brush

Save 10% on all Cherrybrook purchases with code: REFERRAL10. You're welcome ๐Ÿ™‚

Note: Some Amazon customers question whether their Chris Christensen product is genuine; we highly recommend purchasing Chris Christensen products from authorized retailers such as Cherrybrook.

Find the Best Deal:


Durable, long-lasting, and lightweight, this perfectly designed brush will glide through your pet’s coat with ease. The stainless-steel pins are sturdy and both ground and polished to protect against scratches and irritation. The brush pad provides excellent flexibility for maneuvering around all areas, and the beechwood construction reduces hand fatigue.

Again, some reviewers were initially put off by the price tag but were thrilled with how this gentle brush turned their previously nervous Doodle into a dog that simply loves to be groomed. It seems to be particularly beneficial for those that have a double coat as it gets down and deep, reaching all the way through without dropping pins all over the place.


This super brush is effective at getting through tangles yet kind to your pup’s skin.


If your Cavapoo’s coat is ultra-prone to tangles, this might not be the best brush for you.

Best for All Coats

Simple, affordable, and incredibly handy to have around, Andis Pet Comb is the ultimate tool for a great-looking coat. The same comb features both wide and narrow spaced teeth. The former is perfect for dealing with knots while the latter can remove loose hair and dirt. Combs are great for use on sensitive areas such as around the face and legs, and are also perfect for creating a fluffy, finished appearance.

Andis Metal Comb

Find the Best Deal:


The stainless-steel construction of the comb not only means that it is resilient and lightweight, but it also means it’s sure to last just as long as you need it to. The teeth are about an inch and a half long, making thorough brushing effortless, and they are also rounded for a safe yet effective groom.

Owners state that this comb works wonders on even the curliest of Doodle coats as long as you start at the ends and work your way down. One talks about how this comb quickly transforms their dog into a ‘well-groomed floof ball,’ and the simple design means it’s not at all scary or intimidating for sensitive pups.   


Quality construction at a great price, this comb is a great find – there’s no doubt about that.


The lack of a handle could cause problems for some. However, as you will only be using this comb in short bursts, it shouldn’t really be too much of a problem.

Artero Universal Slicker Brush

This lower-cost slicker brush alternative may not have the Big G’s longevity, but it will still serve you very well nevertheless. It has a similar curved head and long handle that makes it that much easier to give your dog a thorough brush right down to the skin. Reviewers are amazed at just how effective this slicker is at penetrating their pet’s coat and releasing even tough mats and tangles.

Artero Universal Slicker Brush

Find the Best Deal:


Andis Premium Pin Brush

With its excellent construction and soft-handled grip, Andis Premium Pin Brush offers professional-level quality at the same kind of low, low price as their great comb. The large pins move comfortably through the thickest of coats releasing knots and loose hair and stimulating hair and skin follicles for a shiny, healthy coat and a shiny, healthy dog. Pet parents are impressed with what they get in this brush.

Andis Premium Pin Brush

Find the Best Deal:


Tips for Grooming Your Cavapoo

The more you attend to your pup’s coat, the easier it will be to manage. If you’re willing and able to give them a quick going over every other day or so, you’ll undoubtedly see the benefits in the form of healthy-looking, tangle-free hair. Having a clear routine will likely also help your dog get accustomed to being groomed, making it a much easier process for the both of you.

Once a week, you should aim to give your dog a more thorough brush, paying close attention to around the ears and tail and other places where knots tend to accumulate. Keep in mind that Cavas, like their Spaniel parent, can get tangles inside their ears, too.

Start at the bottom and work your way up your petโ€™s body, separating the hair into small sections as you go to ensure the brush goes right the way through. This is especially important if your dog has a double-layered coat. Use firm but gentle strokes on their back and sides and be especially careful around their belly and legs.

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At this time, you can also check your pup’s skin for any signs of injury or irritation, their nails to ensure they are not too long, and their eyes, nose, and rear end for any symptoms of illness or infection. Once you are confident all the knots are gone, give them a quick comb for that just-home-from-the-groomers look. 

Caring for a Cavapoo: Frequently Asked Questions

How often should a Cavapoo be groomed?

You will need to give your Cavapoo a quick brush through every two to three days to remove dirt and trapped hair, and a thorough going over at least once a week to tease out any tangles that may have formed. If you don’t keep to this schedule your dog’s hair could get matted and may need to be shaved.

Can you over-brush a Cavapoo?

You can’t really overbrush any dog unless you’re using poor-quality tools that pull at their hair or scratch their skin. If your pup gets agitated during brushing, give them a little time out and maybe a quick and tasty treat to get them back in a good mood before beginning again. You may also want to carefully check your brush for sharp, painful edges.

How can you prevent matting?

The only sure-fire way to prevent matting is to brush your pet as often as you can. This is particularly the case if their coat is on the curly side as knots can quickly build. Longer, straighter hair is less likely to tangle, but it can happen here, too – especially around the ears and armpits.

Cavapoos are sweet dogs and excellent pets, but often people don’t appreciate the time and effort that goes into caring for a Doodle coat. Buying a good brush can go a long way towards reducing the headache (not to mention the wrist-ache) or if all. Purchase any of our top picks, and you won’t be sorry โ€“ happy brushing!

What brush do you use on your Cavapoo? Let us know in the comments below!

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