In this guide, you’ll learn how to choose the best brush for a Double Doodle. After all, Poodle mixes are one of those dogs that need their routine beauty treatments and grooming sessions, their most important grooming tool being a brush. And if you’ve got a Doodle-Doodle mix, all the more reason to take good care of your pooch! What’s more, we’ll also share with you step-by-step guidelines, tips, and tricks on how to groom your Double Doodle and prevent matted hair. So, get ready to flaunt the fanciest pup on the block. By the end of this article, you’ll have it all figured out! 

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Doodles have been all the rave in recent years, and the next up and coming hybrid cross is the Double Doodle – a mix of two different Doodle breeds! There’s never too much of a good thing, and the Double Doodle is a testament to that. 

A few years back, the Goldendoodle-Labradoodle mix was referred to as the OG Double Doodle. These lovely pals are also known as Golden Labradoodles. But with the growing popularity of all Poodle mixes, there are almost endless varieties of the Double Doodle possible to create. 

Other Double Doodles include the Swiss Doodle (Aussiedoodle-Bernedoodle mix), Golden Mountain Doodle (Goldendoodle-Bernedoodle mix), or the Australian Double Doodle (Aussiedoodle-Labradoodle mix). 

Assumably, you’re already familiar with ‘regular’ Doodles. There’s not a huge difference between Doodles and Double Doodles, other than the fact that Doodles have two purebred parents, and Double Doodles have three purebreds in their lineage. Even their grooming requirements are pretty much the same, depending on your dog’s coat type. 

Speaking of which, one of the most important steps in any Doodle’s or Double Doodle’s maintenance routine is brushing. Indeed, brushing is the one-size-fits-all solution to prevent matting and minimize shedding. But which dog brush should you choose for your Double Doodle? Here are our top picks for Double Doods:

Slicker Brush

A slicker brush is a type of dog brush that has a wide paddle with an ergonomic handle placement. These types of dog grooming brushes are designed to tackle multiple issues at once. A slicker brush is great for detangling large areas of fur. It’s also excellent for deshedding the coat, and the handle placement should reduce arm fatigue in the meantime. That’s especially beneficial for large Doodle owners, as grooming sessions can take a while! 

Chris Christensen big g slicker brush comparison pics

Slicker brushes are usually the most preferred option when working with very high-maintenance coats that are dense, thick, and textured. These types of coats are the most prone to matting, as their hair can very easily become tangled. And not just any dog brush can handle this type of coat. 

There’s also quite a lot of variety on the market. Slicker brushes come in all shapes and sizes, so you can choose one according to your dog’s size and age. You’ll also notice that slicker brushes may have different lengths of pins and the materials used in the construction can also vary. 

Pin Brush

Another great choice for Double Doodles is a pin brush. Pin brushes resemble those usual hair brushes and dog grooming brushes. This type of brush is probably familiar to all of us. Pin brushes have that more traditional handle placement as you’d see on any hair brush, and they most often come with an oval-shaped paddle. Again, there’s a wide array of different pin brushes that you can purchase, varying in size and materials used as well as different pin lengths and pin densities. 

chris pin brush
Chris Christensen Oval Pin Brush

An important thing to remember with pin brushes is that not all Double Doodles would benefit from this type of dog grooming brush. In general, pin brushes are better suited for coat types that aren’t as high-maintenance or that don’t get as easily tangled, since they’re slightly less effective than slicker brushes. 

Essential For All Double Doodles: Metal Or Stainless Steel Comb

In addition to a slicker or pin brush, you will absolutely need a metal or stainless steel comb to really tackle those pesky knots that love to form into full-blown mats. There’s no way around it! 

best brush for labradoodle
Andis Pet Steel Comb

Combs are excellent for dealing with very stubborn knots and tangles. You can also use one for more delicate and hard-to-reach areas, such as the face, between the paw pads, and so on. It’s not uncommon for our doggy pals to get a bit frightened having a big, bulky brush moving around their eyes and muzzle. For grooming those areas, a comb is the perfect tool. 

We recommend you get a sturdy metal or stainless steel comb simply because these materials are much more durable than plastic or wooden combs. As you can imagine, a Double Doodle’s thick fur requires an intensive approach and grooming tools that can withhold under all that pressure. 

What Is The Best Brush For Double Doodle?

Now onto choosing the best brush for your Double Doodle. Before you take the leap and purchase a dog brush, there are a few questions you should first find answers to:

  • What is your Double Doodle’s coat type? Is their hair curly, wavy, or straight?
  • Does your Double Doodle have an undercoat or do they have a single-layered coat? See more: How To Tell If A Doodle Has A Double Coat
  • How long is your Dood’s coat? Do you usually have their coat trimmed short or prefer to keep it long and shaggy? 
  • How old and how big is your pup?
  • What is the brush made of? Does the construction seem durable? What are the pins on the brush made of?
  • Is the brush comfortable to use? How long is the handle and how is it placed?

Before we discuss the most important factor – your Double Doodle’s coat type – let’s quickly go over the basics. 

Coat length is definitely something to take into account when choosing the best brush for your Double Doodle. Doods look incredibly cute with long, shaggy coats. But it also means that you need to spend more time brushing and grooming them. Longer coats also have to be brushed with pins that are on the longer side so as to reach all layers of the fur. 

Your Double Doodle’s size is another factor to consider. If you’ve got a larger dog, opt for a larger brush. Likewise, if you’ve got a smaller pup, opt for a smaller brush. The same goes for puppies – we recommend you start with a smaller brush in puppyhood and graduate to a larger one once your Dood isn’t in the pocket-sized form anymore. 

Of course, you should also pay attention to what materials are used in different parts of the brush, including the handle, pins, and paddle. For pins, opt for durable materials like metal or stainless steel, and check if the handle seems comfortable to use. 

Best Brush For Double Doodles Based On Their Coat Type

The thing with Doodles and Double Doodles is that their coat types can range from curly to wavy to straight. Keep in mind that a Double Doodle is a mix of three different purebred dogs, which means that all of these genes will affect the outcome. 

For instance, when talking about a Golden Labradoodle, their genetics are made up of the Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever, and Poodle, the former two being double-coated, straight-haired dogs that shed. Even though Doodle breeders mostly strive to breed low to non-shedding pups, this doesn’t mean that all Double Doodles inherit the majority of their genes from the Poodle. 

Still, most of the time Double Doodles have about 50% Poodle and 25-25 mix of the other two purebreds in their genetic makeup. Many times leaning even more on the Poodle’s side. By these estimates, we can more often than not expect Double Doodles to either come with wavy or curly coats. 

Curly Coat

The curly coat, which is the most hypoallergenic option of them all, is a clear nod to a Double Doodle’s Poodle heritage. These dogs are said to be the best in terms of their allergy-friendliness, since they come with just a single layer of fur. Although they don’t have a shedding undercoat, they actually do shed some hair! But as their coat is so curly, it usually traps in anything that would otherwise find its way on your floors, furniture, and clothes. 

curly coat doodle
Doodle with a curly coat.

Curly-coated Double Doodles are definitely highly in-demand for their allergy-friendly coats. But what many people fail to realize is that these dogs also need to be groomed the most. Just as their curly hair holds onto any loose dog hair, so happens with any dirt and debris. As you can imagine, all of those thick and textured curls will quickly start to tangle. This is why regular brushing is so important for these lil’ guys. 

For this reason, the best brush for a Double Doodle with a curly coat would be a slicker brush that’s specially designed for those heavy-duty grooming needs. Don’t forget to grab a good quality comb too, as you’ll be using it quite a lot! 

Wavy Coat

Another common coat type we see on Double Doodles is the wavy coat. The great thing about wavy coats is that they’re usually less prone to matting as their hair is more relaxed. On the other hand, some wavy-coated Double Doodles may come with a lightly shedding undercoat. But that’s not always the case!

wavy coat doodle
Doodle with a wavy coat.

Either way, wavy coats tend to be easier to manage and even if they do come with an undercoat, it usually sheds very little. Still, we recommend you brush the coat regularly, as dead hair that’s trapped inside the coat can ultimately lead to matting. By the way, brushing is an excellent way to minimize shedding, too!

For wavy-coated Double Doodles, a good pick would be a pin brush that you can use for both detangling and deshedding the coat. 

Straight Coat

The straight coat might not be as common in Double Doodles, but it can happen from time to time. If the other two purebreds in the mix are double-coated breeds, then it’s very likely that a Double Doodle with a straight coat will also inherit a shedding undercoat. But again, as there are also Poodle genes at play here, we can expect these dogs to still shed less than their purebred parents. 

Doodle with a straight coat.

As the hair strands are more straight, they typically won’t get as easily tangled as curly coats. However, as there’s usually more loose undercoat, this can start causing problems if not brushed out regularly. 

The best brush for a Double Doodle with a straight coat could be either a pin or slicker brush. Both of these are excellent for some light detangling action as well as removing loose undercoat from the fur. 

Best Brush For Double Doodles: Reviews With Pros & Cons

Chris Christensen Big G Slicker Brush

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty dog brush that can handle even the most high-maintenance coats, then the Chris Christensen Big G Slicker Brush is exactly what you should consider getting. This slicker brush has been so popular amongst professional groomers and Doodle owners alike and it’s hard to find something as good as this one! 

Chris Christensen Big G “Coral” Slicker Brush

As many slicker brushes out there, this one has a wide paddle with the distinguishable ergonomic handle placement. What sets this slicker brush apart from others is the quality of it. This brush has an extra wide paddle with long and bended pins that can penetrate even the toughest of coats. It also has a long handle that’s covered in non-slip material, preventing any of that annoying arm fatigue that often follows. 


  • Specially designed for thick and textured coats;
  • Perfect for detangling and deshedding the coat;
  • Wide paddle with long pins to cover a lot of fur at once;
  • Super high-quality and durable;
  • Comes in three sizes: large, medium, and Baby G.


  • A bit pricey, but the quality and ease of use are unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

The verdict: The Chris Christensen Big G Slicker Brush is the best brush for Double Doodles with curly coats, and the Baby G version is our top pick for Double Doodle puppies or small Toy Double Doodles.    

Chris Christensen Original Series Oval Pin Brush

If your Double Doodle isn’t particularly mat-prone, then the Chris Christensen Original Series Oval Pin Brush can be an excellent addition to your at-home grooming kit. This familiar-looking pin brush is perfect for those usual grooming activities like detangling and deshedding the coat, and fluffing up the fur. 

What makes this pin brush so special is that the quality of these stainless steel pins is truly unmatched. These pins have polished and rounded tips that go through the fur like nothing else. These pins are also super gentle on your dog’s skin. In fact, your Dood will probably start looking forward to their brushing sessions when you use this pin brush, it’s just that nice! 


  • Very high-quality at such a low price point;
  • Great for deshedding and light detangling;
  • Super smooth pins;
  • Available in three sizes and pin lengths – 20mm, 27mm, and 35mm.


  • Pin brushes in general aren’t as effective on very stubborn knots and mats.

The verdict: The Chris Christensen Original Series Oval Pin Brush is the best brush for Double Doodles that aren’t as prone to matting, like the wavy and straight-coated pups.  

Andis Steel Greyhound Comb

Our guide wouldn’t be complete without recommending the very best comb for your Double Doodle. This Andis Steel Greyhound Comb is such a versatile tool because of its two sides with differently set teeth. Use this brush to detangle even the most stubborn mats or as your primary tool when working on those delicate areas on the face and around the eyes. 

The comb itself is made from the highest quality stainless steel that won’t snap or break whilst you’re using it. Although it’s quite slim, it does give you a good grip and it’s super easy to switch sides depending on what you need to get done with it. 


  • Very affordable, yet high-quality and durable comb;
  • Two sides for different grooming needs;
  • Excellent tool when working on knots and mats;
  • Great for smaller and more delicate areas where a brush can’t reach.


  • None!

Best Brush For Double Doodle: Alternative Picks

Although we have yet to find a brush that can match the Big G, there are still other comparable alternatives that you can check out. We did some digging and here are some great alternative picks just for your special pal:

Products Catorgorized “Brushes and Combs”

How Choosing The Correct Brush For Your Double Doodle Can Help Prevent Matting?

The fact is, Double Doodles are often prone to matting, just like their OG Doodle cousins. The easiest way to keep your Double Doodle’s hair from matting is to brush it regularly, and to use a high-quality brush that’s suited for their coat type and hair length. 

At the end of the day, the best brush for your Double Doodle is the one that manages to detangle their coat and that’s overall effective at its job. Pin length is a factor that people sometimes overlook, but it can actually make a huge difference. The worst mats tend to hide in the deepest layers of the fur, and if the pins on the brush can’t reach to the very root, you can only imagine what the outcome will be soon enough. 

Other factors to consider can be umbrellaed under the ‘comfort’ category. The brush should be comfortable to use in terms of its quality, size, and ease of use. For example, using a very large dog brush on a small pup won’t exactly give you much control over how you use it. Similarly, if you use a brush that’s too small, you’ll spend a ridiculous amount of time grooming your dog. 

We also recommend you consider the materials that have been used in the construction of the brush. The handle should provide you a good grip while using it, and the pins should easily glide through the fur. That’s why we usually recommend stainless steel pins, as wood or plastic pins, or even bristle brushes, tend to get stuck in that demanding Doodle coat.

And as we discussed earlier, don’t forget to consider your Double Doodle’s coat type. Pin brushes in general aren’t as effective than slicker brushes, which makes the pin brush a better option for more relaxed coat types like wavy and straight coats. Meanwhile, a slicker brush would be the best option for curly-coated Double Doodles. 

How Often Do You Have To Groom A Double Doodle?

How often you should brush a Double Doodle mainly depends on their coat type – the curlier the hair, the more frequently it needs to be brushed. But generally, we recommend daily brushing sessions for all Double Doodles, regardless of their coat type. For curly-haired Doods, this is a requirement, but wavy and straight-coated Double Doodles can be maintained with 3-4 sessions per week. 

For curly-coated Double Doodles, the benefit is obvious. Daily brushing will prevent any knots from forming into mats, and it’ll also keep the hair nice and voluminous. For wavy and straight-coated pups, this will also prevent matting, but it’s also a good way to minimize shedding. That’s down to the simple fact that you’ll be constantly brushing out any loose hair from the depths of the fur. 

But there’s more! All sorts of debris and dust gets stuck inside a dog’s coat during their daily romps and playtime, which means that they can also get dirty pretty quickly. If you’re not keen on bathing your pup as often, daily brushing can also help you with that. Still, your Dood will need their regular bathtime, just maybe a bit less frequently. 

Moreover, a surprising (or not so surprising) benefit of daily brushing is that it can also make your Double Doodle’s coat shinier and stronger. Your dog’s skin constantly produces natural oils that also make up for the perfect hair serum, if you will. Brushing helps distribute those oils through all lengths of the coat, giving it a nice boost. 

What Happens If You’ve Forgotten To Pick Up The Brush In A While…

Probably every Doodle and Double Doodle owner is guilty of not brushing their dog as often as they ideally should. Well, we are, that’s for sure… Sometimes there really isn’t anything else to do than to shave the fur off. However, before you get your clippers and scissors, you might be able to save the day.

The line brushing method is for when you haven’t brushed your Double Doodle in a while and their coat requires a more intensive approach. Yes, it is a bit more technical and will take up more time, but the results are so worth it. 

Fortunately, you won’t need to do line brushing every single day. But if you want to, that’s fine too. If you brush your Double Doodle daily, things probably won’t even get that far that you have to use this technique. 

Can You Over-Brush A Double Doodle?

You can’t really over-brush a Double Doodle when it comes to frequency. You can even brush your Dood a couple of times a day, if that’s what you prefer. Just make sure that you’re using the right kind of grooming tools for your dog and that you’re being gentle. 

We’ll discuss the exact technique in a moment, but overall, just be sure to not pull on the hair (especially when working on tangled fur!) and don’t apply excessive pressure onto your dog’s skin. Even though dog brushes usually have rounded tips, you can still accidentally hurt your pup or scrape their skin if you’re being too forceful. 

How To Brush A Double Doodle Properly?

Brushing your Double Doodle properly involves a few steps, but none of them are by any means difficult to follow or learn. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to brush your Double Doodle so that your pooch will always have gorgeous, fluffy fur:  

Step #1

Gather all of your grooming tools that you’ll be using: a pin or slicker brush and a metal or stainless steel comb. We also recommend getting a good dog detangling spray that’ll help loosen up any knots and make the fur easier to manage. 

Step #2

Before reaching for any of the grooming tools, use your own hands and run your fingers through all areas of the fur. Usually, the most tangled areas are behind the ears, behind the collar, or where the harness sits on your pup. Likewise, the bum and tail area and paw pads tend to hide rather stubborn knots. If you find any knots that need some extra attention, first work on each of them individually with your stainless steel comb. 

To make the process easier, spray dog detangling spray directly onto the knot and then start combing it out. With your one hand, gently hold the knot at the very root of the hair. This way, you’ll take excess pressure off the root of the hair, and your dog won’t feel any discomfort while you’re using the comb in your other hand. 

Tip: Always start detangling from the tip of the hair and slowly move your way up towards the root. This will loosen up the tangles much quicker. The same technique applies when you’re using a dog brush. 

Step #3

Now that the hard work is all done, it’s time to grab your slicker or pin brush and get to the fun part! You can spray a little bit of dog detangling spray all over to make the coat more manageable. 

Start by brushing the body parts that are closest to the ground. So, you’ll first start with the paws and feet, then move up towards the legs, then the chest and neck, and belly and bum. After that, brush the sides and tail, finally finishing with the back. 

Tip: For the fur on the face, we recommend using a metal comb. A comb is easier to control around the face, it reaches better into those small and delicate areas, and it’s not as scary for your Dood. 

Here’s an illustration that’ll help you get started:

best brush for double doodle

Step #4

Once you’re all done detangling and deshedding your Double Dood, you can use either a comb or brush to fluff up the fur. This will give your dog that true fluffy Doodle look! Simply use your brush or comb and gently tease a little bit of volume into the hairs with upwards motions. Just make sure you don’t go overboard with it. You won’t want new tangles again! 

Best Brush For Double Doodle: FAQs

What Is The Best Brush For Double Doodle?

The best brush for Double Doodles is the Chris Christensen Big G Slicker Brush or the Chris Christensen Original Series Oval Pin Brush. For curly-haired Double Doodles, the slicker brush is the best choice. For pups with wavy and straight coats, both brushes are excellent grooming tools to use. 

How Do You Make A Double Doodle Fluffy?

The secret to good hair volume and fluffiness is simple – regular grooming. Brush your dog daily, bathe them as often as necessary, have their hair trimmed every 6-8 weeks, and use appropriate grooming products that are specially formulated for dogs, such as dog shampoos and conditioners, dog detangler sprays, and so forth. For immediate results, we recommend using a blow dryer on the lowest setting after bathing your dog, and by lifting up the root with a comb or brush after you’ve finished brushing and grooming your Double Doodle. 

How Do You Groom A Double Doodle Puppy?

For grooming a Double Doodle puppy, we recommend starting out with a smaller dog grooming brush that’s easier to use on that tiny little body. Make sure that you’re being very careful, not applying any excess pressure and not using excess force when working on tangled fur. Puppies have extremely delicate skin, even more delicate than grown dogs, and they can easily get injured if you’re not paying enough attention. Apart from that, follow the same brushing technique we lined out in this guide above. 

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