If you’re on the hunt for the best brush for Schnoodles, then look no further. In this guide, we’ll discuss the different types of dog brushes and learn which brushes work best on different Schnoodle coat types. Let’s get started!

The Schnauzer-Poodle mix is a lesser-known, but equally adorable Doodle. They typically come with low-shedding – some might even say hypoallergenic – coats, making them the perfect choice for people who need to manage a dog dander allergy.

But to keep your Schnoodle’s coat looking fresh, healthy, and allergy-free, it does require continuous work on your part – most importantly, regular brushing. So, it only makes sense to choose wisely. After all, not all dog brushes are created the same, nor can they deliver the same results or provide you the same ease and comfort of use. 

When searching for the best brush for Schnoodles, you’ll immediately notice the vast selection of dog brushes available on the market. But as you might guess, they are all designed for different purposes and not all of them can work their magic on all types of Schnoodle hair. Let’s take a quick look at the most popular types of Schnoodle brushes. 

Slicker Brush

Slicker brushes are wildly popular amongst Doodle owners and for a great reason, too. Slicker brushes typically come with a wide, rectangular paddle and a comfortable handle, so you can easily cover large areas of coat at once. 

What makes slicker brushes so great is that they can perform various tasks – a slicker brush can gently, yet effectively detangle hair, remove dirt and debris from the coat, and remove loose, dead hair that’s stuck between all the thick layers of fur. 

Pin Brush

Another great choice for Schnoodles is a pin brush. Pin brushes resemble our own regular human hair brushes. Just like human brushes, pin brushes for dogs come in all shapes and sizes, pin densities, and pin lengths. If your Schnoodle flaunts longer hair, you should look for a pin brush with longer pins. Similarly, if your Dood has shorter hair, you can opt for shorter pins on the brush. 

Although slicker brushes are generally considered super comfortable to use, many dog owners actually prefer the more traditional pin brush. Pin brushes can just as effectively remove dead, loose hair from the fur, and also get rid of dirt and debris that often gets stuck after a good playtime outside. On the other hand, pin brushes might not be as effective on very textured and thick Schnoodle hair, or for detangling. 

In addition to that, pin brushes tend to leave less static on your pup’s hair and you can also use a pin brush to fluff up your Dood’s fur for a final, professional touch. 

Bonus Feature: Metal Comb

Last, but definitely not least, every Schnoodle owner absolutely needs a sturdy and durable metal comb. Although you’ll only need one brush, a high quality comb is a tool that all Schnoodles need, regardless of their coat type. 

Metal and steel combs are the key to working through more stubborn knots and tangles. You’ll also need a comb for those more delicate, hard-to-reach areas like the face, paws, and ears. And if you feel like your pup is missing some much-needed volume and body after you’ve finished brushing them, whip out your metal comb and fluff up the hair to your desired look. 

What Kind Of Brush Does A Schnoodle Need?

Trying to determine which is the best brush for Schnoodles boils down to your pup’s coat type, hair length, and their size. For example, as puppies are much smaller in size, the best brush for Schnoodle puppies would also be smaller than regular dog brushes. After all, you’ll want to comfortably brush through all of its puppy coat and at the same time make sure that you’re not applying too much pressure on your puppy’s delicate skin. 

Different Types of Schnoodle Coats and The Best Brush For Each Coat Type

Like many other Doodles, Schnoodles can come in three different coat types. As it’s a hybrid breed and we’re combining two dogs with very different coat types, the outcome can lean on either side of a Schnoodle’s lineage. Let’s have a look at the three Schnoodle coat types and learn what is the best dog brush for Schnoodle with each coat type. 

Curly Coat Schnoodle

Probably the most desired coat type in Schnoodles is the Poodle-inspired curly coat. As the Poodle genes are more dominant in this case, Schnoodles with curly coats tend to leave very little hair around the house and on your furniture. Curly coat Schnoodles only have one layer of fur and they’re most in-demand, especially amongst people with dog dander allergy.

Schnoodle Size
Schnoodle with a curly coat

However, curly coat Schnoodles also require the most attention from their owners. As their hair is textured and thick, it can easily become knotted, and trap in dirt and debris. The best brush for Schnoodles with a curly, textured, and thick coat is a good quality slicker brush. 

Straight Coat Schnoodle

Straight coat Schnoodles take more after the Schnauzer parent. They usually come with a wiry, longer outer coat and a softer undercoat. Although double-coated Doodles tend to shed more than their curly-haired counterparts, that’s not the case for Schnoodles. As Schnauzers shed minimally, a straight coat Schnoodle will also inherit this trait.

Schnoodle Size
Schnoodle with a straight coat

The best brush for Schnoodles with a straight double coat would be a good slicker brush that can handle all depts of the fur, including the thicker undercoat. Since double-coated Schnoodles also shed very little, it’s important you help remove all the dead, loose hair from the fur. On the other hand, straight coat Schnoodles are less prone to matting, so you might even get away with less frequent brushing. 

Wavy Coat Schnoodle

The wavy coat is a beautiful combination of the Schnauzer and Poodle coats. It’s often called the Teddy Bear Schnoodle coat, as it gives a pup the signature Doodle look. Wavy coat Schnoodles usually come with plush, wavy hair that’s soft to the touch. They’re rather low maintenance as well, so you likely won’t have to struggle with knots and tangles that often, either. 

Schnoodle with a wavy coat. Image by Noah, licensed under CC BY 2.0.

The best brush for Schnoodles with the wavy coat would be a pin brush. If your pup flaunts longer locks, you should opt for a pin brush with longer pins. And if your pup prefers a shorter hairdo, you can opt for shorter pins instead. Moreover, if your wavy coat Schnoodle does come with a double coat, you might need a more heavy-duty tool like a slicker brush to really get to the root. 

Best Brush For Schnoodle: Reviews With Pros & Cons

Best Brush for Curly Coat and Straight Coat Schnoodles

The Chris Christensen Big G Slicker Brush has gained a cult following amongst Doodle owners and dog groomers alike. Mainly because of its ease of use. It’s a versatile tool that allows you to rid the hair of any knots and tangles and dead hair from the fur. 

Chris Christensen Big G “Coral” Slicker Brush

The Big G comes with a large paddle and long, bended pins. It has a curved design and a flexible paddle, which helps the pins work through all lengths of the fur with no fuss. And you’ll absolutely love the ergonomic handle, making the whole grooming session so much easier for you. 

Of course, you might be scared off because of its slightly higher price tag. However, Doodle owners and groomers can’t stop raving about the Big G’s durability. So, rest assured, you’ll be using this investment brush for a very long time. 

The Big G is the best brush for Schnoodles with curly, textured coats that are prone to matting, or Schnoodles with an undercoat. 


  • Covers large areas of fur while the long pins reach to the root of the hair
  • Gently works through knots and tangles
  • Great for de-shedding
  • Ergonomic design


  • A bit pricier than most slicker brushes on the market

Best Brush for Wavy Coat Schnoodles

If you’re after a pin brush, you can’t go wrong with the Chris Christensen Pin Brush. This lightweight brush is actually extremely durable and sturdy. Like the Big G, it comes with a flexible cushion that provides you the much needed glide and ease of use when brushing through your Schnoodle’s hair. 

This pin brush comes with rounded tips that are completely safe for your pup. In fact, we’ve tried this brush ourselves and even human brushes can’t match the sensation of a proper, good massage that this pin brush provides. 

This is the best brush for Schnoodles with wavy, soft hair, especially for pups who sport a longer hairdo. It gently removes loose hair, dirt, and debris from the fur. On the other hand, it might not be as effective on Schnoodles whose hair becomes knotted very easily. 


  • Super gentle and relaxing on your dog’s skin
  • Works amazing on longer hair
  • Great for de-shedding


  • Might not be the best choice for Schnoodles with very tangle-prone hair

Best Comb for All Schnoodles

Lastly, we have the Andis Steel Greyhound Comb, which is, in our humble opinion, the best comb for any Schnoodle. It’s made of extremely durable steel, so it’s very likely that this comb will literally last you a lifetime. 

The Anis Steel Greyhound Comb comes with stainless steel pins that have rounded tips for safety. It also has two sides, wider-set teeth on one side and narrow-set teeth on the other. 

As we mentioned above, a good quality comb is great for many purposes. It’s crucial for working through knots and tangles before giving your pup a thorough brush. You can also use it on more delicate and hard-to-reach areas. And as an added bonus, you can use this comb to achieve the cutest, fluffed up look once you’ve finished grooming. 


  • Very high quality and durable comb
  • Great for stubborn knots and tangles
  • Gently works wonders on more delicate areas


  • This is an additional investment, as you’ll be needing both a brush and a comb

Best Brush For Schnoodle: Honorable Mentions

We cannot forget the little puppies who need regular grooming, too. Arguably, the best brush for Schnoodle puppies is the Chris Christensen Baby G slicker brush. It’s the smaller version of the Big G, but it comes in a more compact form, making it more comfortable and effective to use on puppies. 

In addition to our favorite dog brushes we mentioned above, here are some other highly rated dog brushes that Schnoodle owners swear by:

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How Choosing the Correct Brush For Your Schnoodle Can Help Prevent Matting

Schnoodles, like most other Doodles, are prone to matting, regardless of their coat type. Of course, some Doods have it harder than others, especially the curly-haired pups. 

But where do mats come from? When knots and tangles are left inside the fur too long, they’ll become bigger and bigger until you notice that your Schnoodle’s hair is matted. For this reason, it’s crucial you brush your Schnoodle’s hair regularly, as this keeps the knots and tangles at bay.

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So, since you’ll be brushing your dog’s hair on a regular basis, it only makes sense to invest in high quality tools that you won’t have to replace every few months. In addition to that, not all dog brushes manage to work through the demanding Schnoodle coat, and you’ll also want to use a brush that sits comfortably in your hand. After all, what’s the point of brushing, if you can’t get through the fur or if the brush breaks ever so often.

How Often Do You Have To Groom A Schnoodle?

We recommend you brush your Schnoodle’s hair every single day. This is the best and easiest way to prevent matting, as you’ll be getting rid of any knots and tangles before they can form into full-blown mats. 

As we mentioned above, curly coat Schnoodles are most prone to matting, so there isn’t much room for negotiation. Their textured hair can easily become knotted and you also have to remove loose, dead hair from the fur. However, straight coat and wavy coat Schnoodles may have it a bit easier, as they are less prone to matting. Nevertheless, these pups should also be brushed at least every other day. But preferably, everyday. 

Additionally, during your daily brushing session, you’ll be removing any dirt and debris that gets stuck in the fur. This means that your pup won’t get as dirty and you don’t have to bathe them as often, either!

And lastly, regular brushing helps you keep your pup’s hair shiny and nourished. As you’re brushing through the hair, you’re also distributing your Dood’s natural skin oils throughout the lengths of the fur, giving your pup the shiniest, most luscious locks ever.  

How To Brush A Schnoodle Properly

When brushing your Schnoodle, it all comes down to perfect technique. The process includes a few simple steps, but at no point should you yank on your pup’s hair, as it can definitely cause them pain and discomfort. 

First, before reaching for your slicker or pin brush, run your hands through your pup’s fur. If you notice any knots, go in with your metal comb and gently work through each knot. 

Once you’ve gotten rid of all knots and tangles in the fur, you can start brushing your pup’s hair with a slicker or pin brush. Start from the bottom of the feet and move up towards the belly, then neck, and finish with the back. You can follow this helpful illustration explaining the order of brushing:

best brush for schnoodle

If you tend to struggle with brushing, you might want to try a dog detangler spray before you start.

In an ideal world, everyone would brush their Doodles on a daily basis. But what happens if you’ve missed a few days (or a few weeks… oops!)? For these days, we recommend you try the more intensive and thorough line brushing technique

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Best Brush For Schnoodle: FAQ

What Is The Best Brush For Schnoodle?

When it comes to choosing the best brush for Schnoodle, you’ll want to consider your dog’s coat type, hair length, whether or not they shed, and if they’re prone to matting. For Schnoodles, pro groomers and Doodle owners both highly recommend either pin or slicker brushes. 

Regardless of your Schnoodle’s coat type, you’ll also need a good, high quality metal or steel comb. A sturdy comb is an essential tool for detangling any stubborn knots and also brushing through more delicate areas that a larger brush wouldn’t reach. 

How Do You Groom A Schnoodle Puppy?

Grooming a Schnoodle puppy works exactly the same as you’d be grooming a full-grown dog. However, keep in mind that puppies have much more delicate skin, so you should make sure you don’t apply any excessive pressure or force. 

First, you’ll want to introduce your puppy to all the grooming tools you’ll be using. Let them sniff and inspect them. Then continue as you would with a grown dog – first go through the hair with your hands, work through knots and tangles with a comb, and then get in with a brush and work through all lengths of the hair starting from the feet and moving your way up to the back. And at all times, don’t forget to praise your pup with positive reinforcement, treats, and cuddles. 

If you’ve adopted your puppy from a breeder, it’s very likely that they have already introduced the puppies to routine grooming. Make sure you continue with this once your puppy has settled in at home, as this is the best way for your pup to get used to regular grooming.

Does A Schnoodle Have An Undercoat?

All Schnoodles are usually very low-shedding, regardless of their coat type. As the double-coated Schnauzer parent also sheds very little, even Schnoodles with an undercoat are well-known to not leave a mess of loose hair around the house. 

Best Brush For Schnoodles: Final Thoughts

As you may know, Schnoodles are quite high maintenance when it comes to grooming. On the flipside, they greatly benefit from the low-shedding Poodle genes, meaning that you’re less likely to find any loose hair around the house or on your furniture. 

But to maintain the health and beauty of your Dood’s coat, it’s crucial you do your part. As you’ll be brushing your dog’s hair regularly, you should make sure that the grooming tools you’ve purchased are up for the task. Hopefully, this guide has helped you make your decision, so you can choose the best brush for your Schnoodles based on their own unique needs. 

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