Four-legged friends are an absolute blessing. But caring for your Doodle’s coat, especially if it’s a curly or wavy one, can sometimes feel like a curse. Knots can be a real issue, and often even daily brushing is not enough to keep them away. Dog detangler sprays are an excellent go-to in this situation. They can eliminate tough tangles in a jiffy.

As with every canine product, though, some are better than others. To save you the time, hassle, and expense of testing them yourself, here are our recommendations based on expert opinions and user reviews.

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Top 5 Dog Detangler Sprays Doodle Groomers Swear By

We went through some online forums and retail sites and gathered up the most recommended dog detangler sprays for Doodles. Later on in this post, we will dive deeper into each product. In the meantime, here are the top 5 best detangler spray recommendations and each product’s key features:

  • Pick #1:

    Cowboy Magic Super Bodyshine. Great for shine, this amazing detangler with natural ingredients not only effectively removes matting, but also repels dirt and is deeply conditioning, too.

  • Pick #2:

    BioSilk for Pets Detangling Spray. pH-balanced and both paraben and sulfate-free, this powerful spray is great for dealing with knots and matting and also for locking in moisture.

  • Pick #3:

    Burt’s Bees for Pets Natural Detangling Spray. Perfect for not just removing tangles but preventing them from forming in the first place, this gentle formula is even suitable for sensitive dogs and puppies.

  • Pick #4:

    Chris Christensen Just Divine Brushing Spray. Excellent on dry, damaged coats, this time-saving brushing spray gets rid of the loose hairs that lead to matting, repels dirt, and breaks down build-up.

  • Pick #5:

    TropiClean Sweet Pea Tangle Remover Spray for Pets. Sweet smelling and practical, this super product not only banishes tangles but restores elasticity, revives volume, and removes loose fur and undercoat.

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Understanding Matting: What It Is and Why It Happens

While it may seem that most Doodles would avoid this issue through being a so-called “non-shedding breed,” the truth of the matter is there really is no such thing. Every dog sheds – there’s no getting around that. And in fact, waves and curls are perfect for trapping the loose hair that goes on to cause all the problems.

Matting is what happens when shedding coat gets caught up in healthy coat. The strands get tangled up, forming knots that just get worse and worse. 

doodle matting, matted coat
A large mat (actually, there are two here!)

If you bathe your dog without first removing the mats, or avoid brushing them out, the mats will just continue to get bigger and tighter.

Mats tend to accumulate more quickly in high friction areas such as:

  • Under a collar or harness
  • Behind the ears
  • Around the legs
  • At the back end of your dog. (Here they can become a real problem because they can cause skin irritation and are the perfect breeding ground for parasites and harmful bacteria.)

In more extreme cases, the coat will become “pelted.” This is where the matting sits very close to the skin preventing proper airflow. In this situation, your dog would most likely need to be clipped by a professional groomer, and it would be complicated for them to do without causing discomfort for your pup. For this reason, knots, tangles, and matting is best dealt with as soon as possible.

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So, What Exactly Are Dog Detangler Sprays?

A great weapon in the fight against matting is an effective dog detangler spray. This has become a must-have item in every Doodle owner’s grooming kit. These products are packed full of hair-nourishing ingredients that hydrate and soften hair to reduce the risk of tangles forming in the first place. They also smooth individual hair strands, which helps to loosen knots and matting.

However, while good-quality dog detangler sprays can certainly help to minimize tangles, a spray can’t take the place of daily grooming for keeping matting at bay. Brushing and bathing are needed to remove the dead and loose hair that starts the knots. Such sprays can simply be used to facilitate this process.

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Detangler sprays make it quicker and easier for you to work through your dog’s coat by making their hair more manageable. Really good ones also protect hair from the breakage caused by frequent brushing. They might also minimize static, which can also result in tangles forming.

In this way, frequent brushing and the use of conditioning products such as dog detangler sprays go hand-in-hand, reducing the amount of time and effort needed for dealing with your pet’s coat. This means that taking care of your Doodle’s coat can feel a lot less of a chore and much more of a pleasure for both of you.

Top Dog Detangler Sprays: Reviews

Best for Really Tough Knots

Here at Doodle Doods we love Cowboy Magic products; they just work so well on Doodle coats. Super Bodyshine is no exception. This leave-in, deep conditioning detangler spray, which contains soothing Aloe Vera, does an excellent job of removing knots while restoring moisture and shine to the driest of coats. It’s suitable for all hair types and can even be used on dogs with very sensitive skin. 

Cowboy Magic Super Bodyshine

For Doodle owners, a little goes a long way with this incredibly useful grooming aid. Its concentrated formula means that one bottle will last for absolutely ages. The spray doesn’t become gummy or sticky, and it even helps to repel dirt and dust, helping to keep your dog cleaner for longer between baths. Professional dog groomers just can’t say enough about this excellent product (and it smells pretty good, too).

Coat Type: All


  • Detangles and conditions
  • Works on every coat
  • Repels dust and dirt
  • Affordable price


  • A little greasy if too much used

Alternatively, Cowboy Magic Detangler & Shine (not a spray) but is equally as effective at removing difficult tangles and mats.

Best for Ultimate Shine

Making use of the same effective ingredients and innovative technology as the people products of the same brand, BioSilk’s Shine Spray is another excellent option in the struggle against matting. Not only is it free from parabens and artificial colors, but the pH-balanced formula of this powerful product makes it safe for dogs and puppies alike. Use it after a bath or between baths to keep your dog’s coat fresh and tangle-free.

BioSilk Therapy Detangling Spray For All Dogs

This detangler has an excellent reputation with dog-owners – especially those with Doodles. For many of them, this has been an absolute game-changer when it comes to grooming their curly-coated pups. It even works on removing those challenging close-to-the-skin knots. The silk proteins and enriching vitamins provide ultra-hydration for both hair and skin, boosting both softness and shine for a huggably soft coat that smells simply amazing.

Coat Type: All


  • Untangles fur and loosens knots
  • Moisturizes and protects
  • Fine for frequent use
  • Can be used on puppies


  • Not suitable for very sensitive skin

Best for a Soft, Fluffy Finish

Made with the highest quality ingredients and free from harsh chemicals, Burt’s Bees Detangling Spray is a firm favorite with Doodle owners. The topical solution is pH-balanced and incredibly nourishing for both skin and hair. While the linseed oil coats the hair, protecting it and locking in moisture, the lemon oil reduces build-up for a soft and lustrous – rather than greasy – finish.

Burt’s Bees for Dogs Natural Detangling Spray

According to professional groomers, this product works like magic on even the toughest mats and tangles, enabling you to avoid clipping your knotted pooch. The other great thing about this spray is that it has a pleasant but light, natural scent that leaves your dog smelling fresh. As with other sprays, it can be used after a bath or as a grooming aid – both to great effect.

Coat Type: All


  • All-natural ingredients
  • Makes hair soft and shiny
  • Perfect for sensitive skin


  • Scent a little too subtle for some owners

Best for Breaking Down Build-Up

This light detangler, which is perfect for regular use, makes grooming effortless and stops mats from developing in problem areas. It also helps to prevent brush damage that can be an issue with frequent grooming. The excellent leave-in spray gives life and fullness to any coat without leaving anything behind.

Chris Christensen Just Divine Brushing Spray

Doodle owners are impressed with the noticeably shinier coats of their pups after using this. They also love how little is needed for it to be effective. Some do comment that they prefer to dilute the product or spray it directly onto the brush to reduce slickness, but this just has the effect of making it last all the longer. The spray even eliminates doggy odors between baths, replacing them with a lovely, subtle candy-like smell.

Coat Type: All


  • Makes grooming easier
  • Keeps skin and hair healthy
  • Breaks down product build-up


  • Pricier than other options
  • Some owners didn’t like the scent

Best for Reducing Static and Frizz

Great for significantly reducing overall grooming time, the Tropiclean Tangle remover really makes daily brushing a breeze. Professional groomers who regularly use this product on curly, coarse coats say that the knots and matting almost fall out on their own with this powerful spray. And the refreshing floral scent leaves dogs smelling great, too.

TropiClean Tangle Remover Spray

The no-rinse, quick-drying formula not only works wonders with tangles but is great at eliminating both static and frizz. The naturally derived ingredients, which include vitamin E, protect hair and help it regain and retain moisture for a deep shine and an overall smooth, healthy coat. The no parabens, alcohol, and dyes formula of the spray makes it safe on sensitive skin and for puppies, too. For Doodle owners, this is a truly excellent product for the price.

Coat Type: All


  • Gets rid of tangles
  • Boosts shine
  • Removes loose hair
  • Restores moisture


  • Some owners not keen on the smell
  • Issues with the spray nozzle

How to Use Dog Detangler Sprays

While individual detanglers differ, on the whole you can use them after a bath on a wet coat or between baths on a dry one when extra detangling assistance is needed. Just check the packaging for specific instructions for the product you have.

As a General Guide:

  1. After bathing your dog, spray the product directly onto their coat.

    Start from the back of the ears and work your way down to the tail. Take care to avoid getting it in their eyes.

  2. Massage the spray deep into your pet’s hair

    Massage the product into the coat with your fingers – concentrating on problem areas such as behind the ears, where the collar sits, and around the tail.

  3. Brush

    Finally, when your pup is fully dry, give them a good brushing to thoroughly distribute the serum.

When working on a tricky knot, spray the detangler directly onto it. Again, work it through with your fingers, and then use a good quality comb to carefully tease it out.

We recommend a metal pet grooming comb, such as the Andis metal combs. The wider-spaced teeth are perfect for working on knots, mats, and tangles, while the narrower-spaced side is great for finishing off the groom for a soft, fluffy, and absolutely beautiful looking coat.

Detangler Spray Buying Guide

When picking out the perfect detangler spray for your pooch, there are a few key things you’re going to want to look out for.


As with most canine products, you want something with as few chemicals as possible, as well as low levels of alcohol, soap, and parabens. These are often added to fill out the product and to act as preservatives, and they can really irritate your pooch’s skin. There are plenty of natural yet effective skin and hair nourishing ingredients to be found out there, and a good detangler spray will make the very best use of them.

For Daily Use

You will want a dog detangling spray that doesn’t have silicone in it to use as a daily moistener when brushing, as you shouldn’t brush dry hair by itself. You don’t need a lot of spray, just a light mist.

For More Serious Tangles and Mats

The heavier, silicone-based products work great for dealing with the occasional, more serious tangle. It’s helpful to have something a bit more substantial on hand for the odd trouble spot, but you don’t want to use it daily as it will build up and leave a residue.


When gauging a detangler’s effectiveness, you want to take a look at what it actually does to your pet’s coat. Most of these will be leave-in, making them less of a hassle to use. However, you want something that’s not going to leave behind a greasy residue that will merely collect dust and dirt. Look for something that not only promises to remove tangles, but to increase coat hydration for best results, as well. These are less likely to rely on coating the hair with oils to remove knots and tangles.


With so many options available, there is no reason why you can’t get high-quality dog detangler sprays at an affordable price. Be careful though, cheaper ones are often chock full of the aforementioned chemicals and filler ingredients. Make sure you’re not compromising quality for cost. Dog owners who battle daily with tanglers often shouldn’t mind shelling out a little more for something that will save them a great deal of time and effort in the long run.


A pleasant fragrance in a product for dogs may seem like a desirable thing to keep them fresh between baths. But take care; their sense of smell is a lot more acute than ours. Something that may seem subtle to us could be overpowering for our dog. Light, natural scents are generally best. If you are dealing with a smelly pup, opt for something specifically designed to eliminate odors. This is much better than trying to mask them with strong, artificial smells.

Frequently Asked Doodle Detangling Questions

How Often Should You Use a Detangler Spray?

The frequency with which you can use a detangler will depend a lot on its specific formula. While most will be suitable for after every bath, you will want to avoid using very oily sprays more than once a week, as this could make your pup’s coat greasy and unpleasant to touch.

Can I Use a Human Detangler on My Dog?

As the chemical composition of our skin is entirely different from that of our floofy friends, we need to be very careful about using products designed for humans on them. That being said, pH-balanced detanglers that have been formulated for baby’s sensitive skin are generally fine to use on dogs and won’t do them any harm if they lick it off.

How Do I Get Rid of Knots, Tangles, and Matted Fur on My Dog?

If you come across one of these issues when brushing your dog, what you do next will depend largely on the severity of the problem. With light knots and tangles, you will likely be able to work it out just with a slicker brush or comb. When using a comb, grasp the hair just above where the knot is, if possible, to reduce painful pulling. Then start at the bottom of the knot and work your way up a bit at a time.

If removing the matting is proving to be a little tricky, this is where the detangler spray is really going to come into play. Spritz a bit of the product onto the hair, work it through with your fingers and repeat the above process. Hopefully, this time you’ll have a bit more luck getting it out.

If you’ve been tearing your hair out trying to find ways to care for your pup’s tangle-prone coat without tearing out their hair, then dog detangler sprays may be just the ticket. These miracle products help keep your pup’s coat nicely soft, shiny, and mat-free while significantly reducing overall grooming time. All of the detanglers on our list will work well at removing knots from any Doodle coat, so simply focus on the added benefits of the individual sprays when deciding which one to go for. 

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The information on this page is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional groomer advice. Always seek the advice of your groomer, veterinarian, or other qualified animal health provider with any questions you may have.

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LOVE the Biosilk! It has made brushing and bath time a time for fun rather than a day of struggling and dematting!

September 21, 2022 at 9:42 pm
Chris Grant Reply

First of all, I wish you had redone this, using a lighter touch when applying the first spray. The heaviness of your application was controlled by you. I don’t trust the comparison because they weren’t comparable.

Second, I just now used a detangler on one front leg of my spoo, then used a slicker brush on both legs. I honestly could not feel or see any difference.

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I bought the cowboy detangler and it is awesome on my berniedoodle!
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