If you’re looking for the best harness for Goldendoodle pups, you’re in the right place. Here are our favorite and absolute best dog harnesses for Goldendoodles.

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Our Top 4 Best Harness For Goldendoodles

Collars vs Harnesses For Goldendoodles

Collars are the most common option for dogs. And, of course, you might do very well with just a collar. However, a harness gives you more control over your Doodle’s movement. 

Additionally, a collar puts pressure on your Doodle’s neck and throat. Obviously, this may cause your pup to cough and choke if too much pressure is applied. In contrast, a harness distributes the pressure on your dog’s back, chest, and shoulders, which greatly minimizes the risk of choking.

What Size Harness Should You Buy For Your GoldenDoodle To Ensure The Best Fit?

The most important thing when choosing the best dog harness for Goldendoodle is to select one that fits your pup perfectly. Be sure to check the product’s sizing chart, and measure your Doodle as instructed. By taking these mandatory steps, you’ll be guaranteed to find the most suitable Goldendoodle harness size for your pup.

Usually, sizing is determined by a dog’s weight and girth. However, girth diameter is the best way to determine if the harness will actually fit your Doodle. Additionally, you’ll see that each harness does sit a bit differently on dogs, so that’s also something to keep in mind when taking measurements. 

Another great tip is to ensure that the harness isn’t too loose or too tight around your pup. To do this, put two fingers between your pup and the harness. If your fingers don’t fit, the harness is too tight. If there’s extra space, the harness is too loose.

Keep in mind that your puppy will outgrow their harness once they start to reach adulthood.

Types & Materials of Harnesses You Should Get For Your Doodle

There are many types of harnesses on the market that you can choose from. But how do you choose the best harness for Goldendoodle? In addition to measuring your Doodle, you should also consider what your special needs are. Does your Doodle like to pull a lot? Which harness is easier to put on? Do you need extra durable material?

Also, you should consider your climate. Some dog harnesses are bigger and cover your dog’s body more. These might make some Doodles get too hot when exercising, especially since Doodles tend to run hot to begin with. If you need a wider strap, but don’t want your Doodle to get too warm, look for breathable materials, like mesh.

Likewise, if you have a very strong Goldendoodle or you’re in the middle of training, you might need a harness with a sturdier surface area to help you control your pup better. These usually come with a padded layer to provide your dog extra comfort and reduce friction on the skin.

No-Pull Harness

No-pull harnesses are designed to minimize your dog pulling the leash. The leash attachment loop is usually located on your dog’s chest area. Of course, just owning a no-pull harness does not guarantee that your Doodle will magically stop pulling. (That’s where leash training comes in.) However, it does provide you better control over your pup’s movement while harnessed.

Head Harness

Instead of the harness straps sitting on your dog’s chest or back, head harnesses go around your Doodle’s nose and neck. They’re more similar to collars, yet they don’t put pressure on your dog’s throat. 

Head harness, also called a headcollar

Step-In Harness

Step-in harnesses are designed so that your dog will have to step into the leg loops for you to put on the harness. This type of harness is great for anxious Doodles who might get scared when putting on an overhead harness.

In addition, for Goldendoodles with joint problems, a step-in harness might be a very helpful option. 

Front Clip Harness

Front clip harnesses are great for Doodles who tend to pull a lot. These types of harnesses provide you a much better control over your pup’s movement. Additionally, dogs’ natural instinct is to oppose the pressure. So, since the pressure comes from the front, your pup will naturally slow down. 

However, one thing to keep in mind with a front clip harness is that your Doodle’s legs might get caught up in the leash.  

Back Clip Harness

These types of harnesses have the loop attachment ring on your dog’s back. This is probably the most common type of harness. As the attachment is not near your Goldendoodle’s throat, it won’t make your pup cough and choke. 

On the other hand, these harnesses provide you less control over your pup’s movement. If you have a puller, we recommend you opt for no-pull and front clip harnesses for training. Afterwards, you can switch to back clip harnesses. 

Dual Clip Harness

As you might already guess, dual clip harnesses provide both the front and back clip attachment loops. A dual clip harness is a great option if you like to switch it up based on your current needs.

Dual Clip best harness for goldendoodle

Best Harness For Goldendoodle: Top 4 Choices

1. PetSafe Easy Walk Harness

PetSafe Easy Walk Harness has thinner adjustable straps that provide less coverage. This dog harness is best for Goldendoodles who might get too hot when harnessed in bigger straps or live in a very warm climate.

PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness

Since some dogs, especially larger Doodles, might feel uncomfortable in bigger straps, this harness is a great way for your dog to still feel free. On the other hand, some dogs actually prefer bigger straps, as it can feel comforting and more secure around their bodies.  

Another thing we love about this Goldendoodle harness is the front chest leash attachment. This helps discourage your Dood from pulling and teaches them better leash manners. Also, as the harness is strapped on your dog’s chest, there won’t be any pressure on their throat. Thus, no gagging or choking.

There are lots of different colors for you to choose from: teal, black, green, purple, brown, pink, red, blue. What’s even better, the harness is designed with dual color straps to help identify top and bottom straps. This feature makes the harness super quick, easy, and a lot less confusing to put on. 

What’s great about this harness is that it comes in 8 different sizes:

  • Petite 
  • Petite/Small – a good option for very small Toy Goldendoodles
  • Small – opt for this if your Toy Goldendoodle is slightly larger 
  • Small/Medium – the best harness for Mini Goldnedoodle that falls on the lower end of the scale
  • Medium – best harness for Mini Goldendoodles that are slightly bigger
  • Medium/Large – an excellent choice for smaller Standard Goldendoodles
  • Large – opt for this Goldendoodle harness size if you have a larger Standard Goldendoodle
  • Extra Large


  • Since it’s a no-pull harness and has a vest design, you have better control over your Goldendoodle’s movement
  • Two leash attachment rings in the front and back to suit your different needs
  • Reflective vest for extra safety during nighttime walks
  • Made from durable waterproof nylon oxford, which makes it easy to clean and suitable for every kind of weather


  • The straps are rather thin, which may cause your Doodle’s skin uncomfortable friction

2. rabbitgoo No-Pull Adjustable Dog Harness

This sturdy no pull dog harness is perfect for Doodles who prefer more support. This doggy vest is made from breathable air mesh and padded with a soft cushion. This provides your pup more comfort around the body and also protects their skin from excess friction. The perfect Goldendoodle harness for pups that love to pull, we must say!  

rabbitgoo No-Pull Adjustable Dog Harness

If you’re lucky enough to enjoy all four seasons throughout the year, this dog harness would be a great choice for you. It’s made from durable nylon oxford, which is waterproof, lightweight, and easy to clean. Moreover, the vest is reflective, so you and your Doodle can stay safe during your nighttime walks.

What we love about this harness is that it features two leash attachments – front clip and back clip. So, if your Doodle tends to pull, you can use the front clip. The back clip is suitable for casual walking and jogging to avoid your pup getting tangled in the leash. 

Likewise, this harness is adjustable, so you can make sure your pup can be comfortable in it. In addition, it features a top handle for additional control over your dog. 

It comes in four sizes: small, medium, large and extra large. Likewise, there are lots of colors to choose from like classic black, baby blue, bright pumpkin, cherry pink, lemon yellow, gray, navy blue, red and lime. 


  • Since it’s a no-pull harness and has a vest design, you have better control over your Goldendoodle’s movement
  • Two leash attachment rings in the front and back to suit your different needs
  • Reflective vest for extra safety during nighttime walks
  • Made from durable waterproof nylon oxford, which makes it easy to clean and suitable for every kind of weather


  • Some dogs might get anxious when putting on an overhead dog harness
  • Even though this harness is made from a breathable material, some dogs might get too hot in it while exercising or if you live in a warm climate

We personally use this rabbitgoo harness daily and we absolutely love it. We especially love the front and back clips, the front clip especially because it does noticeably stop Chloe from pulling too hard. We also find the top handle super useful for helping Chloe to a softer landing when jumping out of the car.

I will say, however, that this harness can cause tangles, so we have to be extra diligent and brush Chloe more often to prevent matting.

-Whitney, Founder of Doodle Doods
best harness for goldendoodle
Chloe (40 lb.) wearing her cherry pink rabbitgoo harness in cherry pink.
best harness for goldendoodle
dog wearing car harness and seat belt
Chloe tethered to her car seatbelt via her rabbitgoo harness.

3. EzyDog Quick Fit Adjustable Dog Harness

EzyDog Quick Fit adjustable harness has a simple design, which makes using it as easy as using a collar. It features a patent pending one-click fit system and a patented soft touch technology. The soft padding ensures that your pup feels comfortable while leashed.

EzyDog Quick Fit Custom Fit Adjustable Dog Harness

What we love about this dog harness is that it’s easy to find your pup’s custom fit thanks to the two points of adjustment. In addition, it has reflective stitching so your pup is visible during nighttime. 

However, as this harness only has a back clip, we don’t recommend this for Goldendoodles who like to pull. 

You can choose from colors like black, blue, pink, red, brown, purple, camo, orange. And it comes in six sizes: XX-Small, X-Small, Small, Medium, Large and X-Large. Size Small is a great choice for Toy Goldendoodles, whereas the best harness for Mini Goldendoodle would be Medium. For Standard Goldendoodles, we recommend either the Large or XL version, depending on your Dood’s exact measurements. 


  • Back clip leash attachment, so your dog is less likely to get caught in the leash while walking
  • Reflective stitching on the straps for extra safety at nighttime
  • Neoprene padding makes it more comfortable and also durable
  • Simple overhead design that’s easy to put on your Doodle


  • Back clip harness is not the best option for Goldendoodles who pull
  • Even though the straps have a padded design, the thinner straps can cause friction for very active Doodles

4. PetSafe Gentle Leader No-Pull Headcollar

This PetSafe headcollar has been recommended by a lot of dog owners who don’t enjoy using traditional harnesses. 

It has a no-pull design and helps you teach your Doodle better leash manners by placing pressure on pain-free points. What we love about this headcollar is that the straps are placed around your Doodle’s nose and back of the neck. Therefore, there’s no pressure on the throat and thus a smaller chance of coughing and choking.

PetSafe Gentle Leader Headcollar

Keep in mind that as this headcollar sits on different areas than a regular harness, you should take measurements around your Goldendoodle’s neck and nose. 

It comes in five different sizes: 

  • Petite for dogs weighing less than 5 lbs
  • Small for dogs weighing up to 25 pounds – perfect option for Toy Goldendoodles
  • Medium for dogs weighing around 25 to 60 lbs – the best harness for Mini Goldendoodle
  • Large for dogs weighing around 60 to 130 lbs – best suited for larger Standard Goldendoodles
  • Extra large for giant breeds weighing more than 130 lbs

Colors to choose from are green, black, purple, fawn, pink, red, blue and silver.


  • No-pull harness
  • Doesn’t put pressure on your dog’s neck of throat
  • Recommended by vets and dog trainers
  • Created by a veterinary behaviorist
  • Recommended by dog owners who don’t enjoy using regular harnesses


  • Might not be the best option for very active dogs who pull relentlessly

We have personally used this exact headcollar. Chloe has always been a puller and we had heard that these work wonders for pulling. After being on a neck collar her whole life, the headcollar took her a few days to get used to. And it really did work wonders for the pulling!

-Whitney, Doodle Doods founder
best harness for goldendoodle - headcollar
Chloe wearing the PetSafe Gentle Leader No-Pull Headcollar

However, we ultimately decided to stop using the headcollar because she would wheeze (mildly) with it on. It also seemed to do more harm than good when she saw other dogs during walks (which always makes her super excited and pull really hard), so in these instances the headcollar definitely made her visibly uncomfortable.

I think with a little bit more training, she would’ve been able to wear this with zero issues. However, she is a senior dog so we just didn’t want to stress her out too much with this newfangled contraption.

-Whitney, Doodle Doods founder

Frequently Asked Questions While Shopping For The Best Harness For Your Goldendoodle

1. What Size Harness Should I Get For My Goldendoodle?

When deciding on Goldendoodle harness size, consider your Dood’s weight, measurements, and overall size (whether they’re Toy, Mini, or Standard). Follow the exact sizing instructions for your chosen product. Measure your dog from the points as directed. Weight alone is not the most accurate way to determine if the harness actually fits your Doodle. 

Remember, the best dog harness for Goldendoodle is the one that fits your pup perfectly. 

2. How Quickly Does a Goldendoodle Puppy Outgrow the Harness?

Since your puppy will be doing a lot of growing in their first 12 months, you will naturally need an adjustable harness. However, you will probably have to buy a new harness for your Goldendoodle once he’s reached his adult size.

If you want an estimate of how big your Doodle puppy will be as an adult, our Doodle puppy growth chart and calculator might be useful.

3. Are Mats a Problem With the Harness?

Places where your pup’s neck collar or harness sit tend to be more prone to knots and tangles. Make sure you brush your Doodle regularly and focus on the areas more prone to matting. This will help you avoid the issue altogether.

how to brush a doodle

4. What Kind of Harness is Best for a Goldendoodle That Pulls?

We recommend a no-pull or front clip harness for Goldendoodles who tend to pull. However, lots of trainers and Doodle owners also see great success with headcollars to help train the more enthusiastic dogs not to pull.

5. What Is The Best Leash For Goldendoodle?

When choosing the best leash for Goldendoodle, a standard 4-6 feet leash would be an excellent option. However, you can opt for different types of dog leashes depending on your pup’s unique needs. A basic, yet very durable option is this PetSafe Nylon Dog Leash that comes in both 4 and 6-feet lengths, three different widths, and six different colors. A great option for active Goldendoodle parents is this Tuff Mutt Hands-Free Bungee Leash that you can attach on your waist. 

In conclusion, choosing the best harness for Goldendoodle pups depends on your Doodle’s individual needs. Some might need help with issues like pulling, and some need extra comfort when harnessed. Either way, I’m sure your pup will let you know which one is perfect for him!

And if you’ve been blessed with two Goldendoodles, we recommend you get a double leash (article not published yet) so that you can walk both of your Doods on one leash at the same time with minimal hassle.

What harness works best for your Dood? Let us know in the comments below!

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I enjoy watching your videos. Chloe is so sweet. I have a Goldendoodle that will be two in October, his name is Dallas. He weighs 45lbs and is highly active. He pulls like crazy, so I will try a Harness that you recommended. Thank you for the interesting videos.

August 11, 2021 at 7:57 am
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Ivy loves the pet safe easy walk deluxe and I love it too it’s a dual clip(front and back)harness and that feature makes our walks much more enjoyable.
The dual clip makes a huge difference when clipped on front.

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This newsletter was perfect timing for me. My golden doodle is 7 months, and is doing well, except when we walk. He does fine, until another person or animal walks by. He ignores commands, pulls really hard and just wants to climb on them and lick them. It is hard for me, and very embarrassing. Thanks for the comparisons and information, and for the Amazon link! I just ordered the Rabbitgoo harness and hope using the front clip will help.

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We use PHOEPET No Pull Dog Harness 3M Reflective Adjustable Vest with a Training Handle, Name ID Pocket, 2 Metal Leash Hooks, 3 Snap Buckles [Easy to Put on & Take Off](L, Baby Blue)
Maizie is a rescue goldendoodle and she DID NOT like this over her so we opted for PhoePet and it’s perfect for her!!

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