Double leash for dogs, also known as 2-dog leash, is an excellent alternative in households with two or more pups. If you’re one of those lucky people that’s been blessed with more than one four-legged companion, then having a double leash for your dogs can make a world of difference whenever you and your pups are out and about. 

In this guide, we’re going to discover what makes multi dog leashes so great, as well as how to choose one and use it properly. In addition to that, we’ve also picked out some of the best double leashes for dogs that love to go on walkies together. Keep on reading to find out more! 

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The Benefits Of Using A Double Leash For Dogs: Intro

Having a pet is one of the best joys we can ever experience on this earth. But when you have two (or more) of them, you’re in for a real treat. It’s double the fun, double the love and joy, but also double the hassle and responsibility. In this case, when having to take your precious pals out for a walk. 

Although it’s certainly fun going out for your daily walks with both of your pets at the same time, it can also prove to be quite a troublesome experience if you’re holding onto two separate leashes. One of your pups is going in one direction, the other is going in the completely opposite direction. And we all know how this ends! You’ll quickly lose control over your pups, the leashes get tangled, and it’s going to stress you out big time. Not them though! They’re having all the fun while you’re trying to manage the situation.

If you’re dreading those daily walks, or even have opted for taking your dogs out for walks at different times, then a double leash for dogs can be an excellent solution for this problem. 

What Is A Double Leash For Dogs?

A double leash for dogs is exactly what it says – it’s a multiple dog leash that secures two dogs onto one leash. This means that you’ll only have to hold onto one leash handle and that’s it! 

A two-dog leash is an excellent option if you’ve got two canine pals. You won’t have to worry about holding onto two different leashes and them getting tangled whenever your pals decide to sniff or inspect something interesting. 

The construction of a double leash for dogs is fairly straightforward – the leash handle is as usual, but the other end splits into two and it has two clips instead of one. This way, you can hold onto just one leash, but have both of your pups secured onto it with no compromise on safety or comfort. 

Essentially, you’ll have more control over your dogs and they have plenty of space to romp around and do their business while you’re taking them out. Of course, not everyone needs a double leash for their dogs, especially if your pups have mastered the art of leash walking while out together. However, it’s not uncommon for the usual two separate leash system to fail for some fur fams. 

How Do Multi-Dog Leashes Work?

A regular dog leash will have a handle and then on the opposite side there will be a clip, where you can secure your pup for walks or other activities that require them to be leashed. In contrast, two-dog leashes have a split end or a dual end that has two clips on both of those ends. This way, you can attach both of your pups on each clip while holding onto just one single leash. 

Good quality double leashes for dogs usually have dual ends that are long enough to hold each dog without them being too closely together, while also minimizing the risk of the leash ends becoming tangled. 

In addition to that, there are even some multi-dog leashes on the market that have more than two ends and clips. So, if you have even more dogs in your household or you take multiple dogs out for walks at once, this could be an excellent way to minimize your work so that you can actually enjoy some fresh air while out and about with your furry best friends. 

What’s more, some people choose to use a double leash with dogs that struggle with leash pulling. If you’ve already got a harness for your pup, then securing both of the D-rings on the back and front onto your dual-ended leash will provide you more control over them.  

Top 5 Advantages Of Double Dog Leash

If you’re not yet sold on whether or not you should get one dog leash for two dogs, then maybe the following section can help you make this decision. Here we’ll cover some of the best, most helpful advantages of using multi-dog leashes, so you can decide for yourself! 


If you’ve got multiple dogs, the leash situation can definitely become a bit messy. A double leash for dogs can offer you a great deal of convenience if you have two pups in your household. First of all, you won’t have to manage two different leashes, but instead can hold onto just one. 

Secondly, having two ends on the leash makes it easier for you to keep both of them close, without having their separate leashes tangled up. All in all, having just one 2-dog leash is a much more convenient solution than dealing with two separate leashes!

More Control & Safety

Another great benefit of using a dog leash for two dogs is that you’ll also have much more control over them. As we said, you won’t have to deal with two separate lashes and your dogs going in completely opposite directions at once. Instead, a two-dog leash will keep your pups walking side-by-side and you won’t have to worry about being dragged into different directions. 

With multi-dog leashes, you won’t need to switch between leash handles if one dog stops suddenly or takes off in another direction. Having two leashes connected keeps your pups more secure during walks while giving you more control overall. Needless to say, this makes a double leash for dogs also a super safe option, as your dogs will be close by and firmly leashed. 

No Tangling Or Crossing Of Leashes

Double-ended dog leashes are incredibly useful for keeping two dogs from tangling or crossing their leashes when out for a walk. Since the leashes are connected, there is no risk of them becoming knotted together. That’s especially true for 2-dog leashes that have a swivel mechanism that’s designed to prevent tangling. 

Easy To Train

Although a multi-dog leash can most definitely benefit both pups at once, it can also be an insanely helpful tool when leash training just one dog. As the leash has two ends and clips, you can secure one clip on your dog’s back and the other on the chest. This spreads pressure across all of the upper body, but also provides you more control and lets you steer your pup better. 

In fact, leash pulling and leash walking can be tricky for many pups, and there’s no shame in having to ask for some help! If you and your pup are struggling with this issue, then we recommend you consider subscribing to an online puppy school, such as this one by Baxter & Bella. With these resources, you’ll soon have the most well-mannered pup by your side – even when you’re out for a walk.  


Taking two dogs on a walk with a two-dog leash can be an excellent way for them to bond and become more comfortable around each other. Not only can they both enjoy the fresh air, but having a double-ended leash encourages the two pups to stick together and act as partners, rather than individuals. This shared experience can help foster trust and understanding between them, leading to a closer relationship overall. 

However, we strongly advise against forcing your pets to be secured on a two-dog leash if they absolutely don’t get along. This can do more harm than good! 

Factors To Consider When Buying Double Leash For Dogs

Consider Your Dogs’ Breed & Size

If you’re browsing through dog leashes for two dogs, then one of the most important factors to consider is your dogs’ size and breed. You want to leash length to be appropriate according to your dogs’ size. Similarly, you want to choose a leash that’s sturdy and thick enough for your dogs. For instance, narrow straps may not be as functional for larger and stronger dogs, whereas a small pup won’t need the thickest strap ever created. 

In addition to that, if your dogs’ are in very different size categories, you either have to reconsider getting a double-ended leash, or opt for something that lets you adjust the length of each leash ending separately. 

Another thing we must note is that although a double leash can be a great option for dogs that are of different sizes, it sometimes may actually backfire. That’s especially true if one of your dogs is much more active than the other or if one of them tends to walk much faster due to their size or age. 

Is It Adjustable?

As we said, you might want to consider getting an adjustable two-dog leash, especially if your pups aren’t in the same size category. To be fair, even if they are similar in size, having a leash that’s fully customizable will give you much more control. After all, all dogs are different and have their unique needs, even when it comes to their leashes. 

Moreover, if your multi-dog leash has adjustable lengths between the two dogs, you can customize it accordingly in different situations. If you’re out for a leisurely stroll, then having your dogs on long leashes will be likely perfect for everyone. However, if you need more control in certain situations, then you can easily adjust the leash so that they’re closer together. 

Check For Quality & Durability

Quality and durability should be at the top of your list when choosing a double leash for dogs. The material should be strong enough to handle daily walks, exercise, and tugging throughout the walk. Naturally, the bigger and stronger your dogs, the sturdier the leash should be as well. Materials like nylon can be extremely durable, but also lightweight and easy to clean. 

But it’s not just the leash material that you should check. You’ll also want to make sure that the hardware in the construction is high-quality and actually withstands daily use, especially if you have larger and stronger dogs. For larger pups, we recommend heavy-duty clips and fastenings that are made from durable materials, such as 100% stainless steel. 

Don’t Forget Handle Comfort & Ease Of Use!

When choosing a two-dog leash for your best pals, don’t forget to also consider your own comfort. Pay attention to the handle construction and see if there’s any padding or cushioning to reduce the strain on your hands. Likewise, as you’ll be holding the handle tightly whenever you’re out for a walk, the handle should provide a good grip without any slipping and with minimal wear and tear. In fact, the handle should be strong enough for you to comfortably manage two dogs at the same time. It’s double the weight and pressure, after all! 

Another thing we recommend you double check is whether or not the multi-dog leash has a coupler or a swiveling mechanism. This ensures that the leash endings will spin without getting tangled. Otherwise, you’re simply back in square one when having to deal with tangled and crossing leashes!

If You Like Going On Nighttime Walks…

When shopping for a two-dog leash, then we recommend you either get something bright colored or with reflective stitching. For instance, many double leashes for dogs already feature reflective stitching that provides added visibility in low light settings. But not all of them! So, if you and your pups enjoy late night walkies, then this is an absolute must. 

Best Double Leash For Dogs: Top 5 Picks In 2023

Wigzi Dual Doggie Gel Rope Dog Leash

If you’re on the hunt for a no tangle dog leash for 2 dogs, then you should most definitely check out the Wigzi Dual Doggie Gel Rope Dog Leash. It has a built-in coupler that ensures that the leashes will be automatically entangled, saving you a lot of trouble! This double leash also has an ergonomic handle with a soft and squishy gel filling, providing you a good grip and reducing hand fatigue. That’s especially helpful since you’ll have the weight of two dogs on one handle. 

Wigzi Dual Doggie Gel Rope Dog Leash

This dual-ended dog leash comes in small and medium/large sizes, and both of these options have a 4.5-foot rope on each end. The small size features smaller hooks and ropes that won’t weigh down smaller pups, whereas the medium/large size has heavy duty ropes and hooks to manage larger dogs. We also love that this 2-dog leash has a reflective rope stitching, making it an excellent choice for nighttime walkies! 

Pet Fit For Life Dual Dog Leash With Bowl

If you’re looking for an adjustable two-dog leash, then you’ve got to check out this dual dog leash by Pet Fit For Life. It’s a truly heavy duty option that even holds up under the most extreme pressure and weather conditions. And it’s perfect for nighttime use, as it also has reflective stitching. 

Pet Fit For Life Dual Dog Leash with Bowl

It features a stainless steel double ringed swivel that will keep your pups from tangling everyone up. In addition to that, it also has integrated bungee tethers that are designed to absorb shock and provide a more gentle walking experience for your dogs. And what’s more, all stress points are triple reinforced, so you can rest assured knowing that even the strongest pups won’t manage to break free from this leash. It also has a soft grip handle made with foam rubber, so you have a truly comfortable hold of the leash whenever you’re out for a walk with your pups. 

What we love about this double leash for dogs is that it can be adjusted to either 64-inches or 34-inches, depending on your preference and situation. By the way, it comes in both large and small sizes, and both bundles also include a collapsible water bowl – perfect for going on long walks with your best pals! 

Caldwell’s Original Dual Leash

And finally, we have this simple, yet functional dual leash from Caldwell’s. It comes in three colors like black, red, and blue, so there are plenty of options to choose from. The leash itself has a length of 4.5 feet and it can hold even large-sized breeds! It also features a thick neoprene handle that will provide you with an easy and comfortable grip. 

Caldwell’s Original Dual Leash

Of course, this two-dog leash also has a swiveling mechanism that helps prevent leash crossing and tangling. After all, that’s the goal of using a double leash, anyway. It’s also made from durable materials, such as the braided nylon leash that will let you have good control over your dogs and keep them safely leashed. 

How Do You Use A Double Dog Leash?

Using a double dog leash is fairly straightforward, as you can probably imagine. Start by attaching it to both of your dogs’ collars or harnesses and make sure the clasps are secure before heading out. 

Then, adjust the length of the leash ends (if they’re adjustable) so that you can comfortably manage each dog from one central point. Of course, make sure you hold onto the handle firmly whenever you and your doggos are out for a walk – a secure grip is vital to prevent your dogs from accidentally escaping or harming themselves. 

If it’s your first time securing both of your dogs onto a multi-dog leash, then you might want to introduce them to this type of leash walking with short and controlled walks. This will give them time to adjust.

Does Using Two Leashes Help Stop Dog From Pulling?

Indeed, using dual-ended dog leash can help you to stop your dogs from pulling. By using a double leash, you have more control over both dogs and can quickly and easily correct them if they start to pull. 

By the way, double leashes aren’t exclusively made for walking two dogs at once. You can also use a double leash for dogs that aren’t as experienced leash walkers just yet. A double-ended leash can be especially helpful for a dog that pulls on the leash! Just attach one leash side onto your dog’s chest and the other onto their back, and you’ll have more control over their movements. 

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Using Multiple Dog Leashes

You’ve made it to the end of this guide, so it’s time to do a quick recap of everything we discussed. If you’ve decided to try a double leash for your dogs, then there are a few do’s and don’ts to keep in mind:


  • Opt for two-dog leashes that have a swiveling coupler system that prevents tangling. 
  • Choose a double leash for your dogs according to their size. You might want to consider an adjustable option if necessary! 
  • Make sure the leash clips are securely attached to each dog’s collar or harness.
  • Move slowly and try to walk in unison with your dogs.
  • Reward good behavior with treats and praise throughout the walk and practice regularly until it becomes a habit for both dogs!
  • Use redirection techniques if the dogs start to pull, such as calling out their names or rewarding calm behavior.


  • Don’t ever pull or yank on the leash with excessive force, as this can cause discomfort and pain for the dogs.
  • Don’t scold or punish your pup’s for misbehaving or going into different directions. They’re simply curious! Positive reinforcement and redirection techniques are key here. 
  • Don’t use a double leash if one of your dogs is very strong or much more active than the other – in this case it may be better to use two separate leashes instead.
  • Don’t opt for flimsy double leashes with sub-par hardware. As the leash has to hold the weight of two dogs, it’s especially important for the construction to handle that kind of pressure! 
  • Don’t force your dogs to walk on a double leash if they don’t get along at all! Your first goal should be to either take appropriate steps for them to start getting along, or opt for separate walkies altogether. 

The Benefits Of Using A Double Leash For Dogs: FAQs

Is A Double Leash Good For Dogs?

A double leash can be an excellent tool for walking two dogs. However, not everyone prefers this type of arrangement, nor do all dogs benefit from multi-dog leashes. It all boils down to your and your dogs’ unique needs, temperament, and overall behavior. 

What Is The Purpose Of A Double Leash?

The purpose of a double leash is to offer greater control and convenience when walking two dogs at the same time. By using a double leash, it might be easier for you to keep both dogs in line without having to individually manage them with two separate leashes. In addition to that, many double leashes for dogs often have a swiveling mechanism, which means that you don’t have to worry about any tangled or crossing leashes. 

What’s The Best Way To Walk 2 Dogs?

There isn’t a one size fits all approach to this, as some dogs don’t have any issues with walking together, whereas others simply hate having to go on walks with their canine sibling. If your dogs get along well, then having a double leash for your dogs is likely going to be a great solution. However, if they can’t stand each other at all, then we do recommend you reconsider. 

Likewise, dogs that struggle with leash walking may have a difficult time getting used to double leash walkies, so that’s something you should keep in mind as well. Additionally, you should consider your dogs’ size, age, and activity levels, as you don’t want one of them overpowering the other while leashed together. 

Do Double Dog Leashes Work?

Yes, double dog leashes can be very effective if used correctly. They help to keep both dogs under control and make it easier for you to manage two dogs at once. A double leash will also prevent your dogs’ leashes from getting tangled – we all know how annoying this can be! 

Is It Better To Walk Dogs Together Or Separate?

Whether it’s better to walk dogs together or separately depends on the individual dogs and their behaviors. If the two dogs have a good relationship and get along, walking them together can be beneficial as it gives them a chance to interact and bond with each other. 

However, if the two dogs have aggressive tendencies towards one another, it may be better to walk them separately. Additionally, some breeds may require more exercise than others, or they may be too large and too strong compared to your other pup. 

The Benefits Of Using A Double Leash For Dogs: Final Thoughts

A double leash for dogs has got to be one of the best inventions we’ve seen in the canine world. The benefits of using a double leash are clear – you’ll get to take both of your pups out for a walk at the same time, without having to worry about managing two separate leashes and them getting tangled. On the other hand, two-dog leashes aren’t always the most appropriate solution. So, it’s vital that you assess your unique situation beforehand. We hope you’ve learned something new about walking multiple dogs at once and that you can make your pups’ daily walkies more enjoyable for everyone involved! 

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