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So I Bought a $65 Hair Brush…For My Dog – Chris Christensen Brush Review!

But First, Pin It!

As a lurker in various online doodle forums, I’ve seen a lot of good info. Every once in a while someone asks what the best brush for doodles is, and there is always one in particular that people keep recommending. The dog brush in question? A certain coral-colored slicker Chris Christensen brush. A brush that I didn’t even know existed until I noticed all these people talking about it. Apparently the thing is amazing, but the catch? It costs $65! 😮 (And my 2016-self thought spending $20-something on a dog brush was a lot!)

Now don’t get me wrong, I am all for high-quality. The aforementioned $20-something pin brush I bought for Chloe (also made by Chris Christensen) a few years ago has been a wonderful addition to our grooming toolbox. But I wasn’t so sure I wanted needed to know what $65-high-quality felt like. I thought, “Eh, we already have a slicker brush that we barely use…”

Tools you need to groom a goldendoodle

Until one recent day, something in my brain changed. “It’s only $65…” I thought. “And look at all these great reviews!” I thought some more.

Well I guess I convinced myself, because here we are. And after a few uses, I think I’m ready to give my thoughts and review this “famous” coral Chris Christensen brush, also known as the Chris Christensen Big G Long Pin Slicker Brush. In this review I’ll be comparing it to a cheap, brand-less slicker brush that I’ve had for years.

Holding this Chris Christensen Brush

Right off the bat, the first time I touched and held the thing in my hand I knew this was not just any brush off the street. Apparently there is a very special lightweighted-ness to Chris Christensen brushes. I recall feeling this same feeling when I first held the oval pin brush back in 2016.

The handle is very nice. Like, really very nice. It’s so smooth and soft. It doesn’t feel cheap at all, like my other one. It also seems like they were aiming for the handle to be ergonomic since it’s contoured. After a few brushing sessions I can’t say that my hand hurt, so that’s good at least.

Chris Christensen Brush - Big G long pin slicker brush

How the Pins Feel to the Touch

The pins are definitely more malleable than my old slicker brush. Meaning, they seem easier to bend out of shape. And might seem that way because the pins are longer, or are secured into the brush differently. Either way, if I take my fingers and glide them over the two brushes, they will glide with ease over the Big G, but they will kind of get stuck on the cheap one. Also, the cheap slicker brush’s pins definitely feel a lot more pokey than the Big G’s pins. 

How the Pins Feel on the Scalp

Ah, my favorite part: trying the brush on my own head! I like to do this before even touching Chloe with new brushes. I like to get a feel for what she will feel. (And whether or not I should just keep the brush for myself, haha!) 

Feeling the pins on my head during actual use, and feeling the pins on my fingers for fun are two totally different stories. I simulated actual brushing, using the same strokes, pressure, and motions as I would normally. I can say that the pins didn’t feel so nice on my scalp when I did this. Though not painful, it definitely felt a bit uncomfortable, like getting scratched by a hundred dull cat claws at the same time. However, if I changed the brushing technique so that the pins only touched my scalp for a split second and then continued through and out of my hair, it felt much better. 

I’d hate to subject Chloe to continual discomfort like that, so I will be mindful of this aspect when brushing her from now on. I would encourage everyone else who owns this brush to do the same.

What this Brush Did to My Hair

Since I have dark hair I couldn’t get a good picture of what the brush did to my hair. But I would describe it as this: you know how nice and silky and smooth your hair feels after it gets blow dried? That’s what my hair felt like after using the brush. I can’t even say that about my own “human” hairbrush, let alone the other cheap slicker brush we have.

Effectiveness at Getting Out Mats

Because Chloe is shaved down every few months (at home), she rarely gets mats. Therefore, I don’t have experience getting out deep, large mats with this brush. However, based on online reviews, apparently the brush is very effective with mats.

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Effectiveness at Picking Up Loose [Undercoat] Hair

After brushing Chloe for about 7 minutes, the brush had picked up a ton of her hair.

Chris Christensen Brush - Big G long pin slicker brush

Time Spent Brushing

Many people online have said that this brush has decreased their overall daily brushing time by a lot. Unfortunately, Chloe rarely gets brushed daily so I don’t have a lot to go off of. But, I agree that the time spent brushing using this brush has seemingly shortened.

The Dog’s Enjoyment

I truly believe Chloe enjoys being brushed with this Chris Christensen brush because she doesn’t run away when she sees it. Ha!

Chris Christensen Brush - Big G long pin slicker brush

Ease of Getting the Collected Hair Out From Between the Pins

I am able to get most of the hair out from between the pins/bristles in one clump by just grabbing it. But there is always some hair left deep down in there so I just use a comb to scrape it out. Not difficult at all. Check out the above video at the 9:02 minute marker to see how I did this.

So, Was $65 Worth it for this Chris Christensen Brush?

Now, a lot of people have said that this Chris Christensen brush is “worth every penny”. While I think it is a pretty great brush, I am willing to bet that there are brushes out there that are comparable in quality but for a more affordable price. I could be totally off-base here but I honestly think that this is just one of those brand name situations, where you are paying more because of its label. Then again, I really only have my old cheap slicker brush to compare it to. 

Or, maybe I’m totally wrong…I am neither a professional groomer, nor does my dog typically get matted hair. So this brush may not work as intended for us, like it would for doodles who get matted easily. (If you own this brush: please weigh in in the comments section below!) However, there are many pro groomers who recommend this brush specifically for doodles.

All that said, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to feeling a bit of buyer’s remorse on this purchase. 

Overall, though, I would definitely recommend the brush (but only if you have money to spend). As doodle parents we really do need to be mindful about our dogs’ coats. And when we are required to spend this much time brushing out our dogs, it can’t hurt to have a really high-quality brush to help us get it done faster and easier.


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