When I was a kid I used to HATE it when my mom cleaned my eye crusties…especially in public.

I vowed I would never do that to my kids…

But here we are…LOL! (Never say never.)

Like mother like daughter… haha!

Aside from her abundance of energy and continued curiosity of all things that move, as I think about it, it’s no wonder Chloe has been able to stay so young-looking.

She’s 9 years old, and yet people are surprised to find out that she’s older than 9 MONTHS!


Notice how she doesn’t have tear stains under her eyes, which are often an indictor of a dog’s age?

It’s because I turned into my mother and pick Chloe’s eye boogers multiple times daily.

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Also, here’s a really good tip from fellow reader Rikki:

“Bravo for talking about something that many would consider gross. Before we even got our Rosie, I saw a video about Doodles that mentioned they often get eye infections because their owners do not keep their hair trimmed near their eyes. Although I have not been brave enough to try grooming her myself yet, I have kept Rosie’s hair trimmed around her eyes, and like you, clean those eye boogers off at least once a day. If one is too grossed out to use their bare finger, you can dampen a tissue and cover your finger with that.

Thanks for the tip, Rikki!

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Do you do this to your Doodle?

What other tips do you have to keep their eyes neat and clean? Just comment below!

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