Adopting a new pet is a joyous experience that comes with an array of responsibilities. Among the first of these is choosing the best name for them. While this can also be a ton of fun, it can also be one of the hardest things you have to do because, when it comes to Goldendoodle boy names, there are a staggering number of options out there.

Here we will cover some popular methods for thinking up new pet names and explain why some may be better than others. We will also provide a few ideas to get you started in coming up with a name for your baby boy Goldendoodle that the whole family will love.

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Key Considerations When Choosing a Name

The best name for your dog is one that you love, one that suits your pet well, and that is also reasonably practical. So, while the sky’s the limit, creatively speaking, and there are no clear and steadfast rules, there are a couple of things you will want to bear in mind. 

Keep it Simple – Or Make it Simpler

Long, difficult to pronounce names might seem witty and original, but they come with a whole bunch of issues. Firstly, it might be difficult for your pet to recognize Abacus Von Wigglebottom as being their name. To dogs, names are simply cues to action and, just like any other training cue, e.g. ‘sit,’ ‘stay,’ ‘come,’ ‘heel,’ the shorter and snappier they are, the better they will catch your pup’s attention. 

Names that end in vowels sounds are also particularly handy for conveying tone. It is more readily apparent to your pet when you call them for cuddles compared with if they have done – or are about to do – something wrong. Names that end in a long ‘ee’ sound, such as Archie, Bailey, and Eddie are especially popular with pet parents. 

Finally, you need to consider the practicalities of yelling a long name across the park. After the thousandth “come here, Groucho Barx,” you’ll be kicking yourself, believe me! Two syllable names are a happy medium – they are short but express tone. However, if you just can’t help yourself giving your pooch a fancy name, pick out a suitable nickname for everyday use. 

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Try to Avoid Confusion

Another issue that owners come across when picking out a name for their pet is opting for one that’s just too common. So, for instance, you might choose to name your pup after a relative or favored type of wine. In this case, your dog may struggle to understand when you are referring to them. Likewise, if you have more than one pet with similar-sounding names, there could be some confusion there.  

Other names may be more original but could sound too much like other training commands. Remember that dogs don’t distinguish between words the same way we do (however much we would like to believe that they understand every word we utter). So, in doggy world, ‘Joe’ could sound all too similar to ‘no,’ and ‘Kit’ might easily be confused with ‘sit.’

Coming Up with the Right Name

So now you know what not to do; let’s take a look at a couple of ideas for thinking up a great name for your little Dood. 

Factor in Their Appearance and/or Personality

Many dog owners take cues from their pup’s appearance when naming them. Goldendoodles come in a wide variety of sizes and colors based mostly on the type of Poodle applied to the equation. They can also inherit either a curly, wavy, or straight coat. This all gives you a great place to start, and we have included some cool ideas below. 

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Personality is another popular source of inspiration – especially because each hound is so individual. However, this means that you may have to delay naming your new fur baby a few days as you get to know them. This won’t be a problem for your pup, who will be too busy exploring their new home and getting to know their new family to care that they don’t have a name yet. 

Draw Ideas from Your Surroundings

Suppose you’re looking for something a little more unique, creative, or something that showcases your own personality. In that case, you might opt to name your pooch after something you like. This could include an object from a preferred hobby (Atlas for travel fans, Ulysses for readers…), a favorite food or drink (Bagel, Waffles, Whisky), or even a character from a treasured book or movie – especially if your pet happens to resemble them in some way. A cold and aloof Darcy, for instance. 

Just be sure to leave overly complex, quirky, or slightly rude names off the list. After all, you will likely be yelling this word from your doorstep or across the park some days. You don’t want a name that’s going to leave you tongue-tied or red in the face every time you call out to your Dood.  

If you’re still struggling with ideas, here are some of our most favorite Goldendoodle names for boys to give you a little nudge in the right direction. 

Names By Color

While Goldendoodles do come in an assortment of hues, gold is by far the most common. Some names that work well for these dogs are: 

  • Auric 
  • Biscuit
  • Crackers
  • Popcorn
  • Sandy

By Size

Another key factor when deriving names, size can prompt some excellent ideas: 

Great names for Toy/Miniature Goldendoodles include: 

  • Boots 
  • Chip
  • Dinky
  • Hamlin 
  • Rascal

If your Medium/Standard Goldendoodle is on the larger side, you could call them: 

  • Brutus
  • Everest
  • Horse
  • Marmaduke
  • Spike 

Some people choose to mix and match for comedy value by naming their enormous pup ‘Tiny’ or their toy pet something that implies substantial size to match their larger-than-life personality.

By Character

Goldendoodles are naturally friendly, playful dogs with plenty of energy. They are highly sociable critters who get along with just about anyone and everyone. Male Goldies tend to be a little more laid back and loving than their female counterparts – but every dog is completely unique to themselves. 

If your Goldie is all cute, cuddly they could be:

  • Buddy
  • Chester
  • Jonas
  • Teddy
  • Toto

For the active adventurer in your life, you might like: 

  • Alfresco
  • Blaze
  • Champ
  • Comet
  • Spirit

Human vs. Canine Names

While some prefer to have distinctly nonhuman names for their pets, for others giving their pup a people name makes them feel a bit more a part of the family.

Many would argue that there are perhaps some names out there that are just a little too human to suit our floofy friends (Keith or James, perhaps?). However, as we already covered, there are no diehard rules to this game. If you like it and it works, then why the heck not

For fans of canine names

  • Bruno
  • Copper
  • Fang
  • Milo
  • Ripley

If you like something a little more peoplely:

  • Cody
  • Dexter
  • Harvey
  • Oliver
  • Quinn

Vintage Names

Finally, an excellent compromise between a more human name and a more dog name is a vintage person name – a grandpa name! You’d be surprised at how well some of these suit Doodles! 

  • Archie
  • Benson
  • Dougie
  • Ralph
  • Winston

For a more comprehensive list of Doodle name ideas, check out our Puppy Name Finder.

Frequently Asked Questions: Naming Your Goldendoodle

Do dogs respond better to certain names?

Canine experts tell us that dogs do better with two-syllable names that include sharp-sounding consonants such as P, K, and D. The reason for this is they create more energy compared to softer-sounding consonants and vowels and so are more attention-grabbing. 

How long will it take my Goldendoodle to learn his name?

You want your dog to learn to recognize their name early on as it’s the best way for you to be able to get their attention. You can train them to come to their name as you would to respond to any other command – with patience and plenty of treats. If they are not still reacting after a couple of weeks of this, the problem could lie in the name itself. 

Can you rename an adopted dog?

According to PetMD, it’s fine to rename your rescue dog. It gives them a fresh start and serves as a useful bonding tool between you and your new pet. However, if you have adopted an older dog, this may take a little longer as they have been used to answering to this name their entire lives. Yet this shouldn’t hold you back from assigning them a name that works better for you. 

Picking the perfect name for your pooch isn’t always as easy as it sounds. With such a variety of available options, you may worry that the one you opt for isn’t the best fit for your pup. While you want to ensure you select something you like and are going to continue liking for many years to come, try not to overthink it too much. Chances are your Goldendoodle will love whatever moniker you assign them every bit as much as they love you. 

What did you name your little Dood? Let us know in the comments below!

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We need our Sheepadoodle Samuel, after his father Samson.

January 4, 2023 at 9:48 am
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My cockapoo is called TANNER and he’s apricot colour

November 25, 2023 at 2:17 pm

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