You’re all ready to start the adoption process, and suddenly you’re stuck with the obvious question – male vs female Goldendoodles. Which one should you choose? In this article, we’re going to talk about all the differences and similarities between male and female Goldendoodles so you can decide which pup would thrive best in your household. Let’s get started!

Male vs Female Doodles: Gender Comparison

Although male and female Goldendoodles share more similarities, there are some differences that set them apart. This does not mean in any way that one gender is better than the other. However, knowing what to expect with both genders is the key to understanding if either of them is more suitable for your household. So, let’s take a look at the male vs female Goldendoodles key differences and similarities. 

Male vs Female Goldendoodles

Male vs Female Goldendoodles: Physical Differences


Probably the biggest difference between male and female Goldendoodles is their size. Like most larger dogs, male Goldendoodles are usually taller, heavier, and overall bulkier than females. On the other hand, the difference is most noticeable in Standard Goldendoodles. With smaller Goldendoodles, you’re less likely to notice the difference between males and females.

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In terms of grooming, there’s no difference between males and females. As you might know, Goldendoodles can be rather high maintenance thanks to their beautiful coats. To keep your pup healthy and looking fresh, make sure you follow their grooming routine religiously. 

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Health Differences

The main differences between male and female Goldendoodles’ health come down to their reproductive systems. Naturally, females experience different gender-specific problems than males. For example, females are at a risk of breast cancer, while males can develop problems with the prostate. All in all, both males and females are as healthy as the other, and have the same life expectancy. 

Male vs Female Goldendoodles: Behavioral Difference


Thanks to all the hormonal changes during the teenage period, both males and females can start showing this behavior. Humping is completely normal for both genders, but it can become a distracting (and sometimes embarrassing) habit for some pups. With positive enforcement and a little bit of training, you can easily adjust your Goldendoodle’s behavior so it won’t become a regular thing.   

Territory Marking

Besides humping, territory marking is another behavior that male and female Goldendoodles start to show when they reach sexual maturity. Both male and female Goldendoodles like to mark their territory when out and about. Unless a dog has underlying health conditions, spayed or neutered dogs tend to only mark outside. However, unneutered males can form a bad habit of marking indoors. 

Male vs Female Goldendoodles: Personality Differences

Personality wise, both male and female Goldendoodles are known to be super friendly and loving companions. Contrary to some beliefs, males are not more aggressive than females, and females are not calmer and more tamed than males. After all, Goldendoodles are famous for their kind and gentle nature. And this applies to both genders. 

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Of course, all dogs have their own unique personality traits. Some are more affectionate, some are more independent. However, this has more to do with their individual personalities. If you’re looking for a dog with specific traits, your breeder will be able to recommend you the most suitable puppy from the litter. 

Male vs Female Goldendoodles: Training Differences

One of the biggest appeals of Goldendoodles is their high intelligence levels. Thanks to their genetic jackpot, both male and female Goldendoodles are very easy to train, and there’s no difference between the two genders. Again, males are not more stubborn than females, and females are not calmer than males. They’re both smart, eager to learn, and eager to please their human parents. 

Male Or Female Doodle: Which One To Choose?

Based on the gender of your existing pet…

Although there aren’t many differences between male vs. female Doodles, their gender can be a huge factor when adopting your new little family member. If you already have a dog, it’s usually recommended to adopt a pup of the opposite sex. Two males and two females can result in some tension and aggression, which is not an ideal solution for either the dogs or you. Dogs tend to do best in pairs, so if you already have a male dog at home, adopt a female Goldendoodle. And if you have a female dog, adopt a male Goldendoodle. 

If you wish to raise your own puppies…

Raising your very own Goldendoodle puppies is literally *the dream*! If you’ll be able to provide a safe and comfortable environment for new baby Goldendoodles, it only makes sense to adopt a female Goldendoodle who can then raise the Goldendoodle puppies.  

Frequently Asked Questions: Male vs Female Goldendoodle

Is It Better To Get A Male Or Female Goldendoodle?

Neither of the genders is better than the other. Both male and female Goldendoodles have great personalities and they’re both easy to train. However, if you already have a dog at home, it’s best to adopt a Goldendoodle of the opposite gender. Males and females tend to do better together than two males or two females. 

Are Female Doodles Easier To Train Than Males?

No, female Goldendoodles are not easier to train than males. In terms of trainability, both genders have inherited high intelligence levels from their super smart parent pups. If some Goldendoodles are easier to train than others, it has to do with their genetics and the environment they’re raised in. 

Are Male Goldendoodles Aggressive?

No, both male and female Goldendoodles are friendly and loving dogs. Neither of the genders is more aggressive than the other. On the other hand, all dogs have their own individual personalities and traits. Some Goldendoodles are super cuddly, some like to roam around on their own.  

To conclude, although male and female Goldendoodles have more similarities than differences, there are a few reasons why you should opt for either gender. Namely, if you already have a dog at home, you should make sure that both your existing and new pet get along well. Nevertheless, the differences between Goldendoodles only go as far as their size. When we compare male vs female Goldendoodles, we see that they’re both smart, friendly, and affectionate dogs, regardless of their gender. More than anything, each dog is unique and has its own individual personality. 

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