Labradoodles: The Basics

Learn all about the Labrador Retriever-Poodle mix.

(Not to be confused with the Australian Labradoodle)

Labradoodles 101: An Intro

Learn about Labradoodle coats, sizes, generations, temperament, health, and where to find Labradoodle puppies for sale.

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Labradoodle Growth Charts

Learn about the growth patterns for each size of Labradoodle, which formulas to use, and predict their adult weights with our interactive growth chart/calculator!

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Labradoodle Coat Colors and Patterns

Learn all about the various Labradoodle coat colors and patterns.

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Labradoodle Shedding

Learn whether Labradoodles shed, how much, the causes, and how to prevent shedding.

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Are Labradoodles Good Family Dogs?

In this article we cover all the essentials for determining the best family dog – how does the Labradoodle fare?

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Find A Labradoodle Breeder

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Labradoodle Haircuts

View pictures of Labradoodle haircut styles.

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Best Brushes for Labradoodles

Learn which brushes are best for Labradoodles based on coat type.

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