With an overwhelming number of products available, it can be tough to know where to get started with trying to find the best shampoo for Labradoodle dogs. You can begin to narrow down the selection by considering the breed’s more general requirements, which include detangling, conditioning, and hypoallergenic properties, as well as your dog’s own specific needs.

Here we provide an overview of common Doodle coat issues and review Doodle owner-recommended shampoos (and conditioners) with the aim of helping you make the best choice for you and your pup.

Top 5 Shampoos Doodle Owners Swear By

We went through some online Doodle forums and tallied up the most recommended shampoos. Later on in this post, we will dive deeper into each product. In the meantime, here are the top 5 best shampoo for labradoodle recommendations and each product’s key features:

Different Types of Labradoodle Shampoo

All-Natural Shampoos

High-quality shampoos make use of natural ingredients to provide everything your dog needs for a healthy-looking coat. These blends offer an effective clean without harsh chemicals, synthetic dyes, and fragrances. You can often find these shampoos at a very reasonable price – good for you, great for your dog.

Soothing Shampoos

If your pup gets a little nervous at bath time, consider a soothing shampoo. They offer just as much cleaning power as other types but include essential oils like lavender or mint that calm your dog. These shampoos are particularly useful for puppies and rescue dogs, helping them relax and get used to being in the tub.

Medicated Shampoos

A dog’s skin naturally has beneficial bacteria and yeast to keep it healthy and protected from the elements. However, in damp or humid conditions, these can both increase to harmful levels. The result is red, itchy, inflamed, painful skin. Medicated shampoos contain ingredients that help to deal with this issue.

2-in-1 Shampoos

2-in-1 shampoos are perfect for owners who find they need to frequently bathe their pup but don’t want the hassle of multiple products. They contain ingredients great for cleaning and moisturizing, too. While these are suitable for most hair types, they are not always as effective on particularly coarse or curly coats.

Does Your Labradoodle’s Coat Have Any Specific Needs?

As every good Doodle parent knows, Labradoodle hair varies more than that of other breeds. Each dog will have inherited either the Poodle’s curly wool coat, the Lab’s hair one, or a fleece mix of the two. These coats each have slightly different needs.

merle labradoodle
Labradoodle with a curly (wool) coat.

However, there are a few issues that are common to this breed. Knowing these can help guide you towards the best products for your pal and paying attention to their individual needs can get you the rest of the way there. 

…If You Have a Puppy

labradoodle puppy

Labradoodles don’t finish growing their adult coat until they are around 14 months old. With a puppy coat, a milder shampoo is called for that won’t irritate their skin or eyes. We recommend the following:

Best Puppy Shampoos

…If Grooming Your Pooch is a Real Challenge

By far the biggest problem that you are likely to encounter with these dogs is knots, mats, and tangles. Although, this can be much more of an issue with curly coats than hair ones. If your Doodle fits this category, your best bet is to use a detangling shampoo such as the following. Alternatively, pair your regular shampoo with a hydration boosting conditioner.

Best Detangling Shampoo

…If Your Pup Has Allergies

Labradoodles often have quite sensitive skin. So if you find your dog furiously scratching away right after a bath, the shampoo could be to blame. Certain chemicals commonly found in pet products can cause irritation, as can residual shampoo. There’s now an extensive range of easy-rinse, hypoallergenic blends. The following are all excellent options:

Best Hypoallergenic Shampoos

…If Your Doodle Sometimes Gets a Little Stinky

Labradoodles are probably one of the least smelly breeds around. However, if your pup happily dives headfirst into every muddy puddle around, you will need a shampoo that can deal with that infamous wet dog stench. Luckily, many popular brands have been working hard to tackle this problem. The following can all help with keeping your dog (and your house) smelling fresh:

Best Shampoo for Odor

Top 5 Best Shampoo for Labradoodles: Reviews

Best Overall

This excellent shampoo, suitable for horses, dogs, cats, and even humans, contains fast-acting ingredients that can leave even the toughest coat squeaky clean down to the skin. The powerful ingredients dissolve dirt and dust, while the panthenol and silk proteins are excellent for enhancing shine and locking in moisture. No matter their coat type your four-legged friend is guaranteed beautifully healthy hair and skin. Cowboy Magic Rosewater Shampoo really is a good all-rounder, but it’s particularly great for dogs that love to get mucky.

Cowboy Magic Rosewater Shampoo and Conditioner

For many Doodle owners, this is the secret weapon for detangling those gorgeous Poodle curls, saving them a lot of effort with grooming. You only need a dab of shampoo to get loads of suds that rinse easily, leaving nothing behind but clean, fresh dog. (It doesn’t hurt that the shampoo smells super yummy, too!)

Coat Type: All


  • Deep cleaning
  • Hydrates and protects
  • Pleasant scent
  • Suitable for most coat types


  • Flimsy packaging

Best for Sensitive Skin

Even though this is a people shampoo, the ultra-mild, pH-balanced blend is actually perfect for Labradoodles, too. The deep-cleaning, hypoallergenic formula is free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates, dyes, and harsh fragrances, making it suitable for regular use and gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin. Johnson’s Head-To-Toe Gentle Baby Wash & Shampoo is particularly great for young dogs and those with skin allergies.

Johnson’s Head-To-Toe Gentle Baby Wash & Shampoo

Veterinary dermatologists frequently recommend this shampoo for pups with extreme sensitivity issues or that are suffering from minor skin irritations. Some Doodle owners have also reported a significant reduction in fleas after using this shampoo. Of course, the disadvantage of using a for-human product is that it doesn’t provide any of the additional benefits of a canine one, such as reducing dander, tangles, or shedding.

Coat Type: All


  • Mild formula
  • pH-Balanced
  • Effective clean


  • No doggy functions

Best for Boosting Hydration

With its blend of argan oil, coconut oil, and avocado oil, alongside shea butter and silk proteins, this shampoo offers excellent conditioning action for dry, damaged coats. The powerful moisturizing ingredients provide hydration from root to tip, leaving hair soft and shiny. Adding oatmeal to the blend gives it a good soothing action. Chi Deep Moisture Shampoo is especially great for Labradoodles with longer coats. It helps keep them silky smooth, allowing for more time between cuts.

CHI Deep Moisture Dog Shampoo

Although this shampoo is a little pricier than other options, Doodle owners say it’s definitely worth the cost. Not only does this shampoo leave your pup with soft, gloriously fluffy fur, but it also helps reduce matting and tangles – saving you time as well as money. The shampoo also leaves your pet’s coat smelling fabulous.

Coat Type: Hair, Fleece


  • Excellent hydration
  • Soothing on sensitive skin
  • Reduces knots


  • Pricier option

Best for Minimizing Shed

Specifically designed to protect and hydrate, this excellent shampoo minimizes coat damage by making brushing your pet a quicker and more manageable task. With regular use, it can drastically enhance overall coat health. It features unique Coat Release Technology that reduces shedding and provides slip to thick undercoats. Best Shot Pet Ultra Wash Shampoo is a top pick for Doodles with double layer Lab coats (double coats), especially around shedding season.

Best Shot Ultra Wash Shampoo

While shed is not a huge problem in Doodles, if your pup has inherited the beautiful but more high maintenance Lab coat, this might just be the best shampoo on the list. However, the shampoo’s ability to shift tangles also makes it a must-buy for Doodle owners who face an ongoing battle with this issue, too. As far as shampoos go, this is another great all-rounder.

Coat Type: All, but especially hair


  • Significantly reduces shed
  • Promotes coat health
  • Removes knots and matting


  • Can be tough to rinse if not diluted

Best for Restoring Shine

Shampoo and conditioner in one, the all-natural, gentle formula of this mild blend adds luster and shine to canine coats while guarding against potential irritants. This tropical-scented shampoo easily removes muck and eliminates unpleasant smells while providing a very thorough clean. Earthbath 2-in-1 Conditioning Shampoo is great for longer, curly coats that are prone to tangles. Its conditioning action softens the hairs making it a breeze to brush out your dog’s coat.

Earthbath 2-In-1 Conditioning Shampoo

Before using this 2-in-1 shampoo, some Doodle owners were skeptical about how a single product can both effectively clean and condition. However, this product has really made all the difference for them, cutting bathe time in half while still leaving their pups clean, fresh, and super soft. Although some do mention that the lovely fragrance was just a little too subtle for them.

Coat Type: Curly, fleece


  • Cleans and conditions
  • Protects against irritants
  • Softens and detangles


  • Scent doesn’t last

Best Conditioner to Go with Your Labradoodle Shampoo

While many shampoos are naturally conditioning, some Doodle coats are just that much more challenging to brush than others. Adding a little conditioner at the end of a wash can help with this issue. Here are our top three conditioners:

Best Dog Detangling Conditioner

The perfect companion to our best shampoo, Cowboy Magic Rosewater Conditioner provides the finishing touch for ultra full, healthy-looking hair. The special blend revitalizes while it detangles and can even restore the damage caused by sun, smog, dust, and dirt.

For an extra-strong detangler, consider The Stuff Leave-In Dog Conditioner. This excellent product conditions and protects, penetrating coat layers to help with stubborn, deep-down knots. This unique conditioner is even formulated to repel dirt, dust, and urine to keep your Doodle’s coat cleaner for longer.

Perfect for fine, silky, and tangle-prone hair, Isle of Dogs Silky Coating Dog Conditioner will not only ensure that your pup’s coat looks great, but smells great, too. The conditioner smooths out long hair helping it to lay flatter for a smart, just-groomed look. It also helps with removing shed and dander for ultimate cleanness.

Chris Christensen Ice on Ice Detangling Shampoo

Infused with Moroccan Argan Oil for deep conditioning action, this handy shampoo can revive a dull, damaged coat by providing essential nutrients. For an extra special conditioning effect, pair with Ice on Ice Detangling Conditioner. This is great for fleecy and curly coats that need a little extra loving care.

Chris Christensen Ice on Ice Detangling Shampoo

Fresh ‘n Clean Scented Shampoo

An impressive odor control shampoo, the long-lasting scent can be refreshed simply by wiping your Doodle’s hair with a damp towel. The shampoo also helps remove mats and tangles, leaves coats soft and manageable, and its anti-static properties prevent fly-aways for a silky, smooth coat.

Fresh ‘n Clean Scented Shampoo

Burt’s Bees for Dogs Hypoallergenic Shampoo

With its gentle cleansing formula developed from the highest-quality, all-natural ingredients, this excellent shampoo can freshen your pet’s coat without drying out their skin. It contains skin-quenching shea butter and shine-enhancing honey for soft, beautiful-looking skin and hair. The mild blend is even suitable for puppies.

Burt’s Bees for Dogs Natural Hypoallergenic Shampoo with Shea Butter and Honey

Isle of Dogs Lush Coating Dog Shampoo

For a full, lush, and plush feeling coat, this would be an excellent choice for your fleece-coated Doodle. This shampoo easily removes dirt, grime, and stink without stripping the moisture from your pet’s coat or skin. Moreover, the fresh violet and sea mist scent smells great. It’s perfect for pups with particularly sensitive skin.

Isle of Dogs Lush Coating Dog Shampoo

5 Tips to Keep Your Labradoodle Looking Their Best

As well as picking out the very best bath products for your pooch, there are a few other things you can do to help keep their skin supple and their coat soft and shiny.

1. Brush Frequently

Brushing their coat at least 3 times a week is an absolute must. Longer hair tends to tangle, and curly hair can mat easily. Both of these trap dirt, dust, and debris that can irritate your Doodle’s skin. If you leave it too long between brushes, the problems will build, and knots will be that much harder to remove. Regular grooming keeps the issue in check and also spreads your pup’s natural oils throughout their coat for better protection against the elements.

See Also:

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2. Brush Before Bathing

Don’t forget to also give your pet a thorough brushing before bath time. Not only can water tighten knots making them impossible to remove, but matting tends to hold onto both water and shampoo. This can leave skin itchy, flaky, and sore. Use a pin brush or long-tooth comb and pay special attention to areas such as behind the ears and around the tail. This is where tangles tend to accumulate.

3. Don’t Blow Dry Too Often

Avoid blow-drying your Doodle too often, especially using a high heat setting. This can dry their skin and counteract the moisturizing effect of shampoos and conditioners. Instead, give their coat a good rub with a towel and leave it to air dry. (But be sure to brush him again after he’s completely dry to prevent tangles and mats!)

4. Keep Them Groomed

Trimming or clipping your Labradoodle can keep them cool in hot weather and make brushing them easier. You will also need to cut any long hair around their eyes to prevent their vision from becoming obstructed. Some owners, worried about giving their pup a bad hairdo, may opt to take them to the groomers, but it’s perfectly possible to trim them at home.

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5. Feed Them The Best

Hair and skin health begins on the inside. This is as true of dogs as it is of people. The quality of your dog’s food will naturally impact their coat. Protein is a crucial part of the canine diet, but dogs also need a range of other nutrients and regular access to fresh water. If you’re unsure on the best food for your Doodle, check out our helpful guides.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Bathing a Labradoodle

What is the Best Shampoo for Labradoodles?

There is no single answer to this question as no two Labradoodles are the same. However, there are a few good rules of thumb. For instance, high-quality, botanical ingredients are less likely to cause irritation than chemicals often found in bottom-of-the-market shampoos.

We have chosen Cowboy Magic Rosewater Shampoo as the best overall shampoo because of its versatility. Unless your Doodle has any particular coat care needs, this should suit them nicely.

How Often Should a Labradoodle be Bathed?

Most Labradoodle experts say that you should only bathe them every six to eight weeks as over-bathing can harm the quality of their coat. A little dirt can easily be brushed out of your pet’s hair. That being said, if your pooch has been out rolling in something nasty, you should give them a good clean before they tramp the smell through your house.

How often you bathe your Doodle will also depend on the type of shampoo you have. Mild, non-soap formulas are great for regular use and won’t leave your Doodle’s skin dry and their coat brittle. However, products that target specific issues are likely to contain stronger chemical ingredients and should be used more sparingly.

Can You Use Human Shampoos on Labradoodles?

If you’ve just managed to coax your pup into the bathtub only to find that you’ve run out of dog shampoo, you might be tempted to use some of yours. However, be extremely careful about using human shampoo on canines as they are made to suit different skin types.

Humans have about twice as many layers of skin compared to our four-legged friends. Plus, human skin sits around 5.5. on the pH scale, whereas a dog’s skin is more neutral at 6.2 to 7.4. For this reason, human shampoo can actually harm your pup’s skin. That being said, baby shampoos tend to be more pH-balanced and are perfectly fine for dogs.

Are Labradoodles High Maintenance?

Labradoodles might be considered a high maintenance breed. Of course, coats vary, and some can be a little more challenging than others. However, if you find a shampoo that suits your pet and stick to a regular grooming routine, you will likely have very few issues.

One area that needs a little more attention with these dogs is their fun, floppy ears. They can easily trap both dirt and moisture, making them the perfect breeding ground for infection-causing bacteria. Check your pet’s ears frequently and, if dirty, give them a wipe with a soft, damp cloth before drying them thoroughly with a towel to prevent ear infections

Picking out the right shampoo can really make all the difference for your Labradoodle. You want something that will keep them looking and smelling great while helping to maintain the health of their skin and coat. All of the shampoos included here are great for this breed, so you really can’t go wrong with any of them.

What is your go-to shampoo for your Doodle? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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The information on this page is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional groomer advice. Always seek the advice of your groomer, veterinarian, or other qualified animal health provider with any questions you may have.