If your Doodle recently got a short haircut for whatever reason, you might be wondering if you still need to brush him at the moment.

The good news is that until the hair gains some length, you probably won’t be spending a ton of time brushing. In fact, you probably won’t need to brush the hair for a few weeks at all…

BUT WAIT! You’re not off the hook!

Let’s discuss.

Even though you probably won’t need to brush the hair for a few weeks, it’s definitely recommended to comb it daily at the very least. (That’s the bad news.)

This is so you can really keep the mats and tangles at bay now that your Dood is sporting a fresh, tangle and mat-free coat.

Be sure to use a metal comb like the one recommended in any of the Related articles listed below.

Also, as demonstrated in the image below, be sure to prioritize combing the areas in red first, then the areas in yellow, and lastly the areas in green.

how to brush a doodle

Finally, when your Doodle eventually has long-ish hair again (let’s say 1/2-inch or longer), be sure to commit to daily line brushing to really stay on top of it. After all, if your Doodle was shaven due to matting, then line brushing daily will help prevent that from happening again.

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