One of the best things for our pups to chew on has got to be their collar. For this very reason, we decided to do the legwork for you so you can get your pooch the toughest dog collar on the market. No more having to replace your dog’s collar every month, as these really are the best of the best, most toughest dog collars available even for the most avid chewers. 

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The Ultimate Guide To Finding The Toughest Dog Collar For Your Pooch: Introduction

Chewing is a natural behavior for dogs. Pretty much anything goes – your hands and feet, TV remote, couch corners, and their collar. Obviously, this can become an increasingly worrying habit. Not only are your precious belongings going to be damaged, but you and your pup can also get seriously harmed in the process. In addition to that, if your pup manages to chew themselves out of their collar, they may put themselves to serious risk in case they manage to escape. 

Of course, proper and consistent training is key, since you want to enforce good habits and behaviors from an early age. But sometimes the training alone doesn’t suffice. For this reason, it’s good to have a seriously tough dog collar that can withhold even the most aggressive, obsessive chewing habits. And once you have an indestructible dog collar, it’s guaranteed you won’t have to replace it as often, either.  

Why Do Dogs Chew On Their Collars?

If you’ve ever noticed your pup gnawing on their collar, it can certainly be a strange sight. But as we said, chewing is a natural behavior for dogs. Interestingly, one of the most common objects that they try to chew on is their collar. 

There are a few possible reasons why your pup might be chewing on their collar. One of the main reasons is because they may be feeling anxious or bored and chewing is a way to self-soothe. Some pups may also chew their collars out of habit, as if it were a comforting safety blanket.

For instance, when dogs feel anxious or bored, the act of chewing can help them relax and get rid of excess energy. It’s a way to distract themselves, especially when they don’t have access to toys or other activities. That’s why daily exercise, playtime, training, and socialization are so vital. Not only will these activities keep your pup entertained, they also help them burn up all that stored energy. 

In addition to that, it’s very common for younger pups to relieve teething pain by chewing anything and everything in sight. But if you don’t provide appropriate alternatives, such as puppy-safe chew toys for your lil’ pal to chew on, then this behavior may very well carry over into adulthood. 

Moreover, excessive and destructive chewing can also be caused by separation anxiety or other stressors. Basically, chewing comforts them whenever they’re feeling uneasy or overwhelmed. And if your pup’s first choice is their collar, then you know exactly what this means. You may also notice other destructive behaviors, such as excessive digging or even barking. 

However, some dogs may simply be so fascinated by their fancy collars and all the bells and whistles that come with them that they just can’t contain themselves. So, it might be wise to opt for something less flashy and more practical. 

Benefits Of Buying An Indestructible Dog Collar

Increased Durability

An indestructible dog collar is a great investment for any pup, as it offers extra protection and durability. Needless to say, having a super durable and high-quality dog collar is going to last you a long time without you having to worry about the wear and tear.  

Truly unbreakable dog collars are made from tougher materials like nylon and genuine leather. This means that they can also withstand wear and tear better than traditional collars. As a result, you don’t have to worry about replacing your pup’s collar every few months – an indestructible dog collar can last much longer!

Likewise, the hardware of the toughest dog collars is top notch, as they usually come with heavy duty buckles and clips that don’t fall apart after a few uses. Likewise, if you opt for heavy duty buckles, your pup won’t be able to chew them open or break them with their strong teeth as easily.  

Enhanced Safety

The toughest dog collars will also offer you and your pup an added layer of safety and security. They’re harder to chew through, harder to wiggle out of, and overall will keep your dog safe and secure. 

Additionally, most of these heavy duty dog collars are adjustable. So, you can customize the collar’s tightness for a secure and comfortable fit. This can help prevent any tightness and pain, accidental choking, or your pup from wiggling out of their collar altogether. 

Great For Active Dogs

Another thing we must note is that for active and energetic pups, choosing the most durable dog collar would be a wise decision. That’s because usual dog collars can easily be damaged or destroyed during rough play or when your pup is always running around outside. 

A tough dog collar is designed to hold up against these activities and won’t break or tear. Even if you’ve got the most active, craziest pup in the neighborhood. It’s truly a win-win situation. Your four-legged best pal can continue their adventures without any worry of the collar falling apart!

How To Select The Toughest Dog Collar For Your Pet?

If you’re on the hunt for the toughest dog collar, then there are a few things you should consider beforehand. Let’s take a closer look:

Is The Collar Size Suitable For Your Dog?

When looking for the most durable dog collar for your pup, you’ve got to make sure to choose the right size. As we mentioned earlier, a good fit is essential for your dog’s safety and comfort. So, before you make the purchase, make sure to measure your pup’s neck first. 

Although many dog collars are adjustable, it won’t guarantee a good fit for your dog. In order to prevent any rubbing or chafing, the collar has to fit loosely enough around your pup’s neck. That being said, if the collar sits too tight around the neck, it’s certainly not going to be comfortable for your pup to wear, and it can even cause choking. On the other hand, if the collar is too loose, your dog can easily slip out of it. 

To get the perfect fit, measure your pup’s neck and then select a collar that’s specially made for dogs in this size range. Even better, opt for an adjustable dog collar, so that you can fine-tune its size until it fits snuggly enough, but not too tightly around the neck.

Is The Collar Built With Durable Materials?

If you’re looking for the toughest dog collars, then obviously one of the most important things to look for are the materials that have been used in the construction. You want to make sure that the collar is made with durable materials. These include heavy duty nylon, genuine leather, and stainless steel.

Nylon is an incredibly strong and flexible material, providing your pup both the safety and the comfort all in one. Nylon is also easy to clean, so that’s another less thing to worry about. Likewise, high-quality genuine leather can last for years. However, leather can also be quite rigid, so you may want to consider a padded dog collar if that’s an issue. Also, leather collars may not be as suitable for very wet conditions and they can get a bit smelly over time.

Buckles, Clips, And D-Rings, Are Made Of Which Materials?

Equally important is the durability and quality of the materials used for buckles, clips, and leash attachments. Although many dogs have no issues with dog collars that have plastic clips, avid chewers can easily open or break them. They simply aren’t as durable and over time they may lose function. That’s why stainless steel and heavy duty metal hardware options are so great, as they aren’t as easy to open nor are they as breakable, either. 

If you’re shopping for the most durable dog collar, look for buckles, clips, and D-rings that are made out of stainless steel or heavy duty metal. For instance, stainless steel is designed to be highly durable, so you know it won’t break or rust even with regular, daily use. Additionally, stainless steel hardware is corrosion resistant and won’t be affected by moisture or sweat, making it the perfect choice for outdoor activities. And since stainless steel is such a lightweight material, it won’t weigh down your pup. This makes stainless steel options that much more comfortable to wear as well.

Does The Collar Compromise On Comfort?

Although some of the strongest dog collars are often made with more rigid materials, making them slightly less comfortable to wear, that’s not always necessarily the case. An indestructible dog collar doesn’t have to compromise on comfort or functionality in order to be strong and durable. 

The most important thing is that you understand what materials have been used in the construction, so that you can assess yourself whether a particular dog collar is actually durable, but also comfortable for your pup to wear. After all, you know your pup the best! 

We recommend you look for collars that are padded with soft materials and/or equipped with adjustable straps. You want to make sure that your pup can feel comfortable no matter what activities they engage in. Moreover, some dogs simply don’t like certain materials around their necks. But with the right collar, your pup will stay safe without sacrificing comfort.

Toughest Dog Collars You Can Buy In 2023

OneTigris Nylon Military Dog Collar

If you’re looking for a truly indestructible dog collar, then the OneTigris Nylon Military Dog Collar might just be what the doctor ordered. 

OneTigris Nylon Military Dog Collar

This flat collar is made with durable nylon and it has a heavy duty metal D-ring, making it a highly durable option. The metal buckle has 5 adjustable points with two parallel holes to ensure that the collar stays nicely put around your dog’s neck. This super tough dog collar also has a soft cushion padding on the inside that provides your pup that extra comfort. The padding is also an excellent way to prevent any skin irritations. 

This dog collar comes in two different sizes – medium and large – and three different colors. However, some people have noted that the collar runs large, so that’s worth keeping in mind! 

Mighty Paw Leather Martingale Dog Collar

For fans of martingale collars, we have specially chosen this leather dog collar from Mighty Paw. This dog collar is designed to reduce pulling, as it provides you a gentle, yet controlled correction. 

Mighty Paw Leather Martingale Dog Collar

The collar itself is made from premium genuine leather. It also has a 100% stainless-steel chain that won’t discolor or mess up your dog’s fur. This makes it an extremely durable collar that you can use for many years to come! It’s also hand-washable and designed to withstand all weather conditions. On the other hand, as it doesn’t have any padding, it can be a bit too rigid for some pups. 

This leather dog collar comes in three different sizes – small, medium, and large. The small version is 0.75 inches wide, whereas medium and large sizes have a width of 1 inch. 

Soft Touch Collars Leather Two-Tone Padded Dog Collar

If you’re keen on getting a leather collar for your dog without compromising on their comfort, then you and your pup will love this padded leather collar by Soft Touch. It’s handmade from genuine leather and it’s designed to last. This leather dog collar comes in five different color combinations and four different sizes, so there are plenty of options to choose from. 

Soft Touch Collars Leather Two-Tone Padded Dog Collar

The collar is made from full-grain leather and it has sealed edges, which means that you won’t have to worry about wear and tear any time soon. It’s also lined with soft sheepskin leather to prevent any chafing or skin irritations. Your pup’s comfort comes first! 

What’s more, the collar features lacquered solid brass hardware that’s resistant to rust. The D-ring for the leash sits comfortably on top of your pup’s neck. So, you can easily leash and unleash them with no fuss. 

Are Indestructible Dog Collars Safe?

Indestructible dog collars are designed to be safe for everyday use, even if your dog enjoys the most vigorous activities. Toughest dog collars are designed to be strong and durable enough to hold up to your pup’s daily activities without breaking or coming apart. And this also includes chewing!

In addition to that, the best dog collars have been made with non-toxic materials. These high-quality collars won’t have a bad, even toxic smell, and they won’t harm your pup’s skin if they happen to come into contact with it. Of course, you may want to double-check the coating materials just to be on the safe side. 

What’s more, many of the most durable dog collars on the market are equipped with adjustable straps. With this feature, you can get the right fit for your pup and avoid them having a too-tight grip that could cause irritation or put your pup in risk of choking. 

On the other hand, those truly unbreakable dog collars can also prove to be a health hazard in case of an emergency. In those unfortunate instances where you have to free your dog from the collar immediately, it can be difficult to cut through the collar with a knife, for example. Hopefully you won’t ever have to be in this situation. Nonetheless, it’s vital that you’re aware of any potential risks that your pup may encounter. 

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Using Indestructible Dog Collars

So, if you’ve decided that the toughest dog collar is an absolute necessity for your best pal, here’s a quick recap of the most important do’s and don’ts when using it. 


  • Make sure you get the right size collar for your pup so that it fits properly without being too tight or too loose. 
  • Test the collar before heading out with your pup. You want to be absolutely sure that your dog can’t slip out of the collar nor that it’s too tight around their neck. 
  • Check the fit every once in a while to ensure that it hasn’t loosened or tightened over time. 
  • Consider the materials that are used in the collar to ensure that they’re actually durable and comfortable for your pup to wear. For instance, some very tough dog collars can be too rigid, so having extra padding might be helpful. 
  • Look for collars made with non-toxic coating materials that are less likely to trigger any allergies or skin irritations.
  • Check the collar regularly for any signs of damage and replace it if necessary.
  • Attach a tag with your pup’s contact info in case they get lost.
  • Pair it with a chew-proof dog harness if your pup just can’t stop chewing on their collars and harnesses. 


  • Adjust the collar too tightly or too loosely around the neck, as this will do more harm than good. 
  • Let your pup mindlessly chew on the collar, even if you’ve purchased the most unbreakable dog collar on the market. You don’t want to enforce bad habits! 

The Ultimate Guide To Finding The Toughest Dog Collar For Your Pooch: FAQs

What’s The Strongest Dog Collar?

If you’re looking for the strongest dog collar, two of the most popular materials to look for are either nylon or leather. Leather collars offer a classic, stylish look and can last for years with proper care and maintenance. Likewise, dog collars made with nylon are also an excellent option, especially if you’re looking at those advertised as unbreakable dog collars. Indestructible dog collars are designed to be strong enough to withstand everyday wear and tear from your pup’s activities without breaking or coming apart, including chewing. 

What Dog Collars Are Impossible To Get Out Of?

When it comes to dog collars that are impossible to get out of, a few popular options are martingale collars and indestructible collars. Martingale collars, also known as non-slip or limited slip dog collars are designed to prevent dogs from slipping or backing out of the collar. Martingale collars feature two loops – one attached to the leash and one around your pup’s neck, which tightens if they try to back out. On the other hand, indestructible dog collars are specifically designed with durable materials, such as nylon, leather, or high-quality stainless steel, which make it nearly impossible for your pup to escape or chew through the collar.

What Collar Do Military Dogs Wear?

Military dogs wear a variety of collars depending on their purpose. Working military dogs often wear extremely high-quality dog collars that are made with the most durable nylon or leather, depending on their environment and mission. They’re designed to be not just durable, but also comfortable and practical for extended periods of use. For instance, if a military dog mostly works in wet conditions, the best option would be a nylon collar. Meanwhile, a leather collar can be a good choice in dry conditions. 

What Is The Best Material For A Dog Collar?

The best material for a dog collar will depend on your pup’s lifestyle and preferences. For everyday use, nylon collars are lightweight, durable, and waterproof, making it a safe choice for most dogs. Leather collars are also popular for their classic look and great quality. However, these require conditioning to keep them from drying out or cracking. Likewise, leather collars can sometimes be very rigid, especially if they don’t have any padding that makes them more comfortable to wear. 

What Type Of Collar Is Safest?

The safest collar for your pup is one that fits properly. Beyond this, nylon collars tend to be the most secure. That’s because they are usually adjustable and less likely to break or injure your pup when compared to a metal chain or leather collar. And regardless of the type of collar you choose, be sure to regularly inspect it for wear and tear.

The Ultimate Guide To Finding The Toughest Dog Collar For Your Pooch: Final Thoughts

There’s nothing wrong with regular dog collars, as they tend to serve their purpose well. However, if your pup is especially rambunctious, an indestructible collar may be the way to go.   Ultimately, finding the toughest dog collar for your pup comes down to assessing their lifestyle, habits, and needs. We hope this guide has been a helpful resource. With these tips in mind, you can confidently find the toughest dog collar for your pooch that works best for them!

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