Are Cockapoos good with cats? Do Cockapoos and cats get along well? Can you have both of these adorable pets in your household? These are some of the most common questions we get asked from people considering adopting a Cockapoo puppy. In this guide, we’ll discuss whether or not Cockapoos and cats will make a good fit together in your family, and how you can ensure that they become the best friends you’ve always dreamt of having – both to each other and to you. 

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Are Cockapoos Good With Cats: Intro

There’s no arguing that the Cocker Spaniel-Poodle mix is one cute crossbreed of a dog. These pups have been around for a while, and their popularity is only growing. The Cockapoo is usually a small-sized pup, making them excellent companions also for apartment-dwellers. They come in the smallest Teacup and Toy sizes, weighing as little as 6 pounds once fully-grown, with other Maxi Cockapoos reaching a full weight of about 25 pounds. 

Thanks to their smaller size, many people consider adopting a Cockapoo in addition to their pet kitten. They’re both rather small in size, so what could go wrong, right? Nonetheless, it’s not just about their size, but also the emotional side of things. At the end of the day, you don’t want to end up with two insanely adorable pets who hate each other’s guts. 

If you’re considering adding a pup to your family, one of the key things you want to think about is whether or not they’ll actually get along with any existing family members. Fortunately, if you’re thinking about getting a Cockapoo and already have a cat, there is good news! Cockapoos generally get along well with cats and other pets, provided that you’ve taken all the appropriate measures to introduce them in a proper way. 

Are Cockapoos Good With Cats? What The Experts Really Say

The Cockapoo is a hybrid cross between the sweet-natured Cocker Spaniel and the highly intelligent Poodle. Like other Poodle mixes, Cockapoos tend to be very easy to train, and they’re usually outgoing and affectionate pups that love spending time around their favorite humans and even non-humans.

Some might say – a Cockapoo and cats?! This can’t end well! When in reality, Cockapoos are bred to have a sound temperament and typically get along with other animals very well. However, as with any dog, early socialization and proper training is vital to ensure that your Cockapoo is friendly towards their feline sibling and learn how to properly interact with them.

Now, although Cockapoos are usually very friendly towards cats and other pets, it may require some work on your end. That’s not to say that a Cockapoo won’t immediately befriend a kitten in your household. On the other hand, it’s also not uncommon for this process to take a bit of time and guidance. With patience and love, you’ll be able to create a harmonious home for your pets and yourself.

How Do You Introduce A Kitten To A Cockapoo?

Regardless if you’re planning to adopt a kitten and already have a Cockapoo at home, or vice versa, you should always introduce your pets to each other slowly and calmly. Even though some lucky people have found success when putting their pup and kitten face-to-face on the very first day, that’s actually not the best course of action. Below you’ll find some tried and true steps on how to introduce your Cockapoo to your cat. By following these steps, your fur babies will slowly (or not so slowly – who knows!) and surely become best pals over time.  

Keep Them Apart, For Now

You may have gotten the hint already, but we’ll elaborate a bit. We don’t exactly recommend you to immediately put your cat and pup together in the same room. Whether you’ve got a new kitten or a new puppy, it’s going to be a stressful and new situation for the both of them.

For example, if you’ve got a cat who’s lived with you for a while now and you bring home a new puppy, your cat may become stressed at the sight of this new creature in their home. Likewise,  your new puppy will likely be a bit frightened, as they’ve just left everything they’ve ever known and have been put into a completely new, even scary environment. 

For this reason, we recommend you keep them in separate rooms at first so that both of them have time to adjust and become used to having strange new scents of another furry creature inside the house. You should never force your pets to spend time in the same room, especially on the very first day. In addition to that, make sure that both of your pets have their own dedicated space where they can rest and relax without feeling threatened by the other one’s presence. 

This brings us to…

Start By Introducing Their Scents To Each Other

One of the very first things you should do when introducing your Cockapoo to your cat is to familiarize their environment, a.k.a your home, with both of their scents. This helps both of them to adjust to each other before they meet face-to-face. Cats and dogs both have notoriously sensitive noses, which means that they’ll pick up on a new family member even from afar.  

An easy way to do it would be to rub your kitten’s blanket on your Cockapoo’s fur to help your pup get used to the scent. Likewise, you can use your pup’s blanket and gently pet your cat with it, so that they’ll also get used to the dog’s scent. 

Another helpful trick is to feed your Cockapoo and cat on the opposite sides of a closed door. This way, they’ll become even more used to each other’s scents and presence. In addition to that, both canines and felines love their food – this helps you enforce good associations. 

In some cases, there may be some hissing and growling initially. Over time, this should pass. And once it does, you’re ready to have your Cockapoo and cat to meet face-to-face!

PS! When socializing your Cockapoo with cats, it’s vital that they’ve received all of their essential vaccinations and dewormings to prevent any unfortunate illnesses.

Train Your Pets To Get Along With Each Other

Training your Cockapoo and cat to get along with each other is another crucial part of creating a harmonious household. Needless to say, every puppy should start with obedience training as soon as possible. This is the best way to enforce good behaviors and ensure that they know what’s expected of them.

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You’ll want to teach your pup basic commands like “sit” and “stay”. This is especially in situations when they might become overly excited, such as meeting new people or pets. And even if your Cockapoo is dying to meet their kitten sibling, it’s vital that you don’t cause any unnecessary stress to your cat by having your pup jump up and down as soon as they meet. 

Needless to say, the key to successfully training your puppy lies in positive reinforcement. Start by rewarding desired behaviors like allowing the other pet to approach peacefully and not getting overly excited with barking and jumping. You can use rewards like treats or verbal praise when they interact nicely. You should also make sure that you’re consistent with the rewards and praise, and to not send any mixed signals to your pup, allowing them to behave in a certain way one time and not the next.  

Of course, there may also be situations when a dog starts to exhibit aggressive behaviors. In those instances, remove them from the situation to avoid further escalation. Additionally, always keep calm and consistent when introducing and training either of your pets. You should never scold or punish your pets. If something doesn’t go exactly as you planned, they just need a bit more time and guidance. 

Tip For Cockapoo Parents

Whether you’ve got a young new puppy or an adult Cockapoo, you’ll surely find this Online Puppy School by Baxter & Bella a helpful resource when introducing your Cockapoo to your kitten. It covers topics like socialization, obedience training, preventing bad habits, and much much more. 

Give Them Some Time To Become Friends

Giving your pets some time to become friends is essential when introducing your Cockapoo to a cat. Allow them to explore their shared environment and keep interactions positive with rewards and praise. By the way, we recommend you let your pets meet face-to-face in a neutral room that isn’t either of your pet’s separate safe area. 

Once your pup and kitten meet, don’t restrain either of them and let them calmly inspect one another. You might have to keep those meetings short and sweet. But if they seem to get along, you don’t have to limit their time together. Nonetheless, some dogs and cats prefer shorter meeting sessions initially, so by no means should you force them to spend time together. 

Similarly, if your pup gets a bit too excited and tries to chase your cat, don’t let them. That’s where proper obedience training comes in handy! Remember that all relationships take time, so be patient and understanding as you help your fur babies find common ground with each other. 

If those meeting sessions aren’t as fruitful in the beginning, don’t worry. You should continue to repeat these daily so that both of your pets have time to adjust to each other’s presence. Over time, you’ll notice that they’ll start to become comfortable around each other. It helps to take it slow and give each animal plenty of time and attention, so that they can get to know each other gradually

Keep A Close Eye On Their Interactions

Once your Cockapoo and cat are ready to spend some more time together, we strongly advise you to still keep a close eye on their interactions. This is key to ensuring your pets’ safety and also helps them form a strong bond. 

Make sure you are supervising any interactions between your fur babies, and make sure that no unsafe activities like roughhousing or chasing happens. If at any point you notice one of them being uncomfortable, including hissing or growling at each other, it’s time to step in and take a step back.  You’ll want to supervise interactions between your pets until you’re sure they are comfortable around each other without any signs of aggression or uncomfortableness. 

Are Cockapoos Aggressive Towards Cats?

There’s a common misconception that dogs and cats can’t get along. By today, we’ve all likely seen those cute videos on Instagram and TikTok where a dog and a cat are best buddies and refuse to leave each other’s side. That’s actually very much attainable if the pets have been properly introduced and have had time to build a strong bond. And even if they don’t become as close, that’s nothing to worry about, either. Some cats simply have a more independent nature. 

In general, Cockapoos aren’t aggressive dogs nor are they aggressive towards cats. In fact, they tend to get along very well with them! However, like with any dog, there are always exceptions, and certain pups may display aggression. That’s especially true if your pup has been traumatized in the past, or if they haven’t been properly socialized from a young age. 

If you have an older or larger breed of Cockapoo, it is especially important to take the proper precautions when introducing a new cat into the home. Start by putting your pup in another room blocked off with a baby gate while gradually allowing them to sniff out each other’s scent without contact. 

As always, make sure to supervise all interactions between your pets and monitor their behavior for any signs of aggression or fearfulness. With gradual introduction and patience, both animals can learn how to navigate the other’s presence peacefully!

How Can I Stop My Cockapoo From Chasing My Cat?

It’s not uncommon for our canine pals to be slightly more excitable than our feline pets. Dogs often act on their natural urge to chase cats, regardless if it’s at home or while out and about. Fortunately, you and your cat don’t have to accept this behavior. What you can do instead is to teach your pup the appropriate way to interact with your beloved kitty, and correct any unwanted behaviors whenever they’re about to happen. 

To stop your Cockapoo from chasing your cat, the best method is to correct their behavior whenever they try to give it a go. As soon as you notice them starting to follow the cat, call back your pup and firmly tell them “no” or “leave it.” Once your pup understands what you’re asking them to do and acts accordingly, be sure to reward them with praise and treats. That’s how they’ll learn! 

Positive reinforcement is essential here, and you have to stay consistent with the commands you give. As we said earlier, you absolutely cannot let your dog chase the cat one time, and then tell them off another time. Luckily, Cockapoos are usually relatively easy to train, so it shouldn’t be much of a hassle, as long as you stay consistent! 

Moreover, carefully consider how much exercise and playtime your pup is getting daily. It’s not uncommon for them to start chasing their fur pals if they simply don’t get enough mental and physical stimulation each day. Training, exercise, and playtime are crucial for every dog, regardless of their age, size, or breed. However, since Cockapoos are rather high energy dogs, you have to make sure that your pup gets to express all that pent up energy throughout the day in a safe way. 

Do Cockapoos Have A High Prey Drive?

Since the purebred Cocker Spaniel and Poodle can have a higher prey drive, some Cockapoos may very well inherit this trait. On the other hand, they tend to be non-aggressive pets, especially if they’ve been bred and raised properly. Of course, this can vary depending on the individual dog. 

All in all, it’s vital that you train and socialize your Cockapoo from a young age, so they’ll learn how to properly behave in different situations. What’s more, the prey drive may become more apparent if your pup doesn’t get enough physical or mental stimulation. 

Enrichment is vital for any dog, especially for active and intelligent breeds like the Cockapoo. But once it’s lacking, unwanted and destructive behaviors are quick to emerge. Therefore, you’ll need to ensure that your dog gets plenty of exercise each day, as well as playtime, training, and plenty of interactive puzzle games and toys that’ll keep their lil’ minds working. 

With proper training and enrichment methods, your pup is much less likely to act on their natural prey drive and start chasing their feline sibling. That being said, don’t forget to also pay the same amount of attention to your cat, as they need just the same amount of loving care and attention as dogs. 

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Are Cockapoos Good With Cats: The Do’s And Don’ts Of Introducing A Cockapoo To A Cat

When introducing a Cockapoo to a cat, it is important to take the right steps to ensure the safety of both animals. Here are some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind:


  • Provide your pup and your kitten a safe space for each of them, where the other cannot storm into. 
  • Keep them apart and introduce them first through each other’s scents on certain items, such as blankets or towels. 
  • Give them plenty of time to adjust and get used to one another. 
  • Introduce your Cockapoo to a cat in a neutral environment away from any potential triggers.
  • Utilize positive reinforcement training methods and provide treats when your pup displays good behavior around the cat, such as not becoming overly excited or aggressive.
  • Stay patient and consistent and gradually increase the time they spend together each day.


  • Don’t ever force your Cockapoo nor your cat to spend time together if they really don’t want to.
  • Don’t leave your kitten and Cockapoo unsupervised in early stages of introduction or training.
  • Don’t allow your Cockapoo to chase the cat – you must correct this behavior immediately.
  • Don’t punish or scold either animal for any mistakes. Practice patience and understanding during this process!

Are Cockapoos Good With Cats: Frequently Asked Questions

Do Cockapoos And Cats Get Along?

Absolutely, yes, Cockapoos and cats can get along very well with each other. However, you’ve got to be patient and keep a few precautions in mind. Namely, socializing your new puppy with people of all ages, cats, and other pets from an early age. In addition to that, don’t forget the importance of obedience training so that your pup will know how to behave in different situations. 

Are Mini Cockapoos Good With Cats?

It really doesn’t matter what size your Cockapoo is – all types of Cockapoos can become great friends with cats, as long as they’ve been properly socialized and trained to do so. That being said, Cockapoos can be quite bouncy and become overly excited, especially when meeting feline buddies of theirs. That’s why training and socialization is so important – you’ll train your pup to behave in a more appropriate way. 

Can Cockapoos Become Aggressive?

Like any other breed, Cockapoos can become aggressive if they haven’t been properly trained or socialized. This is especially true of Cockapoos who are very anxious, have been traumatized in the past, or lack proper mental or physical stimulation. In fact, training and early socialization is also going to help with your pup’s confidence. This in turn is going to prevent them from becoming as fearful in new situations or surroundings. 

Are Cockapoos Good With Other Pets?

Again, Cockapoos can get along perfectly fine with other pets in your household, provided that you’ve taken all the necessary steps and precautions to introduce them to each other in a safe and friendly manner. Likewise, early socialization and training is key for teaching them appropriate behaviors and interactions with other pets. 

What Dog Breed Gets Along With Cats?

Many dog breeds can get along with cats if given the opportunity and proper training. Breeds such as Golden Retrievers, Bichon Frise, Labrador Retrievers, or Pugs (Source). But at the end of the day, it usually boils down to how the dog has been trained and socialized. If they haven’t had much contact with cats in their life, it’s likely going to be a bit trickier. 

Are Cockapoos Good With Cats: Final Thoughts

When it comes to Cockapoos and cats, there’s a lot of potential for them to become best friends for life. We hope this guide managed to answer your question “are Cockapoos good with cats?” so that you can make an educated decision before bringing home a new pet. Above all, it’s vital that you take things slow, don’t put too much pressure on either of your four-legged pals, and stay consistent throughout this process. And before you know it, you’ll have the most amazing fur family sharing the most special bond. 

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