It’s a simple fact of life that many dogs love to chew. This is perfectly normal behavior for pups of all ages – both wild and domesticated. However, you may sometimes find your little darling directing this utterly natural behavior towards inappropriate items such as your furniture, shoes, or even something that could cause them harm if swallowed. So, what can you do to prevent it? 

Unfortunately, the answer is not a lot. Dogs are going to chew, and the best you can hope for is to be able to successfully redirect their chewing towards something more appropriate, like a tasty bone or fun toy. You will want to ensure, though, that they are hardy enough to withstand tough chewing. With that in mind, here are our review-based recommendations for durable toys and the best dog bones for chewers.

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Our Top Treats, Toys, and Best Dog Bones for Chewers

Luckily there are a multitude of options for keeping your pup engaged. Everything from natural bones to chew toys and tasty treats. These are our top choices. Keep scrolling to see more detailed reviews of each one.

  • Pick #1:

    Bones & Chews Deer Antler Dog Chew. This 100% natural deer antler, which is free from artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, is great for dogs who are happy to chew and chew all day long.

  • Pick #2:

    Bones & Chews Roasted Marrow Bone. Tasty and tough, Bones & Chews’ Roasted Marrow Bone, with its natural meaty flavor and natural marrow, is just the thing to hold the attention of more fickle pups.

  • Pick #3:

    Redbarn Large Cheese n’ Bacon Filled Bone. Available in a range of flavors (but this one is our favorite), Redbarn’s Treat-Filled Bones are durable, long-lasting, and can be reused again and again with new fillings.

  • Pick #4:

    Himalayan Pet Supply Dog Treats. These unusual Natural Cheese Dog Treats are made from an ancient Himalayan recipe of yak and cow’s milk with salt and lime that will make most pups very happy.

  • Pick #5:

    Bones & Chews Bully Sticks. Perfect for “everyday chewers,” Bones & Chews’ range of Bully Sticks make great training rewards as well as helping to keep your dog occupied through the day.

  • Pick #6:

    Pet Qwerks BarkBone Peanut Butter Flavor Chew Toy. With its super-popular-with-dogs peanut butter-infused construction, this durable nylon fake bone is great for keeping Fido’s teeth clean and his jaws strong.

  • Pick #7:

    Nylabone Power Chew Giant Fillable Marrow Bone Alternative Chew Toy. For something extra-tough, you might want to opt for Nylabone’s Power Chew Marrow Bone; it even features a hollow center that can be stuffed full of yummy goo.

Products Catorgorized “Bones and Chews”

The Benefits of Bones or Toys for Chewers

Saving your belongings from your hound’s gnawing jaws is probably priority number one for you. The best way to do this is to provide them with another option while you pack away your most precious items until the situation is under control. That’s where bones, toys, and treats come in handy. Each has its benefits, and you might opt to get your lucky pup a selection to see what helps. 

Bones are obviously the closest thing to what nature intended dogs to chow down on. They are also readily available. Take care, though; while it might seem like an excellent idea to feed your four-legged friend pot roast leftovers, many cooked bones are simply too brittle to be of any use to them. In fact, these bones could easily splinter, presenting a choking issue, or worse, get lodged in your dog’s throat or further down in their digestive tract. You can imagine the problems this could cause. 

For this reason, if you do want to provide your pet with a tasty treat, it’s good to let them at a suitable-sized raw bone. Even better, pick up something online or at your local pet shop that has been specifically prepared with dogs in mind. These are the best dog bones for chewers.

Some owners prefer chewy treats with beneficial ingredients over bones. These tend to keep fussier pups more interested for longer as there is generally more flavor. However, treats aren’t always great for serious chewers who will gulp them down with ease. 

Other pet parents are happier to give their pups a specially designed chew toy. There are many reasons for this, everything from their pooch being a little on the podgy side to concerns about sharp, tiny bones splinters (see above). A further benefit of a toy is that it won’t have to be replaced as often as a bone or a treat, reducing costs. While not every hound is going to be interested in chewing something they can’t eventually eat, many manufacturers have infused their products with scents and flavors that will keep the deception going for far longer.

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Chews: Buyer’s Guide

Two key things stand out when picking out the perfect chew toy for your pup: 


It goes without saying that if your pal is seriously talented in the chewing department, then you are going to want something that will endure – especially if you are opting for toys over bones and treats. Most chews these days (both edible and non-edible) come with a handy guide to just how tough they are. They will often say something like “ for moderate chewers,” “for extreme chewers,” etc., so pay careful attention; otherwise, you may find yourself replacing items more often than you would like. 


While your dog might be more than happy to settle down with your favorite shoes, it’s not always a given that a bone, treat, or toy will elicit a similar amount of interest. Flavor and shape are both crucial factors here. You need something that your pup can easily keep hold of while giving it a good going over, and that will appeal to them and motivate them to chew, chew, chew. A smear of peanut butter or something else they like can really go a long way in helping with this.

On a side note, make sure that toys you pick out for your pooch in no way resemble items you don’t want them to chew. For instance, some owners may find it cute to buy chew toys in the shape of shoes – but then how is your pal them supposed to know the difference between the ‘shoes’ they can chew and those they can’t?

Best Dog Bones for Chewers: Reviews

Best for Extreme Chewers

If your pup can get his chompers through just about anything, this is the option for you. Picked for its suitability for extreme chewers, the Deer Antler Dog Chew (available in a range of sizes) is precisely what it says and nothing more – no added colors, flavors, or preservatives. Moreover, alongside the antler being great for your pal’s gums and teeth, it’s an excellent source of calcium, phosphorous, and other beneficial nutrients supporting bones and muscle health. 

Reviewers are generally impressed with this healthy treat. It’s particularly good for dogs with somewhat sensitive stomachs that can have problems with certain ingredients and additives. The antlers are durable, making them perfect for vigorous chewers and means that they last a good long time compared with other bones. The fact that they have no odor at all is another strong selling point for these fab chews. 


The antler bone makes for a tough chewing challenge for even the mouthiest of canines – meaning it’s great for the price.


Some buyers haven’t been happy with the size of the treat they received, so be sure to pop the right one in your basket for your pooch.

Best for Energetic Chewers

Great for persistent, if not extreme, chewing, these high-density beef bones filled with natural marrow are rich in taste with a meaty aroma that will keep your pup interested and not off wrapping their mouth around your best belongings. The bones themselves contain absolutely zero artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. They are roasted in such a way as to lock in taste while keeping splintering to an absolute minimum. 

Pet parents rate these bones highly, with most saying they would recommend them to a friend. They are suitable for super chewers and great for keeping even energetic dogs content for hours. Even when the stuffing is gone, most pups are content to keep chewing. Some buyers, however, caution that this bone is perhaps a little on the large side for smaller dogs.


A nicely prepared bone that has been specifically designed to hold a dog’s interest.


Greasy at first, some reviewers recommend starting your pup off with these bones in their crate until they remove the outer layer of marrow.

Best Treats for Chewers: Reviews

Best for More Moderate Chewers

While this is technically also a beef (femur) bone, slow-roasted in its own juices, the inside has been stuffed with various other ingredients, making this more a treat (in our opinion, at least). It’s great for dogs who quickly lose interest with regular bones. Still, it is a higher-calorie option, so you need to be careful with how often you give these to your chunkier guy or gal. Take care also that your pet doesn’t have sensitivities to any of the additional ingredients. 

Redbarn Large Cheese n’ Bacon Filled Bone

Dogs do seem to love these fab treats, but they don’t last quite as long as regular bones. One reviewer suggests freezing them to keep them around that bit longer. Other owners mention replacing the filling once it’s done with peanut butter, cream cheese, etc., to keep their pals interested in chewing at the bone. 


A great bone/treat combo that offers up the best of both worlds – tough bone chewing and tasty treat reward for extra staying power.


Some of the ingredients could get a little messy, and the cheese has been known to stain, so be cautious about where you let your pet go with one of these in tow.

Best for Fussy Chewers

Available in an array of sizes, making Himalayan Pet Supply’s Dog Treats perfect for small dogs as well as large, these tough chews are gluten-free, grain-free, lactose-free, soy-free, and corn-free without any artificial preservatives, colors, flavors, binding agents or additives. Moreover, they are easily digestible and a great alternative if your buddy has become bored with regular old bones. 

Himalayan Pet Supply Mixed Dog Treats

Those that have sampled these chews (the pets – not the people) seem pleased with them. If they are not doing it for your dog, you can stick them in the microwave to puff them up and for a fragrant aroma. They seem to last a good long time for treats, too, meaning they are suitable even for hard chewers. 


These treats truly are something a little different; they probably shouldn’t work as canine chews, but somehow they just do!


They are very high in calories, so should be given quite sparingly if your pooch is packing on the pounds.

Best for Everyday Chewers

If you’re looking for something a little more average, a little more wallet-friendly, and with a little more variety, then Bones & Chews Bully Sticks could be the one. These protein-rich, all-beef treats aren’t going to win any awards in the long-lasting stakes. Still, they are great for regular old daily chewing (especially as they are so cheap!). A perfect alternative to rawhide, these snacks are super digestible, have a great flavor, and contain no chemicals or preservatives. 

Purchasers of these sticks like that they come in a range of thicknesses so they can find the exact right ones to temp their pup. While they don’t last all that long, dogs seem to really love them – probably because they just taste so good! They also work well for sensitive tums and are mostly odor-free which is just the icing on the cake!


A tremendous short-term chew snack that will keep your canine happy.


Some reviewers were a little disappointed with the size and thickness of the sticks, so make sure you’re clear on what you’re getting before you order.

Best Toys for Chewers: Reviews

Best for Dental Health

The array of pet chew toys out there is truly overwhelming. However, not all are created equal. Issues with choking hazards, toxic ingredients, and poor-quality construction are nowhere in sight with Pet Qwerk’s fab (and highly realistic, might we add) BarkBone Chew Toy. The durable nylon has been designed to withstand rough play and create a pleasant gum massaging sensation when chewed. This toy can help curb destructive behavior while boosting the health of your pet’s teeth too. 

Pet Qwerks BarkBone Peanut Butter Flavor Chew Stick

Reviewers are overwhelmingly happy with this purchase. One states that the bone is “holding up great” with her “hard chewer.” However, no toy is completely indestructible, but the ones who are noticing breaking down comment that it happens safely – no sharp corners or splintering to deal with. They also seem popular with pups which is great news because a chew toy unchewed is simply a trip hazard – not ideal!


This bone toy looks good, is made well so that it is easy for dogs to hold, and the infused flavor keeps things interesting.


Not every dog is going to be a fan – try rubbing something tasty onto the sides if this is the case with your hound.

Best for Long-Time Chewing

One of the biggest and best brands out there when it comes to canine toys, Nylabone has an incredible range of options. We love this Giant Fillable Marrow Bone Alternative for its toughness, cool design, added calcium, and minerals, not to mention its excellent price! Even better, the toy features a hollowed-out center which allows you to add treats to make it an even more special chewing experience for your pooch. 

Nylabone Power Chew Giant Fillable Marrow Bone Alternative Chew Toy

Not unexpectedly, this toy comes highly recommended by dog owners. “Great for powerful chewers” and “for freezing food in,” they are finding all kinds of ways to use this toy to keep their pets entertained for longer. The bone itself is large, heavy, and strong, which means that unfortunately, it isn’t suitable for smaller Doods – however, Nylabone does offer some excellent alternatives for Tinys and Toys. 


This bone toy is packed full of fun and features for helping to keep even the most intelligent dogs stimulated.


Some of those who purchased this bone mention damage to hardwood floors because of the toy’s weight – may be an outside option?

Why Are Some Dogs Such Aggressive Chewers?

Much like babies, puppies spend most of their early weeks exploring the world with their mouths. Then, as they get a little older, chewing becomes a way to relieve the sharp pain of teething. For adult dogs, chewing serves the explicit purpose of helping to ensure their teeth remain healthy and their jaws strong. Moreover, for many dogs, chewing is an enjoyable way to pass the time. Some breeds are more into it than others. 

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Problems can sometimes arise, though, when canines take their chewing behavior to the extreme. Aggressive, destructive chewers are no fun to have about the house. You could find yourself severely out of pocket if they decide they want to take a nibble on the couch, your clothes, or the TV cables, for instance. In some cases, it’s best to keep particularly tempting items out of reach – I still have to keep my shoes away from my pup. However, you can’t do that with everything you own!

More often than not, an increase in chewing signals an issue with your pet. As dogs tend to chew for entertainment, it could be the case that they are feeling bored or frustrated, especially if you are leaving them home alone for long periods. You need to seriously ask yourself if your pooch is getting enough physical and mental stimulation. Upping walks, outdoor games, and providing your pal with some engaging toys like these should all help to address this issue. 

Doodle Chewtime: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the safest bone for a dog to chew?

The safest bone for a dog to chew is going to be one that is specifically prepared with that function in mind. That’s why we always recommend buying them from online stores and pet shops rather than using regular cooking bones, which could splinter and cause damage to a dog’s insides – especially if it is cooked. 

What do vets recommend for dog chews?

Most vets would likely recommend non-edible chew options such as the toys from our reviews for extreme aggressive chewers. Bones can be difficult for dogs to digest and should be given as a rare treat rather than an everyday option. However, toys can be an excellent alternative for keeping pup entertained while boosting their oral health too. 

What bones are good for heavy chewers?

Antlers are our top choice for very heavy or aggressive chewers. They are tough and tasty for pups and will take them much longer to get through than other kinds of bones and treats. However, these can be a little unyielding, so you might want to keep an eye on your dog if they have one of these to see if they are damaging their teeth by chewing on it. 

Over the top chewing is every dog owner’s worst nightmare. While most puppies like to use their teeth, you would hope they would have grown out of it a bit as they mature. This is sometimes the case, but not always. The best way to save your home and the items in it is to provide one of these treats, toys, or best dog bones for chewers that your pup can work out their natural chewing urges on, leaving your things safe and intact. Hopefully, the information and recommendations provided here prove useful in helping you to pick out the very best chew product for your little scamp! 

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