In this guide, we’re going to discuss how to choose the best brush for a Doodleman Pinscher. After all, these Doods need constant care and attention, and not just in terms of the much-needed cuddle time! What’s more, you’ll also learn some of the key basics on how to keep your Doodleman Pinscher’s coat healthy, beautiful, and free from those dreaded mats. Let’s get started! 

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A delightful mix of the Doberman Pinscher and Poodle, the Doodleman Pinscher is a large hybrid cross that you simply can’t take your eyes off. Both Dobermans and Poodles have been around for centuries, being some of the most well-known and beloved breeds among dog lovers all across the globe. But what happens when we mix these two wildly different purebreds? A fun allergy-friendly Dood with the cutest looks! 

As with any other Doodle breed, the Doodleman Pinscher does require a fair amount of upkeep. Mainly, in terms of their grooming needs. From the Poodle’s side of their lineage, they can inherit quite high-maintenance coats that can’t be left unattended. Otherwise, you’re soon left with matted fur that’s not just unsightly, but also painful for our Doodle pals. 

But if you’re up for the task, a Doodleman Pinscher will be your absolute new best pal, flaunting its fabulous looks all day and night. If you’re ready for those routine brushing, hair trimming, and bathing sessions, then the next step would be to find the best brush for your Doodleman Pinscher, such as the ones we’ll talk about next. 

Slicker Brush

A slicker brush is no stranger to almost any dog parent or a professional groomer. These types of brushes are easily recognized by their ergonomic handle placement and a wide paddle that’s excellent for brushing through more high-maintenance coats. This makes a slicker brush a great choice for Doodleman Pinschers, too! 

Chris Christensen big g slicker brush comparison pics

There are tons of different slicker brushes that you can choose from. Obviously, they come in all shapes and sizes, but they can also be made of very different materials. In addition to that, they may have more sparsely packed pins or dense pins, and the pin length can also vary. 

As the slicker brush is designed for heavy-duty grooming needs, it can effectively detangle the coat and remove any dirt and debris that gets stuck inside the fur after romping around outside. Slicker brushes are also great for deshedding the coat from any loose hair that can start to tangle the fur. 

Pin Brush

Pin brushes look more traditional in comparison to the slicker brush. These types of brushes look much like our human hair brushes with that already familiar handle placement and often an oval-shaped head. Again, there are many different varieties to choose from, from the brush and paddle size and even to pin length and density. 

chris pin brush
Chris Christensen Oval Pin Brush

A pin brush can be a great grooming tool for some Doodleman Pinschers with certain coat types. However, it’s worth noting that a pin brush isn’t the best grooming tool to buy when your Dood has very thick and textured curls. That’s simply because pin brushes are generally less effective on these very high-maintenance and tangle-prone coats. 

Metal Or Stainless Steel Comb

Regardless if you opt for a pin or slicker brush, you cannot miss the wonder of a good quality stainless steel comb. A comb is the tool you’ll be using when detangling more stubborn knots, and when you’re working on smaller and more delicate areas. 

best brush for labradoodle
Andis Pet Steel Comb

Think of it this way – you’ll use your brush to work through large areas of fur, whereas a comb is perfect for more detailed jobs. And as we know, a Doodleman Pinscher’s coat can get quite tangled, which is why a comb is such a necessary tool to have in your at-home grooming kit. 

We do have to stress that it’s super important to opt for a comb that’s either made from metal or stainless steel. As Doodleman Pinschers tend to have thick coats, a plastic comb might easily snap under all those thick layers of fur. Additionally, plastic combs don’t generally glide through the fur as easily as high-quality metal or stainless steel options. 

What Is The Best Brush For Doodleman Pinscher?

So, we learned that the best brush for Doodleman Pinscher would either be a pin or slicker brush. But which one should you choose, exactly? And is there anything else you should consider when buying a dog grooming brush for your Doodleman? 

Before we discuss the most important talking point – your Dood’s coat type – let’s quickly go over a few other important aspects you should pay attention to. 

Firstly, when choosing the best brush for your Doodleman Pinscher, make sure that the pins on the brush are long enough to penetrate all depths of the fur. That signature, fluffy Doodle look that we all swoon over is more prominent in long-haired Doodleman Pinschers. But, this also means that you’ll need a brush with long pins to actually get the job done. In fact, the worst knots usually hide very deep inside the fur, so that’s something to keep in mind! 

Secondly, cheaper isn’t always better. It can be tempting to opt for the least expensive dog brush you can find, but beware that they may be constructed from flimsy and lower quality materials. Since Doodles need to be brushed quite a lot, it’s wise to opt for a brush that can actually stand the test of time. Similarly, some materials simply aren’t as good to use on thick Doodle coats, as for whatever reason, their pins don’t seem to brush through the fur as effectively. 

Best Brush For Doodleman Pinschers Based On Their Coat Type

As we said, the most important thing to take into account is your dog’s coat type. As Doodleman Pinschers inherit their genetics from both purebred Poodles and Dobermans, the outcome may surprise us. They may inherit those dense and textured curls from the Poodle parent. Or, some may take after their Doberman parent with sleek and straight coats. Meanwhile, the most common outcome is a wavy coat that sits somewhere in between. 

Let’s take a closer look at how each coat type varies and why they’ll benefit from different types of dog brushes. 

Curly Coat

Doodleman Pinschers with curly coats inherit their luscious locks mostly from the Poodle’s side of the lineage. The curly coat is regarded as the most hypoallergenic of them all, as these types of coats are single-layered, meaning they don’t have a shedding undercoat. 

curly coat doodle
Doodle with a curly coat.

On the other hand, even single-coated, curly-haired Doodles shed hair, but just not as much. What makes them especially allergy-friendly is that anything that does shed usually gets trapped inside those dense and textured curls. Hence, they won’t be falling out and you won’t notice much shedding with these types of coats. 

The thing to remember with curly coats is that they’re also rather high-maintenance. Just as curly coats trap in loose dog hair, they also attract all sorts of debris and dust. All of this will quickly start tangling the fur. And soon enough, you’re dealing with mats all over the coat! 

For this reason, the best brush for Doodleman Pinschers with curly coats would be a slicker brush. As we mentioned before, slicker brushes are designed for very heavy-duty grooming needs, making this the perfect option for curly-haired Doods. 

Wavy Coat

The more relaxed wavy combination coat is a win-win combo in many ways. For starters, as this coat type has a much more relaxed wave, not a tight curl, they’re much easier to manage as well. They don’t trap in as much dirt and debris, nor are they as prone to matting.

wavy coat doodle
Doodle with a wavy coat.

Another great thing about wavy-coated Doodleman Pinschers is that even these pups are single-coated! Since the purebred Doberman Pinscher has only a single layer of fur, you don’t have to worry about your wavy-haired pup shedding much at all. 

And as these coats aren’t as high-maintenance, the best brush for a Doodleman Pinscher with a wavy coat is the pin brush. Still, if you prefer the handle placement and wider paddle of a slicker brush, there’s no harm in using one! 

Straight Coat

For those Doodleman Pinschers who inherit their sleek and straight coats from their purebred Doberman parents, both pin and slicker brushes can be great options. Luckily, even straight-coated Doodleman Pinschers shed very minimally. However, they might need some extra help to remove some of that loose hair from the coat. 

Doodle with a straight coat.

Unlike many other Poodle mixes, straight-coated Doodleman Pinschers come with a single layer of fur. So, there’s no need to worry about a shedding undercoat with this wonderful Dood. Moreover, another perk of the straight coat is that they’re much less prone to matting and tangling than curly coats! 

Best Brush For Doodleman Pinschers: Reviews With Pros & Cons

Chris Christensen Big G Slicker Brush

There probably isn’t a dog brush that’s talked about as much as the Chris Christensen Big G Slicker Brush. So, what’s all the fuss about?

Chris Christensen Big G “Coral” Slicker Brush

Well, the Big G is definitely worth all the hype. It’s specially designed for thick and textured coats, just like the Doodleman Pinscher’s. This slicker brush has a super wide paddle with long and bended pins that are match made in heaven with the high-maintenance Doodle coat. You can use it for detangling even the most stubborn coat, deshedding the fur from any loose hair, and anything else that needs to be done with a brush. 

The brush also comes with a super long handle that’s covered with non-slip material. Not only won’t your hands and arms become fatigued when grooming your Dood, you have a good grip so that the brush won’t slip out of your hands. 


  • Specially designed for very dense and textured coats.
  • Wide paddle that lets you brush more quickly.
  • Long ergonomic handle with non-slip material.
  • Very high-quality materials used in the construction.
  • Available in three sizes – large, medium, and Baby G.


  • Rather expensive, but it’s hard to find another brush as good as this one!

The verdict: The Chris Christensen Big G Slicker Brush is the best brush for Doodleman Pinschers with curly coats. If your Dood is still a puppy, opt for the smallest Baby G Slicker Brush during those months.  

Chris Christensen Original Series Oval Pin Brush

If you’re more of a pin brush type of Doodle parent, then you can’t go wrong with the Chris Christensen Original Series Oval Pin Brush. Like other pin brushes on the market, this one’s more suited for Doodleman Pinschers with wavy or straight coats that aren’t as prone to matting as curly coats. 

Even though this pin brush might look like any other regular pin brush out there, we can absolutely vouch for its quality. It’s made from lightweight beechwood that won’t tire out your arms, but is still very sturdy and durable. 

What makes this pin brush stand out from the rest is the quality of the pins. These long pins are made from superior stainless steel and they have polished tips. Honestly, it’s insane how smoothly they glide through the fur! 


  • Extremely smooth pins with rounded tips for safety and ease of use.
  • Very affordable, yet high-quality and durable pin brush.
  • Comes in three sizes and pin lengths – 20mm, 27mm, and 35mm.


  • Pin brushes generally aren’t the best choice for very thick and textured coats, such as the curly coat.

The verdict: Chris Christensen’s Pin Brush is the best brush for Doodleman Pinschers with wavy and straight coats that usually don’t get as easily matted.  

Andis Steel Greyhound Comb

If you’re on the hunt for the best comb for your Dood, then look no further than the Andis Steel Greyhound Comb! Very affordable, premium quality, and great for multiple purposes – if you don’t have this comb already, then stop everything else and get this one immediately. 

This comb is made from premium quality stainless steel that can even manage the thickest of Doodle coats. You can use either side of the comb for various grooming purposes. Whether it’s to detangle those stubborn mats or to use it for grooming the face and paws, simply switch the side to find what works best for your needs. 

And as this comb is so sturdy, you’ll have a good grip and you won’t have to worry about it breaking apart in your hands. 


  • Extremely sturdy and high-quality construction.
  • Two sides for different grooming needs.
  • Super affordable.


  • We’ve yet to find a single fault to this comb!

Best Brush For Doodleman Pinscher: Alternative Options

If you feel like looking around a bit more before making your decision, then don’t worry. We’ve got some great alternative dog brushes lined up here for your Doodleman Pinscher:

Products Catorgorized “Brushes and Combs”

How Choosing The Correct Brush For Your Doodleman Pinscher Can Help Prevent Matting?

Indeed, like any other Doodle breed, Doodleman Pinschers are prone to matting. So, how do you keep Doodleman Pinscher’s hair from matting? The answer is very simple – by regularly brushing out any dirt and debris, loose dog hair, and tangles! 

Of course, for this you’ll need a brush that suits your Doodleman Pinscher’s coat type. As we discussed earlier on, a slicker brush is the best option for curly-coated Doods. Meanwhile, more relaxed wavy and straight hair types can very well benefit from both pin and slicker brushes. 

But while considering your Dood’s coat type is important, you shouldn’t forget to take into account your dog’s hair length as well as their size, either. Your chosen dog brush should have pins that are long enough to reach through all layers of the fur. If your Doodleman tends to sport longer hair most of the time, make sure the pins are actually long enough for their hair. 

Furthermore, remember that size does matter. Doodleman Pinschers are generally large dogs, so they would benefit most from a dog brush that’s on the larger side as well. If you opt for a tiny brush, you’ll never finish brushing your dog! And for those puppyhood months, you might find a smaller dog brush more appropriate. 

Having said that, your comfort is key, and you want to choose a dog brush that’s both comfortable and easy to use. Try out different handle placements and lengths to see which ones prevent your arm from getting tired. You should also pay attention to the materials that are used, as some pins glide more smoothly through the fur than others. 

How Often Do You Have To Groom A Doodleman Pinscher?

Doodleman Pinschers need to be groomed regularly. This includes their routine brushing sessions, getting their hair trimmed every few months or so, and bathing them, amongst other things. 

But how often should you brush a Doodleman Pinscher? This wholly depends on your Dood’s coat type. As we discussed previously, curly-coated Doodleman Pinschers are the most high-maintenance of the bunch. Then comes the wavy-coated variety, and the least upkeep requires the straight-coated Doodleman Pinscher.

For curly-coated Doods, daily brushing sessions are non-negotiable. The easiest way to prevent matted fur is to regularly brush out anything that might lead to matting. Ideally, wavy and straight-coated Doodleman Pinschers should also be brushed daily, as they can still become matted over time. Still, as they don’t require as much upkeep in terms of their brushing needs, you can easily brush these Doods about three to four times a week. 

An interesting fact we have for you is that you can also bathe your Doodle pup less frequently if you brush them daily. All of that dust and debris can get your dog dirty pretty quickly, but if you brush it out every evening, your pup will smell and look fresh much longer. 

And we have another fun fact for you! Brushing also distributes natural oils that your Doodleman’s skin produces throughout their coat. This will give the fur a beautiful shine and will also nourish it with those good fatty acids. 

But what if you haven’t picked up your dog brush in days, maybe even weeks? For those days, the more intensive line brushing technique is an excellent method to try out! With line brushing, you’ll surely get rid of even the toughest of mats, and you won’t have to shave your Doodle! 

See Also:

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Can You Over-Brush A Doodleman Pinscher?

No, absolutely not! You cannot over-brush your Doodleman Pinscher. The more the merrier! If you’re up for it, you can even brush them three times a day. With this method, your pup will probably never have any mats to deal with and those brushing sessions will be quite short too. Simply because there won’t be any tangles that need your extra attention!

Still, we do urge you to be mindful and cautious when brushing your dog. You can’t really over-brush them, but you can accidentally hurt or injure them if you’re using too much force when pulling on the fur, or applying too much pressure onto their skin. 

So, make sure that you’re not yanking on the fur, especially when dealing with those pesky knots. Likewise, don’t scrape your dog’s skin with the brush! You wouldn’t love it and your pup won’t either. 

How To Brush A Doodleman Pinscher Properly?

Onto the final, but maybe even the most important step – let’s learn how you can brush your Doodleman Pinscher properly so that there’s actually any benefit for spending all that time on grooming their coat. 

Step #1

Gather all of your grooming tools: your pin or slicker brush, a metal or stainless steel comb, and a dog detangler spray. A detangling spray is optional, but it’s such a helpful product to use when brushing your Dood. This will help loosen up the knots and also take away that rough texture that can make brushing sessions more difficult. 

Make sure you opt for a detangling spray that’s specially formulated for dogs, as human products can be toxic and harmful for our canine besties. 

Step #2

As the very first step before you jump in with any of your grooming tools, you’ll run your fingers through all areas of the coat. If you find any knots and tangles that you think require some extra care, you’ll first work on each of them individually with a comb. Keep in mind that most of the matting happens behind the collar and where the harness sits on your dog’s body. Likewise, the tail and bum area, as well as the paws tend to get more tangled. 

When working with your comb, you can first spritz on some of that dog detangling spray. A helpful tip here is to hold the root of the hair in your one hand, and use the comb in your other hand. This will take the excess pressure off the root of the hair and you won’t hurt your dog in the process. 

We also recommend you start from the tip of the hair and move your way up towards the root. This applies to both working with a comb or a brush. With this method, the tangles loosen up more easily, and you’ll also prevent hair breakage and dullness.   

Step #3

After you’ve gotten rid of the worst knots that were hiding inside the fur, it’s time to finally start brushing with a slicker or pin brush. If your Doodleman has very rough and textured hair, you can spray the dog detangler spray all over to make the hair more manageable. 

In regards to the areas you should prioritize, the best course of action is to start from the areas that are closest to the ground. So, you’ll start from the paws and feet, then move up towards the legs, and then move up onto the neck and belly. Then you’ll work on the sides, bum, and tail area. And finally, brushing through the fur on the back. 

Here’s an illustration that will help you prioritize all the areas on your Dood’s body:

best brush for doodleman pinscher

As the face and ears also need to be groomed, don’t forget to pay some extra attention to that area as well. You might find that a comb is easier to maneuver around your pup’s face, as it’s smaller and it probably won’t freak your dog out as much, either. 

Step #4

As a very last step, use your brush or comb to fluff up your Doodleman’s coat after you’ve finished brushing them. This will bring back the volume and lift up the root, giving your precious pal that signature Doodle fluff. 

Best Brush For Doodleman Pinscher: FAQ

What Is The Best Brush For Doodleman Pinscher?

The best brush for a Doodleman Pinscher is the Chris Christensen Big G Slicker brush or the Chris Christensen Original Series Oval Pin Brush. The first option is best for very thick and textured coats, such as the curly coat. Meanwhile, more relaxed wavy and straight coats can benefit from both the pin and slicker brush. 

How Do You Make A Doodleman Pinscher Fluffy?

The secret to signature fluffy Doodle coats is very simple – regular brushing, bathing, and haircuts. Healthy fur is much more likely to look fluffy and voluminous than unhealthy and unkempt hair. If you’re doing all that already, then you’re already halfway there. You can also use a blow dryer after bathing your dog, as this always gives great volume. Just make sure to use the lowest possible setting. And as a last step, use your brush or comb to fluff up the fur after you’ve finished grooming your dog. 

How Do You Groom A Doodleman Pinscher Puppy?

For Doodleman Pinscher puppies, two main things to consider are: the size of the brush and the pressure you apply. Make sure you’re being super gentle, as puppies have very delicate skin. You’ll also probably benefit from using a smaller-sized dog brush, as puppies are considerably smaller than full-grown Doodlemans. Other than that, you can follow the exact same instructions as the ones we wrote down for you above. 

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