If you know a little bit about Havapoos, you know that coat care and maintenance is one of the key things you’ll have to consider when adopting this adorable Dood. If you’ve made your way to this article, then you probably know all too well about the Havapoo’s grooming requirements. Finding the best brush for Havapoo is vital here, as this will be your most used grooming tool, doing most of the job keeping your pup’s coat healthy and looking gorgeous. 

In this guide, we’ll discover what’s the best brush for Havapoo. We’ve done our independent research based on real owner reviews, after consulting with pro groomers, and our own first-hand experience with various dog brushes on the market. Not only that, we’ll also share with you some of our best kept secrets on how to groom your Havapoo. 

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Our Top 2 Brushes (and a Comb) Recommended by Doodle Parents

If you’re in a bit of a hurry to get to the good stuff, here are our top picks, a brief overview of the coats and tasks they do best with, and links to where you can pick one up. Happy shopping!

  • Pick #1:

    Chris Christensen Big G Slicker Brush. Designed for ultra tricky curly and dense wavy coats, the Big G Slicker (available in two other sizes) is much-loved by Doodle owners everywhere for just how well it does its job.

  • Pick #2:

    Chris Christensen Pin Brush. Long, silky straight, or slightly wavy coats looks great with the CC Oval or Oblong Pin brush, which is perfect for getting that professionally-groomed finish that looks so good.

  • Pick #3:

    Andis Pet Steel Comb. No grooming kit is complete with this fab Pet Steel Comb, which not only tackles tough tangles but is perfect for finishing a coat once it has been thoroughly brushed.

If you’re struggling to find the best brush for your Havapoo, you’re likely overwhelmed with all the options available out there. At the end of the day, it all boils down to your own personal preference and what type of dog brush you find the most convenient to use. 

But, you’ll also want to consider that not all dog brushes work the same on different types of Havapoo hair. So, first things first, let’s discuss the various types of Havapoo brushes. 

Pin Brush

Pin brush is very similar to our own human hair brushes. A pin brush is an excellent tool for everyday grooming. It detangles knots, while also removing dirt, debris, and loose hair from the coat. On the other hand, some pin brushes won’t be as effective on very thick and textured hair. 

Pin brushes come in various shapes, sizes, pin lengths, and densities. Almost any pup would benefit from a pin brush, since there are so many varieties to choose from. Here’s a tip: if your Havapoo has longer hair, opt for longer pins. If your pup sports a shorter hairdo, you can easily get a brush with shorter pins. 

chris pin brush
Chris Christensen Oval Pin Brush

Slicker Brush

Slicker brush is another popular option that Havapoo owners swear by. These dog brushes do an excellent job at detangling any knots and tangles, removing dirt and debris, and picking up loose hair from the fur. They usually come with a wider paddle and a different handle placement, so you can cover larger areas of the fur at once. 

Chris Christensen big g slicker brush comparison pics

Just like pin brushes, there are tons of different slicker brushes to choose from. Some are more dense, whereas others have more curved pins. There are also different sizes available. Since the Havapoo is such a small-sized breed, you’ll want to opt for a smaller brush to comfortably brush through all areas on your pup. 

Bonus: Metal Comb

Of course, our list would not be complete without mentioning the real secret to tangle-free hair – a sturdy metal comb. Metal comb is a necessity for any Havapoo, regardless of their coat type. Obviously, you’ll mostly use a pin or slicker brush to brush your dog. But when it comes to more stubborn knots and tangles, a good quality metal comb is a sure winner. 

Moreover, a comb is also crucial for brushing through smaller and more delicate areas that you can’t properly reach with a pin or slicker brush. How to groom a Havapoo’s face? With a comb! It’s also great for the ears, paws, and other hard-to-reach areas. 

best brush for labradoodle
Andis Pet Steel Comb

What Kind Of A Brush Does A Havapoo Need?

When looking for the best brush for Havapoo you’ll want to take a few different factors into consideration, such as your pup’s size, coat type, hair length, and overall lifestyle. Not all types of dog brushes work on all Havapoos. Here’s a helpful guide for that:

Different Types of Havapoo Coats & The Best Brush For Each Coat Type

The Havanese Poodle mix is well-known for its low-shedding and allergy-friendly coat. However, we cannot forget that the Havapoo is a crossbreed, meaning that we can never know for sure how these pups may turn out. 

The Poodle comes with its notorious thick and textured curls, whereas the Havanese usually has silky soft wavy or curly coat. The biggest difference between these two breeds is that Havanese dogs are double-coated, whereas Poodles are single-coated. Naturally, Havapoos can inherit either wavy or curly hair, with or without undercoats. 

Let’s take a closer look at the different types of Havapoo coats and learn which is the best brush for your Havapoo considering their coat type. 

Curly Coat

The Poodle-inspired curly coat is generally considered the most hypoallergenic. For most Doodles, that’s usually true. However, since the double-coated Havanese can also have a curly coat, some curly Havapoos may come with a shedding undercoat. Nonetheless, the curly and textured hair is excellent at trapping in any loose hair, making them a relatively safe choice for people with mild and moderate dog allergies. 

curly coat doodle
Doodle with a curly coat.

Although the curly coat is extremely in-demand thanks to its hypoallergenic properties, it’s also important to note that it’s the hardest to maintain. Its thick texture makes the curly hair the most prone to matting, which means that regular brushing is necessary. 

For curly-coated Havapoos, we recommend the slicker brush, as it can work through the thick and textured hair, knots, and tangles with minimal effort. For curly double-coated pups, a slicker brush will also serve as an excellent de-shedding tool. 

Wavy Coat

The Havapoo wavy coat is usually more relaxed and silkier to touch than the curly coat. Some pups may come with a shedding undercoat, but Havapoos generally shed much less than their purebred Havanese parents. The wavy coat is also much easier to manage and maintain, as the hair doesn’t get as easily tangled as the curly coat. 

Yorkipoo with wavy coat
Doodle with wavy coat.

Nonetheless, even wavy-coated Havapoos should be brushed regularly to keep the coat and skin healthy. Since the wavy coat doesn’t get as easily tangled and has a smoother texture in general, a pin brush can work very well on wavy Havapoo hair.  

Best Brush For Havapoo: Reviews With Pros & Cons

Chris Christensen Big G Slicker Brush

The Chris Christensen Big G Slicker Brush has been a fan favorite for many years. The Chris Christensen brand is well-known for its high-quality dog grooming products, and the Big G slicker brush is certainly one of their best products. 

Chris Christensen Big G “Coral” Slicker Brush

The Big G comes in different sizes so both smaller and larger Doodles have options to choose from. For the Havapoo, we’d recommend the smallest Baby G or the medium-sized Big G. 

So, why is the Chris Christensen Big G considered as one of the best brushes for Havapoo? For one thing, the Big G is made with quality materials and it really does handle daily use well even on the curliest Doods. 

In addition to that, the Big G slicker brush is super comfortable to use thanks to its ergonomic handle. The handle is made of non-slip material, so you have full grip of the brush while you groom your Dood.

In terms of its effectiveness, the Big G works wonders on almost any type of Havapoo hair. It’s made with long, bended, and densely packed pins that easily glide through all depths of the fur. The Big G is great for removing knots and tangles, but it’s also extremely effective at getting rid of loose, dead hair from the coat. 


  • Covers large areas of fur while the long pins reach to the root of the hair
  • Gently works through knots and tangles
  • Great for de-shedding
  • Ergonomic design


  • A bit pricier than most slicker brushes on the market

The verdict: The Big G is the best brush for Havapoos with curly, textured coats that are prone to matting. Or, double-coated Havapoos that shed hair. 

Chris Christensen Oval (or Oblong) Pin Brush

Another amazing product from Chris Christensen is their pin brush, which is a great alternative for people who prefer a more traditional brush. This pin brush is super lightweight and easy to use. 

The CC Pin Brush has a flexible cushion, making it super easy to glide through your Havapoo’s coat, regardless of the area you’re currently brushing. It comes with long stainless steel pins that have rounded tips, so they can reach all depths of the fur while providing a true massage therapy experience for your pup. 

As you’d expect, this pin brush is excellent for removing dirt and debris from the coat. Havapoo owners have also reported this brush to be great for de-shedding, making this an excellent choice for Doods that inherit the shedding undercoat. On the other hand, this pin brush may not be the best choice for Havapoos with very knotted hair, as slicker brushes are more effective for that. 

Although the CC Pin Brush comes in just one size, there are three different pin lengths you can choose from. As we mentioned earlier, you’ll need longer pins to brush through longer hair, whereas shorter pins can effectively work through shorter hair. 


  • Super gentle and relaxing on your dog’s skin
  • Works amazing on longer hair
  • Great for de-shedding


  • Might not be the best choice for Schnoodles with very tangle-prone hair

The verdict: The CC Pin Brush is the best brush for Havapoos with wavy and long double coats. 

Andis Steel Greyhound Comb

Last, but not least, we have our holy grail dog grooming tool – a good quality comb. The Andis Steel Greyhound Comb has been our favorite for years. It’s sturdy, durable, and made with high quality stainless steel. 

For your pup’s safety, the pins have rounded tips so you won’t accidentally hurt your dog while working on those stubborn knots and tangles. One side has wider, and the other has more densely packed pins, making this such a versatile comb. In fact, you can even use a comb to fluff up your Havapoo’s coat to give them that true Doodle look. 

Even though you’ll do most of the brushing with a pin or slicker brush, a good quality comb is going to be your go-to tool when targeting tangles and areas that you wouldn’t be able to reach with a larger brush. The great thing about this comb is that you can use it on all types of Havapoo hair.


  • Very high quality and durable comb
  • Great for stubborn knots and tangles
  • Gently works wonders on more delicate areas


  • This is an additional investment, as you’ll be needing both a brush and a comb

Best Brush For Havapoo: Honorable Mentions

If you still feel like you haven’t found the best brush for Havapoo, here are a few other dog brushes that we’ve tried, tested, and loved.  

Hertzko Self-Cleaning Dog Slicker Brush

Hertzko Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush is a great alternative to the CC Big G. It comes with a similar design and in two sizes – small and regular. Like the Big G, the Hertzko brush can manage all tasks you can imagine, such as detangling and deshedding. 

Hertzko Self-Cleaning Dog Slicker Brush

This slicker brush also comes with an extra feature – a retraction button that quickly releases dead hair from the brush. This makes dog grooming super easy and convenient.  

Boshel 2-in-1 Dog Brush & Hair Remover

If you’re looking for a dupe for the CC Pin Brush, then you’ll absolutely love Boshel 2-in1 dog brush. On one side of the brush, there’s a regular pin paddle with rounded tips for safety. The handle is made from non-slip material, which gives you a good grip while brushing your Dood. 

Boshel 2-in-1 Dog Brush & Hair Remover

On the back side, you’ll find a rubber hair remover that you can use right after brushing your pup. This is excellent for removing any dead hair on your clothes or furniture. However, dog owners have also reported this to be excellent for deshedding after using the regular pin brush. 

How Choosing The Correct Brush For Your Havapoo Can Help Prevent Matting

All Poodle mixes, including the Havapoo, are prone to matting. So, how do you keep Havapoo hair from matting? Easy! The best way to prevent matted hair is by brushing your Havapoo on a regular basis. 

To put it simply, matted hair is just very knotted and tangled hair. Naturally, the best way to prevent matting is by regularly brushing out even the smallest knots and tangles. This way, they won’t be able to form into full-blown mats. 

As you’ll be using your dog brush that frequently, it only makes sense to invest in a high-quality brush that will actually last you for a while. In addition to that, you’ll also want to consider your Havapoo’s coat type and hair length. 

How Often Do You Have To Groom A Havapoo?

But how often should you brush a Havapoo anyway? For the best results, we recommend you brush your Havapoo daily, regardless of their coat type. This is the single most effective thing you can do to prevent matting and promote good coat and skin health. 

Daily brushing is especially important for curly-haired Havapoos, as they’re the most prone to matting. In contrast, Havapoos with silky smooth wavy coats may get away with just 3-4 sessions a week. 

But, as we know, brushing isn’t just about detangling the hair. It also helps extend the time between bathing, since you’ll be brushing out any dirt and debris from the coat each day. Regular brushing also helps distribute your dog’s natural skin oils throughout the lengths of the hair, making it shiny and nourished. 

How To Brush A Havapoo Properly?

Although Havapoos are high-maintenance when it comes to coat care, there’s nothing difficult about taking care of your Doodle. Nonetheless, there are still a few tips and tricks you might want to keep in mind. 

Here’s a foolproof cheat sheet for brushing your Havapoo:

  • Run your hands and fingers through your Havapoo’s coat and see if there are any apparent tangles. 
  • If you did find any tangled spots, gently work on them individually with your comb. You can also use a dog detangler spray on those areas. 
  • Once you’ve gotten rid of all the knots and tangles, it’s time to go in with your pin or slicker brush. Start from the bottom of the feet and work your way towards the belly, neck, and then the back. You’ll find a great tutorial image below. 
  • If you’ve missed a few grooming sessions, a more intense line brushing treatment may be necessary. 

Can you over-brush a Havapoo? Technically, no. However, you want to make sure that you’re not applying too much pressure on your dog’s skin and hair so you won’t accidentally injure your pup. Of course, you should never yank or pull the hair, or cause any pain or discomfort for your dog in general. 

best brush for Havapoo

Best Brush For Havapoo: Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Brush For Havapoo?

The best brush for Havapoo would either be a good quality pin brush or a slicker brush, depending on your pup’s coat type and hair length. In addition to a brush, we also recommend you get a durable stainless steel comb that you can use on smaller areas and tangles. 

How Do You Brush A Havapoo?

First, make sure you have the correct tools considering your Havapoo’s coat type and hair length. Before you start brushing, feel your pup’s fur with your fingers so you can easily find any knotted areas. If you find one, gently work on it with your metal comb. Once you’ve removed all knots from the fur, you can start brushing from the bottom of the feet, moving your way upwards and towards the head and back. 

How Do You Groom A Havapoo Puppy?

Brushing a Havapoo puppy works almost the same as you’d brush a full-grown Havapoo. However, you’ll want to make sure you apply less pressure, as puppies have extremely delicate skin. You might also have to use special puppy brushes that are smaller.

When it comes to grooming a Havapoo puppy, you’ll want to teach them from an early age that grooming is an enjoyable and safe experience. Start by introducing your pup to the grooming tools before you start using them. Let your puppy inspect the brushes and combs. 

Positive reinforcement with praise and treats is key here, as you’ll want to teach your puppy positive associations with grooming. Never punish or scold your pup for misbehaving while grooming. If your pup gets used to grooming from a young age, you’ll both have a much easier time once they’re fully-grown.  

Best Brush For Havapoo: Final Thoughts

With their beautiful, low-shedding, and allergy-friendly coats comes the added responsibility of daily maintenance and coat care. But it’s all worth the trouble. If you’re ready to adopt a Havapoo or already have one at home, you probably are well aware of their coat care and maintenance requirements. 

Choosing the best brush for Havapoo may seem like a daunting task, but it all boils down to a few simple things, such as your Dood’s coat type, hair length, and shedding levels. We hope our guide has helped you find the best brush for your Havapoo, so your pup never has a bad hair day again.