Picking out the best brush for Yorkiepoo can be a complicated business. While they all may look and seem the same, just like dogs, each one is totally unique. The major difference is, not every brush is as great as every dog. Pick the wrong one, and caring for your pet could end up being a right chore.

Yet, spirited firecracker, loveable rogue, or total cuddle-monkey – whatever your Yorkiepoo’s personality – deserves the best care you can give them. The right grooming routine is a fundamental part of that. A good brush can do wonders for your pup’s coat, making them every bit as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside.

No need to worry, a little knowledge goes a long way, and we’ve done all the research, so you don’t have to. After scouring endless reviews, we present to you the very best brushes for Yorkiepoos in one handy article.

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The 2 Brushes (and a Comb) Yorkiepoo Parents Love

If you’re confident you know the kind of coat your pup has and the right brush for taking care of it, these are our top slicker, pin, and comb picks and the links to where you can buy them.

If you need a little more help, check out our rundown on Yorkipoo hair, possible problems, and how to deal with them. We have even included a couple of alternatives just in case these brushes are just not right for you and your dog.

  • Pick #1:

    Chris Christensen Baby G Slicker Brush. The toughest tool for tackling tangles, CC’s Baby G Slicker is our all-time favorite piece of kit for dealing with those beautiful but pesky-to-maintain Poodle curls.

  • Pick #2:

    Chris Christensen Pin Brush. For beautifully shiny, long straight, or wavy hair, you can’t go far wrong with the totally versatile Oval or Pin Brush also by CC. These guys are experts in coat care.

  • Pick #3:

    Andis Pet Steel Comb. No grooming kit is complete without a good-quality, durable, stainless-steel comb. This one is perfect for getting into those hard-to-reach areas with stunning results.

Yorkipoo Coat Types: A Quick Overview

As the offspring of the charming, energetic Yorkshire Terrier and the elegant, intelligent Poodle, Yorkipoos can inherit wildly varied coats, even within a single litter. 

You might be faced with any one of the following:

Coarse, curly hair

The most desirable of the Doodle coats, the low-shed Poodle coat, is not all it’s cracked up to be. Not to say that it isn’t gorgeous – it totally is! However, it’s also the more high maintenance of the three as it’s prone to knots and matting. 

maltipoo with curly coat
Doodle with a curly coat

Silky, straight hair

Show Yorkies are known for their long flowing hair that can grow right down to the ground. However, most owners tend to keep their pet’s coat trimmed down, making it easier to manage. Either way, the good news is this hair type is also low shed. 

Yorkipoo with straight hair

Wavy or wiry hair

Often Doodles can end up with a bit of a mix-and-match hair situation. Their coat may lean towards one parent dog or the other resulting in it being either wiry or wavy. Generally, these types are both pretty easy to look after, though. 

best brush for yorkiepoo
Yorkipoo with wavy hair

Dog brushes are designed for a multitude of coat issues. For this reason, you can eliminate around three-quarters of them from your search right off the bat. 

Yorkipoo hair is single-layered and low shed, so you won’t need to consider coat rakes or combs aimed at dealing with double-coat breed molting problems. 

In fact, there are just two kinds to consider. The one you opt for will depend on where your pup sits on the curly–straight hair spectrum. 

Slicker Brushes

The most popular type of dog brush is the slicker. These brushes are generally quite large and rectangular-shaped to cover more ground. They have densely packed ‘pins’ that reach through and loosen knots, tangles, and matting. They also pick up and collect loose hair, dirt, debris, and dander for a clean, healthy coat. 

Chris Christensen big g slicker brush comparison pics

Pin Brushes

For dogs with hair that is more similar to people hair (such as Yorkies), pin brushes are great. In fact, these brushes very much resemble the kind of brush that you and I might use with a long handle and oval head. They neaten longer, silkier coats while massaging to skin and distributing shine-boosting natural oils. 

best brush for yorkiepoo
Chris Christensen 27mm Oval Pin Brush


Not quite a brush, but essential, nonetheless. You shouldn’t be using only a comb unless your pet is really tiny or has super short hair. However, combs make great finishers and fluffers for that extra professionally groomed look. They are also handy for dealing with super-tough knots or ones in more challenging areas such as around the legs.  

Dog Brushes: Buyer’s Guide

Beyond functionality, there are a few other crucial things you should pay attention to when picking out the right brush for your buddy. 

Here are two of the most important.  


You’ve found the best brush in the world, it looks great, it feels great, it reaches right through your pet’s coat to release tangles, and…. wait… the handle has fallen off! 

Not many of us have escaped being disappointed by a new purchase – don’t let it happen with this one. 

While you might not feel like shelling out all that much on your dog’s new brush, picking something well-made will make all the difference. Opting for something cheap and cheerful will just have you replacing the item time and again. You’ll end up spending the same amount, if not more. 

The brushes we have included here are of the finest quality. However, if you choose to go another way, pay close attention to product reviews and look for any potential weaknesses in how the brush is constructed. 


Brushes, especially slicker or pin ones, come in a multitude of sizes and designs. The very best ones and tailored specifically for a better grooming experience for your pooch. 

As well as checking you have the right size for your dog (bigger isn’t always better), look at the length of the pins – how far will they reach into your pet’s coat? Are they angled to lift dead hair and dirt?  

Also, pay attention to how the pins are finished – are they rounded? – Do they have plastic tips? There’s nothing worse for a poor pup than painful scratches with every stroke. 

Finally, check the grip. You want something you can comfortably hold onto for long enough to sort out your pup’s hair. Plastic can quickly get slick and slippery, and poorly designed handles can put pressure on your hands and wrists. 

Best Brushes for Yorkipoos: Reviews

Best for Curly/Wavy Coats

Groomer’s choice, Amazon’s choice… everybody’s choice, these excellent slickers are always best in show for hard-to-manage coats. CC slickers are the go-to brush for Doodle parents who are fed up with spending hours and hours trying to loosen and remove knots. They are seriously that good! 

Chris Christensen BABY G Slicker Brush
Card image cap

This is a smaller version of the Big G (pictured) – best used on small breeds.

Designed for curly and cottony coats, the Baby G features specially shaped pins embedded on a flexible cushion for a gentle, more forgiving groom. The extreme curved back enables better control, movement, and direction, as does the extra-long ergonomic handle. 

You may be wondering why we have gone for the ‘G’ brush over the ‘K.’ With 40% fewer pins, the K is perfect for really dense, double coats. However, with more pins, the G works much harder per stroke on sparser but more challenging Poodle curls. 


These super slickers cut through matting in half the time of other brushes – what’s not to like about that?


Some people may be put off by the price, but the Baby G is seriously worth every penny – check out those reviews!

Best for Straight/Wavy Coats

If your Yorkipoo is more of a drop-coated type, then the CC Pin Brush is a better option for you. It’s available in three different pin lengths that deal with short, medium, and long, dense coats – so make sure you order the right one for your pup. 

Possibly the very best thing about these brushes is their ground and polished pins that glide through hair like a hot knife through butter. Even owners with skittish dogs comment that their previously brush-hating hounds have quickly come around when they use this magical grooming tool on them. 

Moreover, the construction can’t be beaten. The solid hardwood handles are super-sturdy, and the pins are stainless steel – so no rust issues. The brush is also ultra-lightweight making grooming less a chore and more a pleasure for both you and your pup. 


This brush is deceptively simple yet stunningly designed and constructed using the very best quality materials.


Again, some stumble over the cost of the CC Pin – but, as the reviewers put it, this brush is ‘simply incredible.’

NECESSARY for All Coats

Straightforward and sturdy, Andis stainless steel comb offers all the quality of other varieties but at a more affordable price. Not only is this fab comb lightweight for fatigue-free grooming, but it also features both narrow and wide-spaced teeth making it multifunctional. 

If you’re looking to remove knots in awkward places such as the belly, under the ears, and around the tail, make use of the wide-spaced side. This side is also great for fluffing and finishing a coat to make it look truly superb. 

On the other hand, the narrow-spaced side is perfect for grooming sensitive areas such as the face and feet. Your pup is much more likely to let you approach these places with this non-threatening comb than a scarier-looking brush. 


You get 2-in-1 value with this excellently versatile grooming device.


Without a designated handle, this comb might be tricky or uncomfortable for some people to grip.

JW Pet Gripsoft Slicker Brush Soft Pin

Feeling reluctant to part with the hefty amount of cash needed for the CC Slicker? If so, you might want to take a look at this other popular brush. It has some truly awesome features, and you won’t believe the price. 

JW Pet Gripsoft Slicker Brush Soft Pin

Specially made for pets with sensitive skin, the JW Soft Pin Slicker comes highly recommended by Doodle grooming pros with its angled, rounded-head pins in two different lengths and gripsoft technology. 

Safari Wire Pin Brush for Dogs

If you’re looking for a pin brush alternative, Safari has got some pretty nifty options. This well-respected pet brand has a brush very similar to the CC Pin but at a reduced price. 

Safari Wire Pin Brush for Dogs

Best suited for smaller dogs, the shine-enhancing Wire Pin Brush is practical, functional, and easy to use with its ergonomic, non-slip handle. It’s ideal for lifting out dead hair and debris, distributing natural oils, and all-around general everyday use. 

Li’l Pals Double-Sided Dog Comb

You won’t save a lot if you opt for this Andis comb alternative – simply because both are so reasonably priced. However, the Li’l Pals Double-Sided Dog Comb has a comfort-grip handle that some people may find easier to hold.

Li’l Pals Double-Sided Dog Comb

Beyond that, it offers all the same features, including wide and narrow-spaced stainless steel teeth. These can be used for everything from removing particularly tedious knots to fluffing and finishing. 

Tips for Grooming Your Yorkipoo

Pick The Right Time

Many pet parents will tell you that brushing out a dog is no easy task, and it’s made all that much more complicated when your pup is simply not in the mood. If you go in for the grooming when they are raring to go, you will likely end up chasing them in circles until you’re too tired to tackle those tangles. 

Instead, wait until your pet is in a mellow frame of mind. After a long walk or active play session, when they are feeling tuckered out is perfect. Take it easy, go gentle, and with the right brush, you’ll likely end up sending them happily off to the land of nod. 

Establish a Routine

When you’re running around like a headless chicken trying to fit the demands of work/family into what may feel like ever shorter days, having to brush the dog might feel a little like the straw that broke the camel’s back. 

However, regular grooming doesn’t need to be as painful as it sometimes seems. Little and often is the way to approach this. A well-cared-for coat is a breeze to brush (aim for 3-4 times a week for best results with a straight or wavy coat, a curly one might need daily brushing). A dog that is regularly groomed will also be happy to let you crack on – no muss, no fuss.  

Portion It Out

For best results, it’s a good idea to divide your pooch’s hair into sections for brushing. This way, you can be sure that you are getting right down to the skin and not missing knots buried deep in their coat. 

Keep a little doggy detangler to hand (check out our recommendations here) for those really tough mats and tangles. Simply spritz on, massage in, and get to work with the comb, taking a firm grip at the root of the hair to prevent painful pulling. 

Keep on Top of Other Tasks

Alongside brushing, you will also need to do a few other jobs as part of your pal’s grooming routine. Together this will all help to keep them happy, healthy, and in tip-top condition. 

These other things include nail trimsexpressing anal glands, teeth brushing, ear cleaningremoving tear stains, and trimming overly long hair around the face, paws, and back end.

Caring for a Yorkipoo: Frequently Asked Questions

How do you keep Yorkipoo hair from matting?

Matting is every dog lover’s nightmare – it’s painful for your pet, it’s time-consuming for you to deal with, and chances are you will have to shave your dog if things have gotten too bad. The best way to avoid this issue is regular coat maintenance – catching a tangle or knot early makes all the difference. 

Can you over-brush a Yorkipoo?

The answer to this is a resounding no. Regular brushing is by far the best way to go when it comes to caring for your Yorkipoo. Some owners may find that their pet’s skin becomes irritated with grooming. However, this is an issue with the brush itself and not the brushing. Always check any grooming tool you use on your dog on the under part of your arm. If it feels painful to you, then that’s how it will be for them. 

How do you brush a Yorkipoo?

When it comes to brushing a Yorkipoo, the best way is to start at the feet and work your way up, sectioning out the hair to ensure no hidden tangles. Run your fingers through their coat before you get started to identify any potential problem areas. Don’t forget to finish off with a comb for a truly thorough job. 

Buying the best brush for your Yorkipoo may seem like a straightforward task, but the range of available options can quickly make it feel a little overwhelming. Just make sure to opt for one that suits their size, is designed to deal with the issues they have with their coat, and that is likely to last, so you won’t be replacing it every other month. Hopefully, the information and recommendations provided here prove useful for helping you do just this. Happy shopping! 

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The information on this page is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional groomer advice. Always seek the advice of your groomer, veterinarian, or other qualified animal health provider with any questions you may have.